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If you have recently added a new counter or island to your kitchen, or if you finally got around to installing that bar in your finished basement, then you are in the market for bar stools! Sure, it may not seem that exciting; who gets up in the morning for stools? But, choosing the right bar stools for your kitchen is of utmost importance. This simple yet imperative piece of furniture in a kitchen can transform the space from drab to fab. Not only will it help to complete the look you are going for, but the right stools can make your bar or kitchen even more complacent than you thought it could be.

It is hard to imagine any kitchen without some sort of bar stool. Bar stools have become positively ubiquitous – and for good reason. It is important to identify bar stools that fit with a style that is trying to be achieved in the room, but it is equally important to finding stools that will be as comfortable as possible for the function they will play in a room. That requires finding stools of the correct height and deciding whether such things as seat cushions, arms, and swivel motion will improve everyone’s experience.

The range of design styles offered by bar stool manufacturers is endless which means a buyer can plan a room in any way they want and find bar stools that will complement it beautifully. From wood to metal and chrome, the bar stools are available in every imaginable type. Many people wood because of the aesthetic appeal that natural wood gives to a piece of furniture. Even bamboo has been used by many to create a more tropical feeling stool. These days, people are more affectionate toward metal bar stools as their sleek look creates a wonderfully contemporary ambiance and feel to your kitchen. either whether you choose wooden bar stools or metal ones, look for both qualities of material and workmanship. The higher the quality of a product, the longer it will last and the more useful it will prove to be.

Selecting the right bar stools for a kitchen, family room, game room, or “man den” is a bit of a challenge as a wrong choice will not only spoil the look of the space but will also cause you a big loss of money.

As I was pondering about this subject, as usual, my gears were turning, and this came to my mind. Our country is going through hard times, and I see more foreign products out in the market.  With that in mind, what is the solution to get the country out of this very tight situation? We keep losing our jobs, and the nation keeps going downhill. What do we the people of this country need to do, to stop this downward economic trend? Do we keep buying foreign products, or support our local manufacturing companies, and our local mama and papa stores?

Are we ready to help this country out of the recession? I hope by now we all are tired of listening to the same story from our politicians. It does not take us anywhere right? I for one do not understand politics as I should, but to me, the solution is to buy American products to help each other, not other countries and the boards of directors of so many companies that are anti-American even though, they came from here and these people live here and they call themselves America.

I like to read magazines and walk into the stores, to see the kinds of furniture they have in the marketplace, especially bar stools or counter stools. To my disappointment, none of the ones I looked at were made here in the good old USA. The prices may seem reasonable, but in the long run, they become more expensive than our products built here. The question is what are we going to do to stop this horrible trend? Should we sit and do nothing, or take matters into our own hands, and start supporting our own manufacturing companies?

In my opinion, we need to support our Mama and Papa stores.  This is where we can buy fresh produce, for example, grown here in the USA. Instead of buying produce products in large stores where everything is bought are foreign products, which do not last long in our refrigerators.  These products have been traveling for many months to get here, and they are not as fresh anymore, and I can prove that to you at any time

re is made so cheaply, for example, bar stools and counter stools. The wrought iron is of awful quality.  The welding is done so poorly, the finishing also is not of high quality. Let me ask you a question, are those stools going to last for many years? My answer is No; they will not resist the wear and tear that our products will. Ladies and gentlemen, let us wake up, and see what is going on in our country.  Our country is saturated with foreign products that are of poor quality, and are not even elegant or stylish bar stools. I am a firm supporter of National products; I will not buy anything that is not made here in America. I know I may sound like I am losing it, but it is the truth; we need to support our local stores and our own manufacturing companies.

We need to buy our products made here in the USA, let us buy America one piece at a time, and reclaim our country. We need to support our artisans, the builders of bar stools or counter stools, our farmers, our cheese factories, our own medical device companies, and everything else made here in this country. Never mind if we think it is going to take too long, we need to put our foot down and start supporting our people. I know for a fact we will force the country to make a turnaround. We need to teach our senators and legislators that we can do it. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my own belief that we can do this, the country had been in worse situations before, and we have come out of it by being united. The history is there to prove that I am not just saying this just because.

