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If you do not like a house furnished in a single style, you might prefer arranging rooms with independent themes or adding pieces of furniture separately. One of the most recent and fashionable styles, which carries an exotic charm into our homes, is the ethnic theme, made of various items coming from several places far from the western culture, such as Africa, Asia, Mongolia, China, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, South America, and Tibet. Nowadays there is a heavy demand not only for the furniture but also for the handicrafts of those “exotic” countries, thanks to their cultural bringing-in, age-old tradition, and the mystical atmosphere they create, which cannot be found anymore in the environment around us.

Sometimes this kind of furniture may be so difficult to find that many people decide to mix different themes and ethnic ornaments from various cultures. However, this needs to be done with good taste and with attention to details detail, otherwise, the result would look tacky and inappropriate. A style in vogue today, probably because of its proximity, is the afro theme, whose typical ornaments are the handmade wooden masks to hang on the wall, lending a tribal and wild touch to the environment. The lounge is usually the room where this sort of motif can find an appropriate collocation, fulfilling your desire to escape.

There are many pieces of exotic furniture becoming more and more popular in our houses. One of them is the bed, in its eastern version – such as futons – or made of bamboo, a traditional afro material. Besides beds, bamboo is also an excellent material for dining or coffee tables with matching chairs, sideboards, brackets, or shelves for kitchens or living rooms. Those who’d rather prefer an eastern style could opt for Chinese or Indian prints, such as paper lanterns or colorful silk cushions, to make rooms more welcoming. Finally, a booth could be an attractive piece of ethnic furniture, not only for its old-fashioned look but also for its functionality. A booth could also be an original idea to suggest in furniture stores.

The sorts of the furniture mentioned are usually manufactured in the place they were conceived and, unfortunately, the salary paid to local artisans is extremely low, even though the final price in shops and stores, including import taxes and costs, is quite expensive. However, if you wish to respect the environment and save money, bear in mind that you don’t have to furnish the entire house in the same way; on the contrary, a single ethnic or traditional item, here and there, may perfectly match with a classic or a modern style and brighten up the environment, whose magical set of perfumes, smells, and colors will delight you and your guests.

People often argue that in modern life, families do not spend enough time together. This generally happens out of habit. It is an unfortunate circumstance that as modern life gets busier and more stressful, we are less able to spend more time as a family unit.

Some people may not see this as a bad thing. They may speak about every member of their family being independent and not relying on other family members for support, affection, and guidance. This is a very negative viewpoint. Family life can and should be one of the biggest focal points for every member of the family. Families should be the people that you can rely on in every aspect of life. They should always be there to support and guide each other as much as possible.

For children, in particular, family life is very important. Children learn from how more senior members of the family act and behave. If an adult sets a poor example, then the chances are that the child will follow this; this is simply because children believe these actions to be the norm. Even children benefit from spending time with their siblings. Contact with brothers and sisters enables a child to improve communication and interpersonal skills, this contact should always be encouraged.

One great way for children to spend more time with their siblings is to share a room and even quality bunk beds such as those available from Beds Direct. Bunk beds are not only a space saver but they allow children to share a bedroom and still have lots of room to play and interact. Bunk beds mean that children spend more time together in the same room and therefore are more likely to develop those all-important communication skills which will only be of benefit to them and the family.

These days, people are becoming more and more creative with their home and office décor. One of the newest concepts in interior furnishing these days is sunflower décor. The sunflower furniture concepts are very innovative and creative at the same time. They make the perfect decoration choice if you are a person who simply loves sunflowers and enjoys bright surroundings. Sunflowers have that cheerful factor about them that can liven up any dull environment. So, if you want to get rid of your boring room and are willing to brighten it up, then add sunflower accents to your interiors.

The popular furniture pieces

There is no doubt sunflowers are among the most beautiful flowers in this world and whenever you come across one, a smile forms on your face. These flowers make the perfect variant for decking up your room to exude that happy feeling in the air and add that fun atmosphere to your living space. Here is a list of the popular sunflower furniture pieces that are selling like hot cakes in the market –

  • Sunflower napkin and paper towel holders
  • Ceramic top sunflower towel holders
  • Sunflower bamboo wind chimes
  • Sunflower candles
  • Country sunflower wall clocks
  • Sunflower plates

Sunflowers for interiors

For your interiors, sunflower furnishings go a great way. Be it for dressing up your living room, decking up the bedroom, or simply enhancing the look of your dining space, the sunflower furnishings come in wide varieties and concepts.  From vases to coasters, and wastebaskets to end tables, sunflower furniture is the current rage for brightening up the interiors.

Sunflowers for exteriors

You can add sunflower furnishings to your home exteriors as well. Consider the options like sunflower birdhouses, sunflower mailboxes, and the like. These will only make your homefront garden all the more pretty and attractive. The wind chimes or wind spinners with sunflowers also make wonderful decorating ideas. The sunflower stepping stones is just another exciting idea for accentuating your home exteriors. Then of course you can add more accents like sunflower welcome doormats and other such things.

