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Unfortunately, there are too many furniture designers who think ‘corporate’ must mean ‘black’, ‘navy’ or ‘grey’. It seems that bright colors are taboo in the traditional world of commercial office furniture. Lucky that there are some forward-thinking, creative tradition-breakers among the furniture designers sitting around boardroom tables nowadays – because environmental color can be a fantastic mood-booster and also a productivity shot! Here’s how you can be a bright spark, and either find or make your commercial office furniture come to life with color.

Colorful Seating

There is a large range of beautifully designed and modern seating available nowadays. It is much easier to find bright colors in seating than in any other type of office furniture. How much more interesting and lively could your executive meetings be with a rainbow of chairs around the boardroom table?! Your reception area will be far more inviting with a selection of colorful ottomans to wait on, and your visitors’ seating will be much more inviting with a splash of color.

Solid Wood Desks

Only the most unimaginative or literal of people can say that all wood is brown! Look for solid wood desks in unusual timbers such as rich red and variegated jarrah. This is an understated but very definite way to add color to your office. Alternatively, if you have the time, energy, and will, you can strip back the polish on a solid wood desk and stain it an unusual color like blue or green.

Colorful Flooring

In most cases, commercial flooring is chosen to hide the staining that inevitably occurs in high-traffic areas. To many designers, this means either grey or brown – but that blank canvas full of potential will be thoroughly wasted on a boring brown carpet. Consider using carpet tiles – a huge range of colors and patterns is available, there are new antibacterial formulations available, and you can mix and match the tiles to delineate different areas within your office. Plus, they’re colorful!

Fresh Flowers and Plants

Fresh flowers and plants truly breathe life into a space, not only with their colors but with their scents and the improved oxygen status of the office. Fresh flowers are expensive – they are a ‘treat’ for the office and a convenient gift for the staff. Flowering plants are a great everyday solution, though. Just ensure they are positioned in a sunny place, and they are low maintenance and limited in the growth they will achieve.

Work Uniform

Suits are the standard for many office-based workplaces – but they don’t have to be. Introduce color with a bright work uniform for all employees … most people are happy not to have to think about what they’ll wear to work every day, your image gets a professionalism boost, and the office is suddenly more alive.

Don’t live your working life in a purgatory of grey carpets, black equipment, and navy blue suits! Color can be a real motivator, and just a few elements of brightly-colored commercial office furniture can make all the difference.

The economy has slowly been recovering which has led to businesses finally turning a profit. The travel and hospitality industry was arguably hit the hardest. There was no doubt the recession made businesses take a much closer look at their business strategy. With less money around, everything became about survival.

Hotels were wringing every last bit of value they could from their assets. Half-filling two hotels will never generate as much value as a single building. Despite budgets returning and economic improvements, hotels are still under pressure to increase profits and ‘go green. And to do so, hotels are looking at what assets they have and how they can reuse them to get more value. This is a time of opportunity.

People have been talking about sustainability for years – and now hotels are taking steps towards change by making full use of their existing assets to reduce their costs and understand the importance of asset management while providing a quality experience for guests away from home.

The continual acquisition of new furniture is expensive. Furniture refinishing, however, is something that both the government and universities do regularly. Furniture acquisition takes a toll both booth on the bottom line and the environment – old furniture needs to be disposed of, often ending up in a landfill, and the new furniture then has to be manufactured and delivered to the location, which is costly in many ways.

But there are alternatives: by investing in renovations and partnering with refinishing specialists instead of trashing existing hotel furniture, both the costs and environmental impacts are reduced significantly. At the same time organizations have the opportunity to become more sustainable and ROI dramatically increases.

For years, hotels have operated with profitability in mind, but not completely in focus. As guests demanded more amenities, hotels would spend more, but in turn, charge more. This way of doing things became normal, part of the culture. But this culture of not worrying about money, and continually buying new assets, is not compatible with sustainable practices. Now, hotels are starting to look at ways to reuse existing assets – such as furniture refinishing or modifying existing pieces such as armoires – but this must be adopted throughout the entire industry.

In many ways, the recession has unified hotels in making better use of budgets and reducing environmental impact. Reusing or repurposing existing assets like hotel furniture is crucial if they are to do this. Otherwise, the business is likely to overspend, and any attempt at sustainability and potentially survival is doomed to failure.

