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My first book rack was a solid, wooden piece with four drawers as we were four siblings. My mother labeled all the drawers respectively, and I was given a third drawer as I was the third child. Then we kept graduating and our books kept increasing in number. My mother’s small collection of local magazines also grew in number. It was then that we decided to buy a new book rack with more storage space. My mother was adamant to get something that could be multipurpose as there was already too much chaos in the house because of limited space.

Then came our second book rack which was bigger and better. It had a broad base and so we used it as our study desk also. My mother used the wood of the older book rack and made something else out of it. And we started using the newer one. This one-time investment in a good book rack paid us long till the time I finally graduated from my college. I am still using that book rack in my house to keep the storybooks of storybooks little one. This brings us to one fact buying a good furniture piece is like an investment.

If you are lucky to get a sturdy and durable furniture piece, then it is going to last for a long and in some cases, your next generation can also use it. Beautiful and classic furniture never goes out of fashion. Today’s generation love loves to use classic furniture pieces by blending them with another modern décor. For example, a traditional book rack looks great with a modern work desk.

Quality and durability are of paramount importance whenever you buy something. Especially in the case of furniture purchases, people like to buy something strong and sturdy because furniture is costly. So, let us see how to buy a good book rack. If you have a space constraint in your house, you can go for the latest wall-mounted book racks.

Then there are ladders and leaning book racks that offer a way to optimize space while adding to your home or office decor. If you stay in rented accommodation and are not allowed to fix anything on the walls, then these space saver designs can work very well for you. People with huge living areas can go for long and stylish book racks that act as room separators too. For more designs in book racks, you can just go online at sites like These days, online sites are becoming popular when it comes to fa furniture purchases.

If you have a lot of books and very little space for storage, bookcases can help you to maximize the space you have. Many bookcases don’t take up great deals of space, but they do allow your books to be displayed neatly for any visitors to see and admire.

Of course, bookcases can be used to store anything rather than just books. Many people use bookcases to store shoes, for example. There are many different things you can store using bookcases, and they are always a great way of saving space and keeping the room tidy.

The exact type of bookcase you use isn’t the most important aspect, because most bookcases are ideal for use in small spaces. If you have very limited space, you might want to go for a more ‘streamlined’ bookcase. Such a bookcase will be tall and thin, meaning you use up wall space rather than floor space.

Another idea is to use corner bookcases. Putting your bookcases in the corners of the room means most of the room is free and the bookcase won’t come across as overly imposing. If your room is small, it is always best to avoid the most elaborate bookcases, since not only will these take up more space, but they will also stand out too much within the room.

Folding bookcases and modular bookcases are other popular options if you have little space. Modular bookcases can be stacked in whatever way you want and folding bookcases are very lightweight and go well in small, confined spaces.

At Shelving Systems, we offer you bookcase storage solutions that are bound to give you everything you require. Our shelving systems can be tailored to your exact needs, are well built, and are easy to assemble when you get them, meaning all you need to worry about is how to order your precious book collection (or whatever else you are using the bookcase for)!

Bookcases that you can buy today are available in a wide range of styles and configurations. More commonly, the traditional barrister bookcase and the 4 shelf4-shelf bookcases, are both widely used in academic settings.

The wall-mounted bookshelf along with the 2-shelf bookcase, although less common, are still available with great quality craftsmanship. Because these two bookcases are unique, they are used for more specific functions. For example, a 2 shelf2-shelf bookcase can easily be used for a collection of magazines, such as in an office, the living room, heck even the bathroom! While on the other hand, you have the simplistic wall mounted bookshelf which is perfect for rooms with floor space restrictions, like the name suggests, this type of shelf is mounted onto a wall – some people even find that the wall-mounted bookshelf is one of the most aesthetically pleasing kinds of furniture.

All bookcases, whether it be a wall-mounted bookshelf or a barrister bookcase, should be equally constructed from high-grade wood so that they will last in your possession for a long time. How about a good quality 2-shelf bookcase made of oak, it will certainly withstand the daily stress and as a plus is easy to clean. Isn’t that appealing? I know I certainly like it!