When you are looking to design a new bar, then finding the perfect bar furniture can seem daunting, but it can be easy if you have a creative eye and know what you’re looking for. There is a large selection of bar furniture available in all colors, shapes sizes, and materials.

From traditional outdoor bar furniture to glam, modern indoor stools, and, and tables, the choice is up to you and your budget. Simple commercial bar furniture that you see in most bars is a traditional look which some like to stick to, or you could opt for a more updated contemporary look. Mixing several styles can provide an interesting look, and similarly picking from a single collection can help you establish a minimalist and stylish appearance as well.

Some bar owners like to go for a theme when designing their bar, for example, a  cocktail bar owner may use a Caribbean approach. They may use colorful furniture and decor to keep in the spirit of things, including a cozy area filled with bright leather sofas and cushions. You could mistake yourself as being for a beach bar if you use the right furnishings.

You may be designing a small and intimate bar setting, an entire club-style club-style bar, or even designing the perfect wine bar. Either way, you want to make the perfect choices, whether you need a single piece of wine bar furniture, cafe furniture, or an entire collection.

Some will want their bar designed to blend seamlessly into almost any style imaginable, all types of wooden bar furniture are out there in hundreds of styles and pieces that you will definitely like.


If you are looking to buy bar cabinets and bar counter stools to create a stylish bar unit, keep in mind that there are a few things that should influence your decision. While it is possible to use overhead or under-counter in-built kitchen cabinets for a handy bar, coupled with some mounted bar racks integrated to complete the design, choosing the right bar counter stools could be a little trickier.

Many homeowners use a basic cabinet to store liquor bottles and glasses, and those with wheels underneath for easy portability are a big hit. To give the home bar a distinctive look and feel, installing a few hanging bar cabinets over this movable unit will be the perfect way to display your glassware and bar accessories, or you could also opt for customized shelves to display wine and whiskey bottles from your collection. A simple workable counter could be created with a pull-out shelf from the under-counter unit, or can even be built into the wall.

However, remember that when you choose bar counter stools, you make the right decision. The difference lies in the fact that you don’t sit down on a bar stool, but sit up on it. The right kitchen bar stools create a casual, relaxed mood. They are well suited for cocktail parties and holiday gatherings when no one wants to be fixed in one location too long but might want to get off their feet for just a moment.

Make sure that you choose the right height with bar counter stools. If the bar stool is too short, your arms won’t rest comfortably on the counter but if too tall, your legs won’t fit under the counter. The best way to choose a good height is to measure the height of the counter and then buy stools that are about 10 inches shorter. If you want versatile seating where the same bar counter stools can be Clinton to the bar area, kitchen counter, room, or outdoors, choose one with adjustable height for flexible seating.

Don’t blindly pick wood bar stools; explore materials. While wood is ideal for traditional decor, look for trendy eye-catching shapes and designs to make a real style statement. Metal stools tend to look more contemporary and sleek and better for homes with children where the stools will be subjected to a lot of spilled food and drinks when used as kitchen bar stools along the island counter. Most people find leather or fabric upholstered stools more comfortable to sit on, but the softer materials used in upholstering a chair tend to be less durable than solid materials. Also, these are easily subjected to stains when food or drinks are spilled and therefore, an un-upholstered stool with a comfortable ergonomic design is worth considering.

For flexibility, choose bar counter stools with additional features. Some are stationary while others will swivel. Many wood bar stools have four legs that form the base and come with backrests and armrests to give a more secure feel, along with additional safety for kids. However, for smaller spaces, a contemporary design with a large center column along with a wide base is a great choice. Ensure that any kitchen bar stools you choose have footrests to increase the comfort level.


Bar stools make interesting additions to your home, especially in the kitchen. Adults and children enjoy eating on countertops and sitting on them. There are stationary bar stools and swivel bar stools. Some come with a backrest and others do not. The practical and aesthetic appeals of bar stools have indeed gone beyond the “bar” or your typical pool hall and into the home. Swivel bar stools especially are easy favorites among anyone who loves to sit back and enjoy a delicious meal over a good conversation.

