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At the point when we pick the sofa we like (the shape, the texture, the shading) everything relies upon the space and the utilization we will make of it.

Know its specialized attributes.

Hence, to introduce our upholstered furniture and our reclamations, we generally indicate the construction of the sofa or rocker and their cushioning. Also, in exhorting you we attempt to propose the most reasonable covering.

These are the components that guarantee quality over the long run. What is critical to notice and think about when picking and asking the upholsterer for a decent sofa?


The construction of a sofa

The construction of a sofa should react to practical and tasteful requirements. On a basic level, it comprises of

  • chassis
  • springing
  • padding 
  • feet


The edge:

The edge, the supporting design of an upholstered piece, is the part that ensures quality and dependability. It is implicit strong wood (fir, beech, poplar) or metal rounded steel.

It comprises the base and the backrest. These two components can be recognized and gathered with the most different procedures, or they can frame a solitary square. Normally the whole design of the sofa is covered with infill boards.

The casing of the sofa beds is a solitary square, so the backrests consistently stay in line and don’t disfigure.


The springing

For the seat of the sofa, flexible elastic lashes are normally utilized, which permit the exemplary sprung impact. To be exact, the ties are elastic strings covered with nylon, whose thickness changes from 5 to 8 cm and can be tied and interlaced with one another differently.

In mixed with the pads, the ties ensure the right level of help and versatility of the seat.


The cushioning

The upholstery of the sofa that covers the backrest and seat should satisfy the necessities of delicateness and compressive strength in the different marks of help, to get the best outcomes as far as solace and execution. As a rule, it is made of extended or frothed polyurethane (the last utilized for sofas of especially enormous shapes or sizes) with various densities and non-deformable sort.

Polyurethane is an engineered material with fundamentally the same as appearance the wipe. It is exceptionally delicate and flexible, and yet safe. It is generally fixed with polyester fiber and cotton or goose down covering separated into longitudinal compartments to keep away from the disagreeable development in certain parts.

The edge froth is a variation of the exemplary polyurethane, yet it is a more safe and light material simultaneously, with more noteworthy adaptability. The multi-facet fortifications (abbreviation MDF ) offer inflexibility to the design. These are fiberboards, generally wood scraps, steam-treated, and got together with exceptional thermosetting pastes.

Goose down is sometimes utilized for the armrests and headrests or rotated with polyurethane to keep distortion from happening. The help at the level of the backrest should be gentler than the remainder of the sofa, therefore a layer of delicate material is included in that region: as a rule acrylic wadding is utilized, or goose feathers blended in with empty filaments can be utilized. of siliconized polyester. Every one of the pads is covered with a pre-cover regularly made of velvet with polyurethane.


The feet

The feet can be made of metal or wood, of different sizes and statures relying upon the sofa model. The wooden feet are an immortal work of art. We saw them in the lounges of our grandmas and they are today a work of art or retro touch in the stylistic layout of the room. Similarly, flexibility in their most current touch guarantees the metal feet. At last, there is the alternative of the imperceptible foot: a dark foot that is set somewhat inside, which gives the sofa a sensation of suspension in the void.

In the accompanying article, the sorts of sofas are referenced from alternate points of view. We will discuss Sofas by Dimensions, Sofas by Designs, Sofas by Esthetics, and Sofas by capacities. Thusly, the peruser will have an unmistakable thought regarding the lavishness present in the various kinds of sofas.


Sorts of Sofa by its Dimensions

Contingent upon the measurements in which a sofa is chosen, it is feasible to appropriately condition a region. In this sense, factors like the size of the spot and what the furniture is wanted for are unequivocal. Coming up next are the kinds of furniture as per the most well-known measurements.


Single sofa:

They are arranged in a solitary seat, thus they are adaptable, reasonable pieces, and extremely simple to find. In like manner, they display a wide scope of opportunities for use in the home, office, getaway homes, and so forth Then, we notice the most well-known models of single-seater sofas.


Easy chairs 

Easy chairs are remembered for this rundown, since they have been taken as equivalents for rockers, even to imagine that they are something very similar. Be that as it may, there are a few contrasts between them. The rockers are somewhat more agreeable seats than a seat, just as more intricate plans and creations. Additionally, they will in general display a specific quality of delicacy contrasted with rockers.



The rockers, as far as it matters for them, are produced similarly to a huge sofa, however in a one-seat adaptation. Consequently, they are otherwise called single-seat sofas. They are described as being coordinated into loosen-up frameworks or unwinding systems. Essentially, they display bulkier appearances than easy chairs.



The lounge chairs are models in which the seat is longer than in an ordinary rocker, giving the client the office to expand their legs.