Looking to beautify the living areas of your house? People all over the world are accentuating their living places with custom applications including fireplaces, custom furniture, storage units, vanities, countertops, fountains, staircases, kitchen cutting boards, mantels, mosaic, borders, and more. People often select hand-carved custom furniture and mantels to reflect the elegance of past ages.

People mostly prefer to beautify their living area through natural stones and the custom applications are:


The fireplace is the center point of your room and if decorated and maintained properly, it collectively reflects its flashing beauty. It is also the place where family members gather to celebrate events, holidays, and other auspicious occasions. Therefore, people always want to decorate the fireplace with a mix of style and culture. People who are skewed toward tradition, art, architecture, and aesthetics select the fireplace that is the combination of all these aspects. People appreciate unique designs and imaginative ideas that can accentuate the room’s beauty. One can find designer and carved fireplaces in granite, marble, limestone, or sandstone models. Even it is easy to select one for different types of borders including 3D borders, 3D fields, graphic borders, graphic fields, graphic medallions, mosaic tapestry, roman borders, Roman Medallions, split borders, and split fields as per their style needs.

Custom Furniture

People in today’s fast pacing environment need extra comfort cobbled with style & trend. Hence, they select a top-of-the-genre living room, and bedroom furniture to have the highest level of coziness and comfort. People select custom design furniture that is carved out of natural or engineered stones. It not only gives the investment value but also improves the appearance of the place. Furniture incorporated with a natural stone looks awe-inspiring and easily matches the home theme, making it perfectly suitable for living. 

Natural stone staircases

Natural stone staircases provide an astounding and appealing look to the homes. It dramatically transforms the inner beauty of the home and also strengthens the overall structure. Natural stone staircases are preferred over wooden staircases because of their unparallel strength, durability, resistance to extreme conditions, and above all-natural beauty & elegance. Natural stone staircases can easily match your home theme. These are available in almost all types of colors, patterns, gradations, and choices. Because of these special features, it is considered to be the first choice of homeowners.   

Manufacturers provide high-quality stone products for the people to quench their evolving desires. They provide traditional, contemporary, transitional, colonial, French, English, and other style materials to add the best value to your dream home.

You ought to add together decorative throw pillows in your outstanding room. You can arrange 1 or two on your couch or an accent chair. Every remarkable room must-have decorative throw pillows to get your couch and your room look more alive.

These decorative throw pillows are thoroughly popular today. Among American places, it will sense unusual if a sofa doesn’t have some decorative throw pillows. When you buy your couch, they are regularly already followed with matching throw pillows. But you also can purchase other throw pillows based on your style. There are hundred still thousands of pillows traded out there. With decorative throw pillows, you can lighten up your room by bringing many other colors into your sofa. Other than just to brighten your room, they also are capable of being used to make someone feel cozier for sitting down or resting on their couch or chair. Many people think that these sorts of pillows are all just small squares. Commonly Decorative throw pillows are used to coordinate the coloration of a room or place in your house. Based on a functional point of view, these pillows truly ease and support the neck, back, and head.

Linen, silk, microfiber, leather, and linen are used to form these throw pillows. Latterly, pillows with a cosmetic personality have become favorites as an artistic medium. Some decorators are getting increasingly caught with the high-end home textiles or furnishings market and this has resulted in a range of increasingly particular fashions.

These pillows ordinarily have a detachable cover so we can do with no trouble laundry and wash the. There are numerous sizes and patterns in the market that accommodate the various wants of people. The most favorites are Square-sized throw pillows, but circular, rectangular, and cylindrical-sized pillows (or known as bolsters) also have popularity as well.

There are many cases of decorative throw pillows. You can take it to buy any characters you need.
• Stripes
• Plain colors
• Corduroy
• Suede
• Country
• Animal skin
• Western
You can find several throw pillows to delight your kids.

Decorative throw pillows can be an affordable way to décor your place. Pillows can be much overpriced much-overpriced counting on the textile and character. Decorative Accent Pillows can tally a whole innovative look to your interior decoration. Whether you set them in a bedroom, a remarkable room, or on your favorite chair, you can never have too many throw pillows.
Have fun shopping for these pillows and give sure that you gravitate towards the throw pillows that make you feel great.

Normally, a bedroom color needs to be relaxing, soothing, or even intimate. To achieve the right ambiance, soft, cool or neutral colors are advisable. To paint bedrooms for kids, parents may choose colors based on their kid’s favorite colors. Blue shades are generally the choices for boys and pink shades suit best girls.

In heavy traffic areas like hallways or corridors, colors that are less susceptible to stain are ideal but lighter colors are applicable as well. If lighter colors are used, washable paints would be ideal use.  