There might be a minor setback if, after many years of use, you suddenly find your bar stool needing some repairs. There is no need to dispose of them and spend a fortune on a new set. Swivel bar stool parts for replacement are widely available from your manufacturer as well as in online stores. You can find a lot of good deals online if you spend enough time looking.

Swivel Bar Stool Parts

Bar stools are characterized by their greater height compared to ordinary chairs. A footrest in the form of a circular ring or any metal fixture is installed to rest your feet on while sitting. Commonly made in metal or wood, bar stools may also come with armrests and padding on the seat surface. There are extra short and extra tall bar stools to go with all kinds of setup.

Bar stools may come with metal plate bases that are bolted to the surface of the floor. Stationary bar stools may come with a swivel or not. For swivel bar stools, the swivel of course is a highly important mechanism. It functions so that the user can move the bar stool by setup a 360-degree angle. The swivel also controls the stool in such a way that it doesn’t just loosely turn all the way around at the slightest push.

Reputable dealers of bar stool parts may categorize their swivel products in two fat and tilted types of swivel bar stools. Flat swivels are for stools that do not come with backrests and tilted swivels are designed for bar stools that come with a backrest. Stool rings are available for sale in different sizes. As mentioned earlier, they serve to rest the user’s feet while sitting. These rings are usually made of steel with holes for attachment.

When you have parts that need replacing in a swivel bar stool, you would of course need some hardware to go with it. Sellers of bar stool parts include these in their catalogs and may include bolts, screws, and nuts of different specifications. If you are doing the replacement yourself, study your stool model carefully before making a purchase.

Of all the different types of furniture around on the market available for you to buy, the great swivel bar stool has come a long way from the humble origins of its inception into this great world. No one knows when it was brought into this world and who gave birth to the idea of having a bar stool that swivels and allows people to turn on the stool without turning themselves around.

But although we do not know where it came from or how it evolved, it has become one of the most popular type types of restaurant bar stools that are available for you to choose from on the market today. They are such a great idea that many people have chosen them for, bars, and restaurants because they do provide people with a greater deal of comfort than other types of bar stools, which is why the need for swivel bar stools has spread throughout the world and they have become a regular feature in many different types of cafes, bars, and restaurants throughout the world. So what about if you want to buy a swivel bar stool? What do you need to think about to make a successful purchase of a swivel bar stool?

The first thing you need to think about when you buy a swivel bar stool is to think about high you need them to be as they very typically come in sizes of counter height and bar height and they you can very much pay that bit more for a swivel bar stool that has adjustable height option, and this is very much the way you should be thinking to go if you are unsure which surface it needs to be level with.

Then consider what material you would like your swivel height bar stool to be made from. There are different options that you could consider, from the wood swivel height bar stool, or there is a wicker version that you could opt for, or indeed the most popular version which is the metal swivel height bar stool which has indeed proved to be the most popular version of the swivel bar stool.

Whichever type of swivel bar stool you go for make sure you choose the one that suits your establishment so that you can get the best option for you and your café, bar, or restaurant. 

Bar stools are special types of stools, which are very tall, and often rested on foot because of their height and narrowness designed for seating in a public house or bar. Bar stools are used at the kitchen counter or home bars. These stools make a big difference to the look, feel as well as functions. Many things are considered in buying stools such as height, size, styles, etc. You should choose bar stools for your home according to the style of your home, style of furnishings as well as size and height of the bar table or counter.

Normally, the size of a bar stool is measured by its seat height which can be measured from the floor to the top of the seat. Generally, bar stools come in the size of 24 inch24-inch inches, and 30 inches. A bar chair and bar stool with a seat height between 17 inches to 18 inches are appropriate for these kinds of tables. Bar tables come in the size of 40 inches to 42 inches which are ideal for bar stools with a seat height of 28 inches to 30 inches. The height of a counter is normally between 35 inches and 36 inches and stools with theatre seat heights between 24 to 26 inches are best suited for this size table.