Two seats onwards :

Conventional sofa 

The conventional or more normal furniture are those that have somewhere in the range of 2 and 3 seats, without precluding the presence of those for 4 seats onwards. Every variation can come in sizes going from S, M, L, XL, and XXL, on account of this, they can squeeze into spaces of different sizes.

One more component of the conventional sofa is that the quantity of seats doesn’t characterize the number of pads for the seats and backs. At the end of the day, the sofas can be three-seater and show just two seat pads, alongside two backrests. Like, they can likewise be three-seaters and have three pads with three distinct backs. Assuming you need to realize what kind of furniture it is, the furniture for the most part has the accompanying definitions:


Particular Sofas:

At present, you can discover sofas equipped for obliging up to ten individuals all the while. Either by individual orders or a plan situated to huge families. Measured sofas are an illustration of the flexibility and resourcefulness of furniture producers. The people who foster models are fit for adjusting to any space and offering arrangements in various circumstances.


Fundamental Modular Sofas :

Particular sofas are those that are comprised of a few single-seat furniture, which is portable. That is, they have a plan that permits them to get together with others to make a huge sofa. As they can be diminished until you get a sofa with the best size. Along these lines, they additionally offer clients the chance of appropriating the spots whenever it might suit them, as per the qualities of the spot.


Reversible daybed or Modular Chaise Longue :

Secluded sofas can be remembered for furniture where the seats are fixed, and the solitary particular piece is the lounger. Or then again they can be in models where all seats are portable sort. They are generally very viable since individuals can put the Chaise Longue on the right or left without significant intricacies.


Particular pouf : 

The beanbags are extra pieces with their attributes, as far as size and capacities, ending up being extremely valuable for clients. 

The enormous ones can be lined up with the seat of the sofa and go about as a divan, they can likewise be utilized as assistant seats. A few models even incorporate an arm of a similar stature as the one present on the sofa. Thusly, when they are lined up with the remainder of the furnishings, the style is awesome.

The more modest ones are normally installed in the construction of the sofa, principally on the sides of the arms. Because of this, they are very reasonable, since they help to keep control on the spot, an esteemed component in thin spaces.


Sofas inset :

This is a methodology where it is feasible to procure a few household items of various measurements, however that offer plan, shadings, and surface. Among the most widely recognized, coming up next are referenced:


Set 3 + 2 :

This alternative is around a 3-seater sofa + a 2-seater sofa, primarily. Even though, they could likewise be a 2-seater sofa + another 2-seater, or two 3-seaters.



For this situation, the design centers around a sofa with one or the other at least two seats + two easy chairs or rockers.


Sorts of sofas by their plan :

Configuration is a deciding element when picking the best sofa. Luckily, there is a wide scope of models accessible to fulfill different preferences. Then, the sorts of sofas are referenced by their overall plan, as indicated by the outline of the backrest and as per the state of their arms.


Sofas as indicated by the broad plan

Straight Sofa :

This is the most exemplary type of sofas, it is the conventional furniture that has the seats in an orderly fashion.


L-formed sofa:

The models referenced underneath share the element of introducing an L-shape. It should be noticed that every variation has its elements that separate them from one another.


Chaise Longue Sofa :

This sort of furniture attempts to keep up with every one of the components of a typical sofa, explicitly, it keeps up with its arms. The solitary thing, not quite the same as this rendition is that it pulls up a chair with more prominent profundity. Underscoring that the arm as an afterthought where the lounger is found, can stretch out to its center or be of a similar length.


Corner sofa :

For this situation, the backrest covers the whole sofa, bowing at a point of 90º like the seats, in this way the L-formed outline is produced.



Customary corner units are designed in a focal headboard and a precise headboard, as a rule giving 5 seats or more. Likewise, it is accessible in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.



The plan creation for this variable remembers a Chaise Longue for the contrary side of the precise headboard. This is the way the furniture gets a U-molded outline alongside enormous measurements, which is its trademark highlight. Because of its enormous size, it gets the modifier of Panoramic.


Kinds of Sofas as indicated by the plan of the backrest

The outline with which a backrest is planned gives the sofas various appearances, exemplary, old, present-day, advanced, and so forth

High back sofas : 

As the name suggests, they are those that are tall and can be handily separated from the arms. They can be direct, round, looking look like a camel’s protuberance, or draw unique shapes. A model would be those that are tall yet, in addition, shape the arms, offering a barrel-style picture.


Low back sofas : 

This kind of backrest is one of the top choices to offer life to sofas with plans that help with modern and cutting-edge embellishments. The backrest is nearly similar in stature to the arms, a model would be straight, likewise called the tuxedo style.