There are all sorts of bookcases that you can purchase at your local furniture store, however, it wouldn’t hurt to look in second-hand furniture dealers or online, you just might get a deal and save tons of money. For those in a financial crunch, you know really in a tight situation, look into building your bookcase. Sure it might take a bit more effort, but with the right DIY know-how materials, and time, you could have yourself a great bookshelf.

If you have a lot of books in your house and you have them scattered all around your home it is easier to bring them together in one central location as they can not get in your way. It is quite irritating if your favorite volumes are all over the place, as it can be hard to keep track of what you are intending to read next. If your house is beginning to look like the back room of a second-hand book shop, it is time to take action.

What better way than to invest in bookcases so that you can have your books in an organized and tidy manner? Bookcases work well as once you have organized the shelves as you wish be it alphabetically or by the author for example you will always be able to find what you are looking for.

You do not necessarily have to have a spare room to be able to create your mini-library if you have a spare corner in your home you can have bookcases placed there instead. With most bookcases, you can adjust the shelves to the height that you require so that the books will fit perfectly on the shelves.

There are many factors to consider when buying bookcases and here we can provide a unit that will work well for either your spare room or a small corner in your front room. We can offer a wide range of sizes, you will have a unit that has been made to measure therefore meeting your every need and providing you with great bookcases. The last decision you have to make do you want the bookcases to stand alone on the floor or would you rather them attached to the wall at a height that suits. 

In today’s market, we all have a tremendous range of furniture products to choose from. Whether it’s dining tables, beds, couches, or coffee tables, furniture today is being designed to serve a variety of functions while at the same time looking beautiful to everyone. For a dull room, it’s your choice of furniture that can make it come alive with vitality and warmth.

It seems a bookshelf, or bookcase, is the most sought-after piece of furniture by most shoppers. The modern-day bookcases are now beautifully designed and are constructed of some of the best quality materials, which include metals, wood, and plastics. A lot of people house their library of books with bookshelves and bookcases, as it helps to get them organized and protects their longevity, and I have a lot of precious books in my collection as well. For me, having my bookcase has been a complete savior when it comes to my books being protected. When you start looking for bookcases for sale, you’ll discover a lot of different prices and styles to choose from.

The 4 shelf4-shelf bookcase, the traditional type of shelving, is usually modestly priced and extremely easy to assemble, and because of being entry-level products, they are perfect for students at home or away from college. On the other hand, you have the more advanced style of barrister bookcases, and they have multiple use options. Barrister bookcases are usually larger than regular bookcases and are built with top-quality timbers and feature glass doors on the front. Not relegated to just housing books, the barrister bookcases are perfect for showcasing framed photos, trinkets, precious ornaments, vases, etc. If you happen to be working for an accounting, or law firm, barrister bookcases might be perfect for the myriad of books or case files you have in your office.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you will always be able to find a use for bookcases, so check around and see what’s available and within your budget parameters. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the more traditional shelving or barrister-style bookcase, each style has something to offer.

The interior decoration of a home depends on the choice of furniture. A blend of the right furniture with proper room arrangements makes a house look lavish and comfortable at the same time. The home décor reflects the characteristics of the people living in the house.   One has to look for furniture that can maximize the storage space. Similar items when kept in the same place make it easy to find them and the house has an organized look. Some of the commonly found articles in a living room include TV units–cabinets and bookcases. 

There are different styles of TV units-cabinets that can be placed in a corner or the center of the wall of a room. The beauty of the cabinet tempts a person very easily. There are Hi-Fi cabinets to fit all sorts of gadgetry into them. These days people have different kinds of gadgets for entertainment. They need appropriate cabinets to hold them. A good cabinet should have space for storing all the CDs and DVDs and a lot of paraphernalia that comes with the different electronic devices. Some of them come with doors on both sides and open shelves in the middle or only shelves without any doors. Some come with solid wooden doors and some have glass panels so that one can see the article lying inside. The back of the cabinet is provided with holes for cables. The hand-crafted cabinets are very useful and add a lot of beauty to the room. The stunning range is made of rustic oak which confirms the quality and strength of the article.