The other important thing you should consider in buying bar stools is to select the stool with a back or backless variant. If you want a stool for more comfortable, you should choose a stool with an armrest. If you are interested in swivel bar stools, you should make sure that all your stools are well spaced out. There should be enough space around the stool. The upholstery of the stool should be convenient for washing or maintaining. You should always try to choose the bar stool according to the theme of the kitchen.

Three rare varieties of bar stools are available in the market. Chrome plated, plastic, steel, and wooden made stools are commonly used these days. You can choose the best one that can be matched with your kitchen according to your financial budget. For the modular kitchen, chrome-plated or steel stools are best suited while wooden stools are best for rustic-based themes. Buying a stool, you should always make sure that the stool is comfortable to design Some designs may look good but they may be not comfortable to sit on. Seattle seat area of the stool should be big enough to sit. You must consider these things in buying a bar stool for your home.

The way you decorate your home says a lot about your personality. Furniture is an indispensable part of this process of decorating your home. Your individuality comes to the fore in the way you pick and place a piece of furniture. However, getting those pieces of furniture that can articulate your traits is hard to get a hold of. If you find it difficult to get your type of furniture in the market, you can safely log onto Christiano Furniture. It is an online furniture store that customizes the products including home bars on its customers’ demand.

These days Christiano Furniture has home bars for sale where you can get 2 stools free on the purchase of 1 bar. Apart from this, you can choose from a variety of items on these home bars. These bars are designed in such a way that they can be fitted into any kind of space. These are for commercial spaces as well as can be personalized to be installed at your home. Wet bars, large bars, small bars, and home bars are some of the kinds of bars Christiano Furniture offers on its official website.

How this website conducts itself among its customers is also something that has played a big role in its popularity since it came into being in 2000. The versatility of its items and the competitive prices offered by this online furniture store has gone a long way in writing its success story. The customer support team of this American-Egyptian store is someone you can bank on if you have any doubts about the customization of a bar. Though it takes 10 to 12 weeks to build a bar built they might consider shortening the process if there are any special circumstances on your part. Home bars for sale built by Christiano Furniture meet the highest standards and have a lifetime value. They have shipped bars as far away as Europe, Japan, Russia, South and Central America, Mongolia, and all over the United States.

To get started, you can give Christiano Furniture a call, write an email or use live chat to discuss and tell them about our project and answer their questions to help them understand your vision. You can get your bar built from someone local too but what sets this online store apart is the quality and durability of their merchandise. Their bar top will not break, the equipment will fit perfectly and the bar will attract the eye.

The store takes great care in delivering its customer the undamaged product. To facilitate a damage-free delivery, it carefully packs each piece into custom wooden crates to ensure the maximum protection of the ar, the free space is further filled with hard cartons.  You can get the delivery of your product in a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 10-12 weeks. 

It is quite clear that there’s nothing better to enhance the look of any room than adding some eye-catching barstools. These high-rise single seats are the most demanded furniture nowadays. It brings new life to the home, particularly the kitchen. The distinctive features and versatility of barstools together with their affordable prices make them highly appealing furniture.

The barstools, as obvious from their name, are designed for restaurants or bars. But its usage is now becoming extensively popular in homes. People use them in their households, especially near kitchen counters or private bars. Barstools are widely available in many colors, designs, and textures. They are also made up of different materials to provide you with a high level of strength and durability and a classy look to your home.

If you have a home bar or a kitchen counter, barstools are a must for you. They are a type of chair but usually much higher. Their usage is not limited. They can be used in different parts of the home for different reasons. Its features like tilting seats, seatbacks, armrest, footrest, adjustable height and additional cushioning add more versatility to it. This versatility provides more options as to how you can make use of these barstools in your home.

Barstools are particularly very adored by kids. This is because they can sit on a height to use them for their homework or watching TV, which excites them. These modern barstools are a blend of regular chairs and traditional barstools, which provide a comfortable sitting and place you in a taller position, enhancing their practical use.

There are many types of barstools available today. Some common ones are listed below:

– Wooden barstools- this is the most common type of material that is used for chairs and barstools. These are classic because they are never out of fashion. If you are unsure about the material before purchasing, wooden furniture is a safe bet.