Sustainable initiatives such as asset management are environmentally friendly and make solid business sense. Never were words more true – for hotels and businesses in general, the time to act is now.

It takes all kinds of people to make up an office. You have the secretaries in chairs outside the big bosses’ offices, the supervisors roaming the floors, the entry-level employees pounding away at their desks, and even the cleaning crew who empty the garbage and wash the windows. But people can’t run an office by themselves. They need office equipment like phones and fax machines. They also need office furniture such as ergonomic chairs to help them do their jobs efficiently.

Office furniture is a very important part of an office’s system. Be it used cubicles for companies starting or home office furniture for those based in their houses, having office equipment is a must. Having good office furniture can help ensure that employees are working more effectively and are therefore more productive. This makes it a satisfying workplace for all. Listed here are three of the larger pieces that can be found in the office and what secrets they signify.

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets and their management and arrangement are clues if the office is efficient or not. A good filing system signifies the seriousness and professionalism of an office. Filing cabinets contain employee resumes, marketing records, receipts and deeds of sales, and advertising ideas. For everything that can be stored on hard copies, filing cabinets are the answer. Even with computers, an office should always have backup files in case something goes wrong. Filing cabinets are deep storage drawers piled on top of or beside each other. They come with locks and can hold thousands of folders and papers important to the office. Filing cabinets are usually made of metal and can either be vertical or horizontal. Older versions of these cabinets are made of wood and resemble cabinets found in homes.

Executive Desk

If the executive desk is placed in the far corner of the room, it means that the boss wants to be in full control. If it is placed in the very center of the room, it means that the boss wants himself to be always available and at service to his employees. The size of the desk also means something and creates a general impression to the people and clients.

Just because they are called “executive desks” does not mean only executives get to use them. Executive desks can be placed anywhere there is enough space. Built to last for years, these desks are quite large and are very spacious. They can be made of natural materials like slate, stone, or wood, newer items such as glass and steel, or a combination of both. Executive desks have rows of drawers that are easily accessible to a person seated behind the desk. These desks are often rectangular in shape, but some designs are L-shaped and others have tiers and racks to suit any possible needs.

Ergonomic Chairs

If you have ergonomic chairs in your office, it means that the office is concerned about your wellbeing and at the same time is dedicated to making you work and work. It is quite difficult to sit in a straight-backed wooden chair for a whole day. It’s even more difficult if a person has to do it for five days a week. It’s a good thing ergonomic chairs have come to the rescue. Ergonomic chairs are chairs made to fit the contour of the body so that there is minimal stress on the spine. This way, there is less risk of back pain and slouching that leads to bad posture. Ergonomic chairs are padded for comfort, with adjustable parts. Moving the armrests and backrests of a chair to suit whatever a person needs will surely make the workday better for any employee. Plus, ergonomic chairs come in attractive designs and colors, as well as luxurious materials that will make anyone not want to leave the office.

When it comes to the proper functioning of daily office work, it is important to have the appropriate furniture like conference room furniture that include meeting room tables, small meeting tables, folding tables, and more.

This various office furniture provides an ambiance that is conducive to a better working environment and facilitates the smooth functioning of work.  Modular conference room furniture, allows people to conduct a meeting smoothly, thanks to the comfortable arrangement.  This furniture is designed in a way to make you feel comfortable and thus get into ate of a peaceful yet dynamic state of mind that stimulates a free-flowing thought process.

Besides, apart from these various conference room furniture sets, there is also the provision to buy lecterns, buy podiums, and more. These are essential for a proper corporate office setup that allows smooth conduct of not only office operations but also makes provisions for various corporate functions like award ceremonies where the podium or the lectern is needed.

These come into the picture, especially when reading out before an audience, or when addressing an audience is needed. Documents need to be placed conveniently and that is what you gain when you buy lecterns. This requirement is fulfilled and facilitated by a structure called a ‘lectern’.

 Apart from the variety of lecterns that you can easily buy online, there is a well-established furniture store that also sells through these online lectern stores. It is known as Synergy Furniture Store.

This happens to be a very well-established brand and the appeal of these online lectern stores is its products can reach out to greater customers far and wide A classic example would be to buy a Synergy table.  When you do so, not only do you get to have the assurance from an established brand, but you also get great service.