Sorts of Sofas as indicated by the plan of their arms :

The arms are one more significant supplement to the outward presentation of the furnishings. Contingent upon its shape, it is feasible to help distinctive improving styles.

With mathematical shapes :

The mathematical style is one of the most utilized in most current furniture models. Characterizing three principle types, square, wedge, and round. The previous gives an immortal, perfect, and light look. The last are typically joined by a cushion as they are the top picks for resting arms. While the last is ideal to produce an old picture, ideal for Retro, Glam, and Art Deco beautifications, among others.


With natural shape :

These structures are exemplary and extremely heartfelt, they are portrayed by outlining unobtrusive shapes, making a specific quality of effortlessness and delicacy. Among these, we can specify the Belgian roll arms, English roll, or slanted arms.


Sorts of Sofas as indicated by their upholstery :

This point merits a total article on the matter, given the wide reach presently accessible at Muebles El Paraíso, in this article we will make a concise portrayal of them.


Sofas with normal upholstery :

Regular textures stand apart for giving an extremely tasteful appearance and being exceptionally lovely to the touch. Today, these textures have been blessed to receive an increment in their obstruction rates. Sofas with regular upholstery are shown for eco-accommodating enhancements, a pattern today.


Sofas with engineered upholstery:

The engineered strands are of the most recent age, they have extraordinary characteristics, for example, that they oppose fire, water, and mugginess, among others. They have the nature of mimicking regular appearances well overall, particularly skin, similarly, they show significant degrees of obstruction.


Sofas with calfskin upholstery :

These sofas are generally named extravagance items, introducing significant expenses, however, their completions are awesome.


Classes of Sofas as per brightening creases ;

Beautifying sewing is utilized both to improve feel and to reinforce upholstery. The most utilized are, knitting and sewing, the first is pulls that are made on the pads, and fixed with catches. The second is a twofold line, which is uncovered outwardly, made with a string of a similar shading as the upholstery or with a differentiating tone.


Kinds of Sofas as indicated by colors :

Concerning the tones present in current sofas, it occurs as on account of prints, that the conceivable outcomes are practically unfathomable, here we will review a fundamental characterization between unicolor sofas and designed sofas.

Monochromatic sofas :

The current embellishing patterns have a stamped inclination for furniture upholstered in a solitary tone. Since it is a lot simpler for them to secure the appropriate stylish direction. For instance, with a themed cover or pads, you can rapidly change your picture. Along these lines, the embellishments can be changed again and the furniture will keep on being substantial. The pattern tones are for the most part impartial, albeit light and dull ones are likewise generally welcomed.


Designed sofas :

These are generally exceptionally unique and inventive, it is feasible to discover a piece of furniture with topical examples as indicated by a particular adornment. Subsequently, one might say that they are selected for specific settings.


Sorts of Sofas as indicated by their capacities

The advanced way of life drives individuals to lean towards multifunctional furniture. That is, it turns into a need to pick furniture that can give better rest scenes or that works with everyday exercises here and there. The accompanying models are referenced in this system:

Sofa bed :

Furniture furnished with a bed inside addresses an answer for individuals who live in little pads. Similarly, they work as assistant beds or for restrooms in work environments.


Sofas with incorporated frill

Sofas and easy chairs are outfitted with chests, either in the arms or under the seats. Additionally, it alludes to USB data sources or connectors, with which it is feasible to charge electronic gadgets without getting up. The beanbags found inside the construction of certain sofas can likewise be named viable embellishments.

 Sofas with manual components :

Leaning back backrests and sliding seats are two sorts of manual instruments, extremely safe and simple to deal with. As the name infers, they are enacted by mechanical developments from the client himself.


Sofas with electrical components :

Zero dividers, leaning back backrests, hoisting stools, lifting people, turn work, and shaking capacity, are electric systems. These models should be continually associated with a force source. They are worked through keypads and remote controls. 

The various kinds of furniture available are an amicable blend of measurements, plans, feel, and capacities. By knowing about every one of these variations, it is feasible to pick the best sort of sofa.


Baby sofa chair:

While picking a sofa for youngsters, focus on the accompanying issue when purchasing a kids’ sofa: Children’s sofa choice abilities focus on the development and soundness of kids 1. While picking a sofa for youngsters, moms ought to pick protected and sound materials.

 On the off chance that the outside of the sofa is painted with paint, it should be sound and harmless to the ecosystem paint. Since the kid’s skin is exceptionally sensitive, so can not touch second-rate textures and helpless paint and different materials. 2. At the point when moms pick a sofa for their youngsters, it is ideal to pick a sofa with a more innovative shape and a more novel shape. The tone is better, because the mental health of kids is firmly identified with the general climate, and the tones are brilliant and innovative things that can invigorate His latent capacity and creative mind are exceptionally useful to kids’ physical and emotional well-being improvement.