– Counter bar stools- bar stools are mostly used against the counters. Because of their tall length, they are most compatible with tall height counters. Tall barstools make counters look inviting. Especially, when used for informational purposes or discussions, they make effective use of that space.

– Kitchen barstools – this is one of the most common places to use them. Kitchen barstools give it a welcoming look and of course informal too. Having a high-rise seat for a quick snack and lots of chatting while working in the kitchen is always great and gives your kitchen a fresh look.

– Artist Barstool – this is another very useful role of these high-rise seats. If you belong to the profession of an artist or a model, you know where to use them. It makes it easy for them to adjust while they are concentrating on their artistic work.

– Barstools – last but not least, the main purpose and the reason for barstool existence. This location is the most obvious among the rest. They can be equally utilized in a coffee or an alcohol bar. The purpose remains the same.

Steve Silver Company understands the versatility of this useful furniture, and therefore gives you the best quality and range of barstools:

-Steve silver Sumatra High Cherry Barstool – this furniture will add life to your living room. This collection includes beautiful rope patterns and refined details. Finished with cherry shine, this combination of metal and wood is carved together to give you a classic feel.

– Steve Silver Tuscany Box Seat Counter Barstool – this collection will fulfill the requirement of comfort, functionality, and style. They are the perfect choice that features X-back designs and are upholstered in a durable and easily cleaned microfiber.

– Steve Silver Sommerset Black Swivel Counter Stool – enriched with Oak and Black Finish look, this collection gives you an opportunity allows you to enjoy the pleasing beauty of the expandable barstool collection.

As you ponder about ideas of what kind of project you may need to do during springtime, you may have some questions about what to do with your outdoor living area. I do presume that you may be saying “what will I do with the outdoors?” And, “I wish someone would give me a little help,” well help has arrived. I will be your guide on what to do with your outdoor areas. If spring is in the air where you are residing, maybe the snow has started melting away.

Let’s dream about bringing the indoors to the outdoors, a wing if you will, of the inside of your homes. Considering that you have taken a look at the outdoor space, try to picture in your mind a different view of your outdoors. If you have not read my past articles, I do recommend reading them to help you get more ideas.

But anyhow, let’s take a moment to contemplate the idea of bringing the indoors out. My strong recommendation would be Bar Stools, Kitchen Bar Stools, and Counter Bar Stools. Especially wrought iron stools. This type of stool would be an elegant addition to this project. Now there are many ways to bring the indoors outdoors. Most people like to follow their decorating instincts. If you for any reason do not have the decorator’s touch, maybe I could elaborate a little more on this venture, and be of some help to you, let me give you three steps to follow.

  1. Study the surroundings, and see the potential to make those changes.
  2. Observe if you have any trees around the area you could utilize for the project.
  3. Discern what kind of atmosphere you want to set in the outdoors.

While surveying the surroundings, locate the spot you wish to utilize for this project. As you discover no trees in the area where you have chosen to get started, let’s give a thought to the possibility of planting trees.  If you do choose to plant trees, you will need to shop around and ask questions about sizes, heat tolerance, water needs, etc. and plant your trees. If you cannot plant trees in the ground, you could plant them in pots and surround the area. Shop around for good healthy trees, and do some pricing on pots also. You may be able to get better prices by buying these items separately.

Do your homework, set up your favorite stools, and of course, a barbecue is a must! You may want to situate your prospective site adjacent to the house, and not too far off for easy access when toting food, and any other items needed. If all you have is dirt on your chosen site, you may want to construct a walking path. These can be very elaborate, or just a path made with fine rock or mulch.  As the project starts to take form, and you need to give a little more life to the area, your local nursery store has potted colorful flowers ready to go.  But, if you have a green thumb, you can get satisfaction by planting them yourself.

Last but not least, using stools will give life to your outdoor space. Remember by shopping on the internet, you will see the wide variety of stools available on the market.  The selection of motifs and the tremendous collection of fabrics are there, ready for you to choose and us. There are a large variety of styles. I do recommend ordering your set of stools early in the project, to make sure they arrive just in time to set them in place.