 When you buy Synergy Furniture, there is a wide variety of options to choose from – considering the conference room furniture sets, modular conference room furniture, modern conference room furniture, office conference room furniture executive conference room furniture, meeting tables, office meeting table and more.
 There are also large meeting tables, small meeting tables, and folding tables as well.

So regardless of the fact whether you have a big office or a one-room office, knowing the right kind of furniture that suits your requirements is essential and in accordance to it, the desirable modular tables and various other furniture are catered.

Office furniture plays a crucial role in making your office look attractive. Moreover, it also helps in enticing your guests. Some of the primary furniture items which are required in a standard office are desks, conference tables, chairs, bookshelves, filing cabinets, etc.

Office Desks

One of the chief furniture items for any office is the office desk. So, it is very important to choose an office desk properly. Office desks arrive in several shapes, designs, and sizes. The best part is that a person can also modify them as per his specifications. Mostly, you will find curved edges and triangular-shaped office desks nowadays.  In small offices, mostly cubicle-style desks with side panel coverings are used. For employees who spend more time in the office, an L-shaped office desk is perfect. Nowadays, desks are also available with in-built drawers used to store your important documents.  

Conference Tables

A conference room is a room where all the senior persons gather to sort out some important matters. A very large table is required in a conference room. The tables used in the conference room should be comfortable so that employees do not face any problems. The tables should have the proper height to place laptops properly. Today, conference tables are available in an ample variety of shapes and designs.


We all know that a chair is one of the most valuable accessories in an office. There are different kinds of chairs which can be used in an office. These can be wooden, steel tubular, etc. It is very important to choose chairs according to the nature of the business. All the chairs should be installed appropriately so that the employees can feel comfortable while working. For the employees who spend long hours in the office, there should be chairs provided with soft cushions and perfect back support. These should also have armrests to make employees feel comfortable.  

Filing Cabinets and Bookshelves

Filing cabinets and bookshelves are also treated as basic furniture components of an office. One can use them to store important files, papers, office supplies, stationery, etc.

Internet is a good option for people looking forward to buying good quality Office Furniture. Here, you will come across an array of options and can choose the one which suits you best.

Hosting a large company or personal event requires not only a lot of your time and effort but demands a multitude of resources as well. With the multitude of people who are possibly going to the event, getting enough seats is among the huge troubles faced by event coordinators. If the event is of extreme importance, then it is expected that significant people will be showing up and the last thing that you would want is for these people to leave just because they can’t find a seat. To avoid such situations, it is recommended that you avail of the furniture hire services.

If you need any seat arrangement and supplies during events but you would not like to feel all sorts of stress and pressure just to accommodate all your guests, then availing of a chair hire service is preferable. Also, it is not too budget-friendly if you would opt to purchase lots of chairs and tables for use during special events and gatherings. Aside from being too pricey, maintaining each piece is another daunting task, and it will also take up storage spaces that you can use to store other necessities. Hence, the really smart and practical ones opt for chair hire services.

Alongside the convenience it brings, renting furniture can also let you choose from a diverse collection of chairs and furniture that can suit your preferences. If you would need something for a wedding or a corporate event, you can go for the classy and elegant-looking ones; if you need seats for a children’s party, you can also choose from their collection of appealing colors that can match the party’s theme.

The possibilities are well-nigh endless. You can choose a rental package depending on the type and style of the chair you need, the quantity, and even the period when you will need them are all up to you.

Not only do furniture hire companies help out in providing you with the chairs and furniture that you need but they also help design, set up, and remove the items as you wish. Such companies have with them staffs that are exposed to events and conferences who can greatly be of help, especially during the event proper. You also need not worry about the promptness of their delivery and setup as the personnel has been trained to conform to the schedule set between you and the company.

If you intend to try getting chair hire services for your events but you are not sure how to go about it, you can drop by or call the company’s office for more details and quotations. That way, you can get a rough estimate of how much it would cost you to hire chairs from them.

So whether you need an exquisitely-designed conference hall donned with elegant chairs or you simply need chairs for any private function, availing of furniture hire services can help you in getting the right number and style of chairs at the time you need it.