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Something that should give us all pause is the ongoing flight of skilled manufacturing jobs from America. It’s been happening for decades now, but the pace has accelerated dramatically during the past few years. It isn’t just the auto manufacturers who are closing plants either. If you check the labels, everything from the toys your children play with to the sink in your kitchen, Armoires in your bedrooms, and the shoes on your feet are likely made in China. There’s reason to think about this situation, not just because of the jobs that are at stake or the skills that are disappearing offshore, but also because of the increasing rarity of high-quality, heirloom-grade heirloom-grade products.

Consider a company like Furniture Traditions. An American manufacturer of home furnishings, this firm’s artisans use traditional techniques that used to be commonplace but are becoming rare as furniture manufacturers continually move toward higher volume production and cheaper products. Whether it’s a spindle bed, nightstand, or Wall bed, heirloom-quality furniture is built to be a functional showpiece that lasts; it’s an investment.

Firms in this class produce bench-made furniture, meaning that a highly skilled highly-skilled craftsman individually works on each piece -you can determine exactly who built the furniture by locating their signature! Construction features the strength of 3/4 inch plywood backs, countersunk screws, and Northern Red Oak. With this “no-flex” construction and bench made attention to detail, you can remove the drawers from a dresser, put them on their side and stand on them without doing any damage.

It’s not just the strength of construction that makes American-built heirloom quality furniture stand out from the mass-produced offerings from overseas. Take Armoires from Furniture Traditions and a discount furniture retailer and put them side by side. You’ll immediately notice the difference. Doors open and shut more smoothly and with fewer gaps, there’s no paper, plastic or fake veneer on the heirloom piece and while you can likely lift the discount version yourself (thanks to pressboard backing and use of pine), there’s no way that Oak Armoire’s moving without help.

You could do the same thing with Wall beds, except it’s difficult to even find a product like this from the lower end and self-assembly companies. Wall beds are complicated and with their structural requirements, would be difficult to manufacture and ship cheaply. You can certainly find some nice examples made in America from Red Oak, though.

Your bedroom invariably needs more attention as it is the place that makes you feel relaxed and happy after a grueling schedule and hectic working life. As your bedroom is your sanctuary, it holds immeasurable significance. The small yet important bedroom furnishing items such as bed sheets, cushion covers, pillow covers, spare sheets, and season clothes needs a storage space as well. To avoid the mess produced by the spare yet necessary items, every house needs a Storage bed.

A storage bed transforms an unsystematic life into an organized way of living. One can evade sleeping in a mess with the help of these storage beds. There are a plethora of designs, sizes, and styles available online for the buyers to choose the best Double bed with storage at affordable prices. These beds with storage not only serve as a space saver but also add a stylish and opulent look to the entire bedroom.

Comfort, maximum storage, and classy look

Storage beds bestow a perfect treat to your bedroom space. Your room must get pampering with elegant wooden beds with storage. They are highly popular among the buyers as they are a sturdy, durable yet stylish piece of furniture that adds grace & grandeur to the house. They are especially specially designed to give maximum comfort & luxury to the buyer along with superb storage solutions.

Pick the best storage beds online in various designs and patterns

You can choose the perfect double bed with storage, king-size beds with storage, and kid’s bunk beds with storage from plenty of online furniture stores. As these stores have copious options of options for buyers, they are giving an edge to the local manufacturers regarding the limited availability of designs and styles.

After seeing the exclusive range of wooden storage beds online, it certainly will be your dream to buy one for your abode. You can select an exceptional range of wooden beds with storage online according to your requirements and personal preferences.

These online furniture stores are giving an awesome shopping experience to their customers; they offer details of every piece of furniture with an outstanding display of images from different dimensions and styles. A vast range of designer wooden furniture is available online to complement your decor look, whether it is contemporary decor or traditional interior, these online stores have everything to match your style.

A wise decision would indeed be to explore the wide online collection of wooden furniture and purchase the best to go well with the remaining furniture of the dwelling.

The platform bed is awesome in a variety of ways, the biggest of which is its interesting history. Because the modern-day box-spring didn’t come along until around eighteen-sixty-five, it is not possible to know the exact date for inventing the initial platform bed. The reason for this is due to the way that we define a platform bed, which is a bed without a box-spring or more accurately a bed that only has a mattress.