Bookcases have a great utility in every house. There are different sizes and one can choose depending on the space available and the amount number of display articles one has. The bookcases are also used as display cupboards. People place different articles in it and create a grand display.  There are bookcases with drawers in the middle section. The back of the case is just wood whereas the sides and the front are glass. Some of them do not have doors and they are plane shelves with wood on all three sides. All the products have a lacquer coating which is protective in nature. Some of them have adjustable shelve height so that the larger books or articles can be placed easily.

Sideboards are useful in dining rooms. It holds all the extra material that overflows from the kitchen. At times the material which is not required in the kitchen daily can be accommodated in sideboards. During parties, it can be used as an extra food counter. People use it as a salad counter often. They come with drawers and doors to secure things properly. The doors are wooden and have a very sturdy look.

As the name suggests, bookshelves mean shelves to keep your books in one place. The traditional shelves are found both in open and closed styles. While the open ones can be easily accessible, but harder to clean, the closed styles are easier to clean but harder to access. However, nowadays customers’ taste has changed dramatically. People are well-traveled and well-read. They look for furniture pieces that are high utility and artistically beautiful at the same time. Considering this latest shift in customers’ taste tastes, furniture designers and manufacturers have come up with a variety of interesting bookshelves. For example, some models are screwed directly into the wall studs and presto and are more like invisible bookshelves.

Now, this is highly innovative and inspirational. Then there are ones in equilibrium style that includes cantilevered modules stacked upon each other at a single angled point. Bookshelves in the form of the reader are quite popular. Then we have something based on extrusion technology. This particular design is curvy without compromising a single inch on the strength and functionality. Many people love to have bookshelves along with their working space. For such customers, some models are a combination of workstations and folding bookshelves.

People who have a space constraint yet want to buy a bookshelf can go for compact models that look like a minimalist art installation but are of high utility value. All these and many more imaginative and practical bookshelves can be found in online furniture stores like UNICOS. Go on the Internet and browse through the online collection and you are sure to find the most useful and smart bookshelf for your room. Online buying of any furniture piece from reputed Web-based stores has multiple advantages. First is the good quality of their products and second is their pricing. Timely deliveries add to the overall online shopping experience and make every customer happy.

To sum it up, bookshelves are available in a variety of styles. They are big and small, so just make sure that the overall product dimensions fit your space. Also, see how much storing capacity you need, depending upon the number of your reading material. Considering the space in your room, you can go for standing models or wall-mounted ones. The standing models also vary in size. See which one helps you optimize your book space. And, finally, make a decision and give your room a complete look.

For many years I’ve been a dedicated furniture aficionado; I come by this particular interest naturally. My grandfather lived in the Swiss Alps, in an immense Victorian-era chateau that was home to a wide variety of lovely antique furniture. Some of those pieces, undoubtedly worth a great amount by now, have been passed down through my family, but we will never sell them as they are considered in some circles priceless.

Over the years, bookcases have emerged as one of my favorite types of furniture, even more so than artesian writing desks and Porto sofa stools. As an academic, I have a considerable library of my own, and so I value those high-quality bookcases that are both useful and pleasing to the eye. I’m especially happy with my wall-mounted bookshelf, which holds the majority of my academic writings, which includes journals, novels, and periodicals.

This shelf is firmly fastened to the wall, so I can rely on its sturdiness, and I truly welcome the added floor space it gives me, considering the small size of my own home office! One of the best things about my shelf is that it was very easy to mount to the wall. This was a big relief to me since I’m not the handiest do-it-yourself tool guy you’ll ever meet!

Another favorite bookcase I own is a very small unfinished (it has not been coated in lacquer) oak unit with two shelves. It is placed next to my bed, where it serves a double function as a bedside table. In addition to storing books inside, I can place the essentials on top, including a small desk lamp, an alarm clock, and photos of friends and me when we went skiing in Hakuba, Japan.

Between these unique pieces of furniture, I have all I need to keep my libraries of books et cetera organized and neat! Why not have a look and see if you can find a bookcase for yourself?