Consequently, it is prescribed to pick the animation style that the child likes. 3. What should be considered is the security of the infants, so as far as material choice, texture sofas are better, because texture sofas are typically gentler, and kids are all the more enthusiastic, frequently simple to knock and contact, texture sofas can well lower the child The shot at the injury. On the off chance that you need to pick a wooden sofa, it is ideal to pick a sofa with adjusted corners. Concerning, it by and large alludes to two angles: wellbeing being used and security in materials.

Among Chinese materials, the texture of youngsters’ sofas should initially be thought of. This sort of sofa is delicate and agreeable to sit on. On the off chance that you pick strong wood or metal materials, you should focus on the adjusted corners of the sofa. On the off chance that the textured sofa or cowhide kids’ sofa is painted with paint, it should be solid and harmless to the ecosystem paint.

Since youngsters’ bodies are not yet developed, they are probably going to be oversensitive to mediocre materials and paint, which might hurt their youthful skin. While picking the size of a youngsters’ sofa, size is likewise a central point of interest. The size of the sofa should coordinate with the tallness of the human body. The age and size of the youngster should likewise be thought about, and you should cause them to feel happy with sitting before you can get it.

Moreover, the youngsters’ sofa picked for kids ought not to be excessively delicate. Since the youngster is in the development and improvement period, the bones and spine are not completely evolved set up. Frequently lying on a sofa that is too delicate or too huge can undoubtedly cause the kid’s bone turn of events and distortion. Concerning, moms ought to pick more imaginative and extraordinary kids’ sofas.

Youngsters’ mental health is firmly identified with the general climate, and inventive things can animate their latent capacity and creative mind. The sofa can likewise be brilliantly shaded, it will be simpler to stand out for children, assist them with distinguishing the shading, or pick the state of animation characters and toys that youngsters like.


Kid’s sofa chair:

In the child’s room, the sofa plays out an assortment of capacities. As well as masterminding beds, this furniture can fill in as a stage for games, visiting with friends and family, and reading books. The sofa is agreeable if visitors showed up startlingly with an overnight stay, and what’s more, this kind of furniture saves space in the room. 

Assortments and models

There is an enormous assortment of sofa models and variations – small, collapsing, carry-out, seat bed, sofa, and storage room. Notwithstanding, first you need to see that it is so sensitive to supplant a conventional bed with a sofa. The truth of the matter is that before the age of 14, youngsters should rest on a muscular sleeping pad – at this age, the spine is shaping, and a delicate sofa can’t give ordinary conditions to the development and advancement of the musculoskeletal framework. time, discovering a sofa with a particular base isn’t so natural, and sofa beddings are seldom sold independently. That is the reason this furniture isn’t appropriate for youngsters who have spinal issues

The sofa is completely upholstered in texture, so it is viewed as more marked and its sliding system separates intermittently. Additionally, there are no sides on the sofa, which can shield the child from falling during the night’s rest.

Simultaneously the sofas are very ergonomic: when collapsed they take up little space. Most models have implicit compartments and a spot to put garments and other kids’ things. One more benefit of the sofa is its security. In contrast to the bed, which has rather sharp corners, all pieces of the sofa are adjusted and exceptionally delicate, and surprisingly on sway, the danger of injury is negligible, so youngsters can play securely dynamic games with companions.

What’s more significant in addition to is the expense of a sofa – when in doubt, their cost is a significant degree lower than that of beds, so the sofa is more reasonable for youthful families and families with a few kids. It ought to be noticed that the advanced furniture market offers the biggest choice of sofas of different kinds. 

Maybe the most unseemly form of the sofa for the nursery could be a choice with a polyurethane froth sleeping pad. These are modest items, portrayed by a low level of firmness, and neither kids nor youngsters should rest on them. Such furniture ought not to be put in the kids’ room, not even as a visitor bed, as it rapidly disintegrates and loses its unique shape. Despite the minimal expense, the acquisition of a sofa with polyurethane froth cushioning isn’t financially legitimized, since its administration life is just 2-3 years, and the most extreme burden it can withstand is 90 kg.


Sofa bed:

Yet, the most secure for a kid’s room can be known as a sofa bed, which is ideal for youngsters more than 6 years of age. Such plans are stylish, efficient, and multifunctional. By far most of the models can be utilized as a solitary or twofold bed, where there is likewise a prepared spot to store the beds. The principal benefit of the model is the freedom of the sofa from the bedding, which implies that it is consistently conceivable to buy an agreeable muscular base independently and regardless supplant it with another one.