Moods to Achieve

  • Warm and cozy. Warm and cozy colors are normally used in the dining area or receiving area.  They make every room inviting not only to homeowners but to visitors as well. This ambiance can be achieved by using warm paint colors that complement the color scheme of the room.  Various shades of contrasting or matching warm colors can also be used. Examples of warms colors are shades and tones of yellow, orange, and red. 
  • Calm and relaxing. Calm and relaxing rooms are commonly used in bedrooms but it does not mean that the other rooms in the house cannot have this ambiance as well.  Neutral colors are some of the best choices for a soothing environment.  The shades of browns and creams can also transform a room into a restful and rejuvenating place. Other choices of color that can make a room relaxing are green and its different shades.
  • Light and uplifting.  The right choice of paint colors can also help change the mood of every member of the household from gloom and doom to a more positive note.  A dark and gloomy room can be converted into an uplifting and inspiring room by painting it with light colors such as light yellow, light green, and so on.  
  • Romantic. This atmosphere can also be achieved with soft and soothing colors such as white and other light colors accompanied by romantic decorations and inviting and soft beddings. The use of bright red color is another way to express romance.
  • Spacious and airy. A room, regardless of its size, can make anybody feel claustrophobic with the wrong choice of paint colors. To avoid this problem, colors have to be chosen carefully.  Light, cool and light pastel colors are ideal to use to achieve that spacious and airy ambiance.

The brightness of the room

The amount of natural light that comes into a room has to be considered as well when choosing what colors to use.  Natural light tends to show the truest color of the room. Darker rooms or rooms that are hidden from the sun most of the time need brighter colors.  To compensate for so much natural light, darker shades are better choices.

Size of the room

A room can appear bigger or smaller than its actual size depending on its color.  This makes the right choice of color very important in changing the ambiance of a small room into an area that appears to accommodate everybody. One way to do it is to paint the small room with the same color scheme as its adjacent room. This will create a continuous color flow, creating that bigger space impression.

Solid colors will also do the job as they make an area look deeper and bigger. As an example, an adjoining kitchen to the dining room can be painted solid to make it look bigger. To make the job perfect, both colors must complement each other.

If light colors make a small room look bigger, dark colors do the opposite. With dark colors, light is absorbed, giving the room that smaller space appearance. Dark shades of taupe, brown, blue, and green colors are ideal for big and high ceiling rooms.  

A massive room for a living room can be less inviting for the family to hang around if the ambiance is not right.  An accent wall can convert a big and less intimate room into a room the family loves to spend their time together. An accent wall is a wall painted with bold colors in contrast to the overall neutral color of the room. Ideally, accent walls are behind a fireplace, a bookshelf, or behind any dominant structure of the room. Examples of these paint colors are Dulux paints in rich chocolate colors, green and deep mauves.

Choosing the right paint colors is just a part of a successful DIY painting project. Repairing any damage in the area to be painted has to be done first before any painting job starts. Loose timber molding for instance can be easily fixed with the help of a cordless drill and six screws. 

Home is an expression of who we are. A home is a place where people can relax and be comfortable with whatever they are. Comfy chairs, restful beds, lighting, fragrances, and a lot of love create the finest ambiance in home and indoor living. The home presents an opportunity to express, who an individual is all about. The way you generally people would not use and dream of wearing the same clothes year in and year out, there is no reason why a home should look the same.

However, replacing the entire Home decor, overhauling the entire look, and redecorating is an expensive affair.  People can add that fashion statement and add some of the elements of the home decor to create a fresh look and feel of their home.

Thankfully, there are a lot of avenues to create new looks without completely discarding existing elements of home decoration. The way people are a combination of past and present; their home is also a combination of existing décor and new fresh additions to its décor.  People can evolve and change their homes; can give them a personal touch; and change as per the trends and create their world, cozy and comfy to express them. There are plenty of ways people dress and decorate their homes and create a new ambiance. Some people do it by changing one or two elements or by introducing something new that will influence the whole interior.

Home decor can be enhanced by adding atmospheric lighting; add some paintings and prints on the wall of homes. The entire ambiance can be enlivened with home fragrances. Diffusers and perfumed candles can be used to make the ambiance aromatic and serene. Fragrant candles change the mood of people living in the home.  Curtains also have a great role to play in the overall look and feel of a home.

People can update the Home decor just by adding one or two elements; installing wall sconces and painting and prints in the hallway, gives an instant facelift to the décor of that area. Even some people install a fireplace in their living room; this changes the overall ambiance of the living room. Make that fashion statement of your Home decor; create the ambiance in your home.

Home decor has many facets. Comfy chairs, restful beds, lighting, fragrances, and a lot of love are the elements of creating the finest ambiance in our home and its décor. Spruce up your home decor; create cozy Home decor with Home decor stores at The Garden Gates.