This, of course, means that most if not all beds that existed before 1865 would be regarded as platform beds. In other words, just as contemporary platform beds have a flat and sturdy surface (in the form of slats or mats), most beds from most cultures in the distant past used a variety of natural items (often the ground) to provide firm support for a wide variety of mattresses. So, the logical conclusion is that the development of the platform bed is interdependent with the past and present development of the conventional box-spring bed.


The characteristic that sets modern platform beds apart from those that existed hundreds of years ago is aesthetic design, which is also true when comparing the average contemporary platform bed to the average modern-day, conventional box-spring bedframe. The difference between a wooden bed frame and a metal bed frame alone is significant when we consider that wood is warm and metal is cold. The fact that most platform beds rest closer to the ground makes them less imposing and more inviting. However, the thing that stands out the most is how many stunning designs define the world of platform beds, from storage beds to platform beds with canopies above and cushions to lean back on while reading a book.


Platform beds in general are earthy Green and eco-friendly because they are generally constructed from solid wood and non-toxic stains, and, in the case of bamboo, there is usually no application of stains at all. Bamboo is globally famous for its exceptional sustainability and renewable nature since it grows so incredibly fast. Many platform beds use dowels instead of bolts, and some are built in such a way that the rails fit together like a jigsaw puzzle that has contempt for bolts and dowels. Another aspect that makes platform beds look more ‘earthy’ is how they lie so close to the floor, as though they’re making love to Mother Nature.


What all this adds up to is a more mindful approach to interior décor, a healthier sleep environment, and a more conscious approach to commerce and economic forces. Expanding upon this last concept, it is also wise to purchase as many necessities and non-essentials as possible from local sources. This way, communities can become more self-reliant and sustainable in their way. Organic gardening is a perfect example of this approach, especially if gardeners produce their compost and dry and save their seeds.

Bamboo has become an increasingly popular material being used in products ranging from cabinets to flooring to furniture. But why is this building material so popular now as opposed to years ago when it was available? To answer that question accurately we’ll need to look at a growing trend in furniture and home products referred to as eco-friendly products or the green culture.

Eco-friendly products have been around for some time. Most of society just wasn’t taking notice. Now some did and we should thank them for helping to turn us on to these earth-friendly products. In the last 10 years, a positive growing trend has developed to take an interest in our environment and make decisions with how we live that will offer a positive impact on the Earth around us. Bamboo lends itself very nicely to being mentioned as a very green resource. Bamboo is considered a plant and one of the best characteristics it has is that it grows very rapidly. Found predominantly throughout much of Asia, there exist many species of the bamboo plant. Bamboo grows to about 70 feet tall and can be harvested in 5-7 years. The base of the bamboo plant produces shoots that are used as food seasonally.

Bamboo that is harvested is so hard that efforts are being made throughout Asia to try to substitute it for conventional lumber. If we figure that a hardwood tree takes roughly 25-50 years of growth before it can be harvested bamboo seems to be the best green alternative for products that can be substituted with this renewable timber. That may be the reason that you see bamboo being used in many flooring applications and cabinet products. Viewers of shows on channels like HGTV will notice the growing trends of consumers purchasing and installing bamboo throughout their homes.

Furniture is another product made from bamboo. From bamboo beds to nightstands, dressers, tables, chairs, and more bamboo can be found in many types of furniture. You’ll find that these items are also not always in the style of Oriental or Asian designs. American manufacturers of furniture are increasingly using bamboo and you’ll find traditional and even southwestern products using bamboo in their products. From a furniture standpoint bamboo offers the same strength that domestic hard rock maple offers in the way of tensile strength. The exotic look of bamboo also lends itself well to creating a unique look not only in bedroom furniture but throughout the home making your home décor enhance the look of your home.

In this article, we’ve explored the green culture of eco-friendly bamboo. We’ve examined its positive benefits for the environment such as its ability to be harvested within 5-7 years and quickly grow back again making it an excellent renewable resource. It can be substituted for other materials as it is quite hard, even harder than maple wood which will help to preserve those resources. It has a wide range of uses from being made into bamboo beds, bamboo flooring, and even bamboo cabinetry. With its rich exotic features bamboo provides a unique look for any home décor that will help make it more environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing to all those who pass by and see it in your home.

A futon is a traditional form of Japanese bedding made from quilts and padded mattresses, which are pliable, allowing it to be folded and stored in a closet during daylight hours. This option allows people to use a room for more than one purpose. The mattress referred to as a futon in Japan consists of a “shikibuton or bottom mattress and a kakebuton or a quilted bedcover”. The word futon itself is an English term derived from Sino-Japanese, which initially meant “round cushions filled with cattail flower spikes”.