One more benefit of the sofas is an exceptional draw-out system, which is profoundly esteemed in the conditions if the nursery can’t flaunt open spaces.


Footstool :

Notwithstanding the sofa, guardians can direct their concentration toward one more kind of sofa: a footstool, which resembles a little semi-unbending sofa with a little back close to the headboard and two armrests. Not at all like the past model, the sofa doesn’t open, it has a coordinated collapsing system. The hassock is adequately minimal, appealing as far as configuration, simple to utilize, and flexible enough for a developing kid. Around evening time, it assumes the part of an undeniable dozing place, and during the day it is an inward article on which to peruse, stare at the TV or visit with companions.

Coincidentally, families with two youngsters can suggest a pouf without an exceptional headboard, which altogether saves space and doesn’t jumble up the space.



Contingent upon the variation of change, kids’ sofas can be of various sorts. The most well-known is the “Eurobook”. Its benefits are self-evident:

  • folds without any problem; 
  • being gathered, it occupies little room, so it is ideal for limited youngsters’ rooms;
  • has adequate resting space;
  • equipped with boxes for safe stockpiling of things;
  • due to the qualities of the instrument it seldom fizzles.

Yet, there are likewise detriments: its bed is very high, so it tends to be hard for little youngsters to move into it.


Carry out models

Carry-out models are not difficult to overlay and a few forms of the item permit you to extrapolate them not completely, and yet, such sofa alternatives require an excessive amount of room before them and are viewed as less quality than “Euro books”. Likewise, they generally don’t have underlying boxes.



Sedaflex, or, as it is likewise called, the “American collapsing bed”, is described by the presence of a physiological muscular sleeping cushion, so it tends to be purchased for pieces from the beginning. Among the deficiencies, it is feasible to take note of the shortfall of capacity compartments, moreover, such a change system is heavier than that of the draw-out model or Eurobook. If a sofa is sought after intermittently (for instance, a grandma, to whom grandkids come on ends of the week and occasions), then, at that point consideration can be paid to items with different systems.



“Accordion” recommends a spot enormous enough for two, where 1-2 individuals can fit openly. Nonetheless, such a sofa can just decay to a grown-up or a teen. It has no capacity put away, yet occupies a ton of room in the unfurled structure.


“French bed”

“French bed” is not difficult to oversee. This sofa is not difficult to overlap and unfurl, and the actual plan is exceptionally cool and fascinating. Among the inadequacies can be noticed the instability of the component, a too slim sleeping pad, and the requirement for an enormous space when unfurling.


“Snap kayak”

“Snap kayak” is one more sort of kids’ sofa, which once gathered occupies almost no room, however, the space is very open. Guardians and kids will see the value in the wide selection of tones and plans of the item, just as the chance of changing the backrest in various positions.

Nonetheless, this item is made with a polyurethane froth base, so the sofa can’t be utilized for continuous use, and the back of such an item is at an extraordinary incline which doesn’t add solace to kids.


“The book”

“Book” is one more model of cheap sofas, which is frequently introduced under the space bed. Consequently, it is feasible to prepare two or three beds and the playing region in the lower part of only two square meters. Of the minuses, it ought to be noticed a complicated collapsing system, isn’t generally dependable.


Ideal size:

While picking a sofa ought to pick the right shape and size, for this it ought to be founded on the age of the kid. The more youthful scraps will cherish sofas as creatures, vehicles, or boats. They are more similar to huge toys, and not a dozing place, so they constantly amuse a youngster who can utilize such models for an agreeable rest, yet in addition as a spot for dynamic games with companions.


In the nursery, inclination ought to be given to smooth lines and adjusted shapes.

For more established youngsters, the acquisition of such sofas is most likely as of now not advocated, models with components of mathematical unevenness are reasonable for them – they are more exquisite and grown-up, and in this manner, they are appropriate for teens. Notwithstanding, even for this situation, attempt to zero in on items whose corners are adjusted: security is fundamental, regardless of whether your kid isn’t yet 3 years of age. When purchasing a sofa, effectively connect the elements of the whole item and the single bed. On the off chance that you don’t give exceptional consideration to this, the child might be excessively close or, then again, excessively extensive, so you ought to likewise extend the sofa in the store and gauge the boundaries of the spot to rest.

Most importantly, the subsequent region was adequate for an agreeable rest. Contingent upon the maker, the width of the item might be unique, yet more regularly models with boundaries of 130, 140 150, 170 190, and 200 cm are delivered, and the width of the bed is a little smaller. The components of 70 or 90 cm are ideal for kids.