Essentially, a futon is a flat mattress encased in a protector, which is stuffed with cotton and/or wool batting. Futons are usually designed to rest on tatami mats/flooring. Another reason to store away a futon periodically is to let the tatami mat breathe or air out. Futons must also be air-out from time to time, especially outdoors so they can be exposed to sunlight, which is a great way to kill molds. In Japan, it’s even common to beat futons with a broomstick or traditionally with a tataki, which is made from bamboo and resembles the carpet-beaters used in the West. This process prevents the padding from getting matted or too flat.

The Western Futon

Futons produced in the West today are modeled after the traditional Japanese futon, but they have some differences, one of which is placing the futon on a platform-bed or a wooden frame that can be easily adjusted to serve as a couch. The futon itself is usually filled with layers of cotton batting, making it thicker than Japanese futons so it appears to be as thick as a conventional box-spring mattress. The type of futon normally produced in the West also comes with a replaceable cover or case that’s offered in different colors to accommodate different tastes or the décor of individual bedrooms.

The Shiki Futon

The Shiki-style futon from Haiku Designs has benefits that box-spring mattresses do not have. First, it’s made from natural cotton. In addition, it’s protected by a thick canvas case also made from cotton. Like any futon, it can be folded and stored away easily when you need more space in the bedroom or a guest room. And it comes in two types: 1) The Shiki mat Level 1 is made from cotton that hasn’t been dyed or bleached. Since most cotton grown in the West is bleached with toxic chlorine and dioxin chemicals, the Shiki mat is an alternative for consumers who wish to sleep on a bed that is eco-friendly and safer for their overall health. The second option offered is the Shiki mat Level 2, which is made from 100% certified, organic cotton batting and encased in an organic cotton case. This option offers the highest degree of Green manufacturing and personal health.

Bedbugs are small, but they can still be spotted with the human eye. It is approximated that most adult bedbugs are about the size of an apple seed, and are reddish-brown in color. When these bugs are crushed, they can leave a rusty-brown stain on your sheets. Seeing these kinds of stains is a pretty sure sign of a bedbug infestation. If you aren’t positive if you are seeing stains or not, try pulling out a magnifying glass. Getting up close and personal with your sheets can give you a good idea if anything is going on or not.

Live Bugs, Eggs, or Eggshells

Bedbugs are small, but their eggs and eggshell remnants are even smaller. Most bedbug eggs are about 1mm in diameter, so they can be hard to see with the naked eye. These baby bedbugs shed small yellow skins as they grow, which can sometimes be seen along with bedbug eggs. Just like looking for stains, you can always pull out a magnifying glass and inspect your bed or mattress for more details.

Skin Bites

Among the most telltale signs of having bedbugs are bedbug bites. Bodies can react differently to bedbug bites, so exact symptoms can vary. Some people may not react to bedbug bites at all, but most people have itching or swelling around bites, as well as red welts. After an initial bite, red bumps can appear which can start to itch and develop other symptoms. Most bites occur on the arms or shoulders because of their position while you are asleep, but that is not the only place bedbug bites can occur. If you start to have any complications from a suspected bedbug bite, you should contact a doctor.


Most people wouldn’t guess that bedbugs can have a smell. Have you ever smelled an old, wet towel that has a musty scent to it? That’s exactly how a lot of folks describe the smell of a bedbug infestation. This smell is due to the strong-smelling pheromones that bedbugs release, and it can be especially pungent if there are a large number of them. If your room starts smelling musty or unpleasant, you may want to inspect your room for possible bedbugs.

Restless Sleep

Because bedbugs bite can bite you at night, you may not be getting the best night’s sleep if you have an infestation. These bugs can bite for up to ten minutes at a time, which can wake you up from a deep sleep and ruin your sleep cycle. This can leave you feeling exhausted and like you didn’t sleep by morning. If you are having problems getting quality rest, try looking for bedbugs. These pesky insects may not always be the cause for restless slumber, but ruling them out can be a good start.

Bedbugs can cause a lot of problems, and they can be hard to get rid of. Knowing what the common signs are of having bedbugs can help you catch the problem before it becomes an infestation. If you find a lot of bedbugs, you may want to consider buying a new bed. Make sure to call an exterminator or get rid of the bedbugs before bringing a new bed home, because bedbugs will infest almost anything, include including a new twin, king, or queen-sized mattress.