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Dining tables are available in various designs, sizes, and finishes. You need to choose dining tables that can be easily incorporated into your dining area and decor. You can make your dining room elegant and beautiful with the right piece of dining room furniture.

Not to worry at all if you have a small dining space and want to have the comforts of dining sets. 2 seater dining tables are the best option to utilize your small space dining area. 2-seater dining tables are perfect to fit into your small dining room with all comforts. These dining tables occupy less space and give enough breathing space around them.

2 seater dining tables are ideal for couples or small families to enjoy dinner in less dining area. These dining tables are designed in various contemporary and modern styles to match any home interior.

Have a look at the below-given dining tables great to place in your dining room and can be chosen according to your home interior concept and theme.

Atlantis 2 Seater Table

This Atlantis dining room furniture range is created from solid hardwood and finished with natural oak veneer. The stylish Atlantis 2-seater table is designed to give an earthy feel and long-lasting appeal. The polished granite is limited intoto solid wood frames to offer a unique and stylish look. Atlantis 2 seater table is perfect for those who are looking for an oak dining table for their small space area. You can also purchase two chairs that feature a slatted back and a faux leather seat.

Cafe 2 Seater Dining Set

Cafe 2 seater dining set is ideal if you have small space in your dining room and not much budget. The stunning and stylish little table is made from metal and wood. The uniquely designed Cafe 2 Seater Dining Set has a round wooden seat and tabletop on a metal frame. It has an open shelf for storage underneath and a complete set adds class to any dining room. The set can easily match any modern or traditional decor in your home.

Consort Half Moon Dining Set

Consort half moon dining set is beautifully designed with honey pinewood and offer space-saving appeal. Consort Half Moon Dining Set consists of a half-moon consort dining table and two wooden dining chairs. Consort half moon dining table top can be folded as a half-moon and provide excellent space. The table can be placed against the wall when required. The dining set offers a traditional wooden style with space solving solution.

Aspen 2 Seater Dining Set

Aspen 2 seater dining set is created with beech and beech finish. The strong and sturdy appeal of the Aspen 2 seater dining set gives baa eautiful appearance and lasts for many years. The dining set has simply designed aan dining table and two beech chairs with a cross back. Aspen 2 Seater Dining Set is an ideal choice to have a dining set within the budget and occupy less dining space.

Thames furniture is the UK’s leading supplier of an exclusive range of top-quality furniture for your home.  We offer a large collection of dining room furniture at refreshingly affordable prices. You have various choices to furnish and decorate your dining space with our branded 2-seater dining tables.  

Whether you are throwing a party or simply need an extra table to hold your things, living in a small house will force you to want to have a folding table in place. With this thing around, you no longer have to worry about space constraints or lacking table surfaces to put your food, equipment, or things to work on. This type of equipment is something that you can happily own in your tiny abode.

When you are celebrating an occasion at home – be it a birthday, a family gathering, or a get-together with friends, you won’t have to deal with the difficulty of finding a surface for displaying your food items or finding a table unit for your guests to dine in. It is often expected from small homes that guests will go about holding their plates to eat. This is acceptable if most of the invited people you have are adults. However, when there are kids or elderly people, you’ll have to provide them with space where they can dine in comfort. And having extra sets of folding table units in your home will easily remedy the situation.

In your small space, there are many things that you want to be done to e did. However, because of your cramped area, you can’t dedicate a single table or room for each work you need to carry out. Whether you are planning to do some crafting, painting, sewing, typing, and many others, what you can do to possess an instant working surface is to bring out a foldable table for your use. There’s no need to block your already tight hallways and rooms with several table pieces. Hiding one folding unit in the storage and pulling it out every time you need it is a much better solution.

Indeed, a folding table is a beneficial piece of equipment for people living in smaller homes. Whether you reside in a studio-type apartment, live in a small dorm room, or rent a room in the city, you can be sure to have a table surface that you need in case of work emergencies. Storage for these foldable pieces isn’t a problem for you can always flip them into compact units and have them stored under your bed or leaned against one wall. You also have a wide range of choices to select from when it comes to their shapes, sizes, and styles which will be well-suited for your place.

Plastic folding tables can come in an extensive variety of choices. You can see them in a different range of sizes and shapes. They are very versatile which makes them highly preferred by many individuals to be used in different occasions, events, and gathering whether be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, conventions, or homecoming celebrations. Likewise, commercial and office establishments can also gain a lot of use from them for seminars as well as conferences.

Foldable plastic furniture is typically very lightweight and at the same time highly durable. Since they have lighter weight compared to wood and metals, they are virtually easy to carry from one end to the other. On top of that, they are foldable thus makes highly functional. They have tabletops that have very nice and smooth textures that are stained and waterproof. They are also very easy to clean and maintain by just using a damp and dry cloth.

Since they are available in different shapes, they allow many home and business owners to choose units that perfectly fit their requirements. They are usually sold in round, square and rectangular shapes in most furniture shops. Moreover, their sizes also differ which lets consumers choose from small to large units. In addition to their foldable features, some units can also come with adjustable height features. And because of these varied assortments, many consumers can easily pick which units complement best the type of occasion, event, or gathering they will be preparing for.

Today’s plastic folding tables are considered to be ca lassy, sturdy, and very practical piece pieces of furniture that anyone can spend money on and get the best value from it. Consumers can use this furniture to hold everything that they need for the occasion whether be it the goods to be served or the equipment and materials they will use for presentations. The extent of the durability of these units can withstand hard-wearing usage.

The assortments of these units can be very wide. They are easily accessible through online shops via the Internet. Many online dealers provide consumers with limitless varieties for everybody to choose from. They can easily choose which items they want, order them, and just comfortably wait for the orders to arrive. They are also very affordable, extremely long-lasting, as well as space-saving thus many home and business owners, invest in this furniture. These foldable units will make great assets for the success of different occasions and events.

A luxury glass coffee table plays a noteworthy capacity in making requests and extravagance to your attracting rooms equivalent to other vital furniture in your home. It is produced using a scope of stuff like wood, metal, chrome, glass, and so forth. In any case, they are moderately one of a kind and appealing and in this way are known for their selective appearance. An expansive number of persons support glass tables set up of typical ones since it supplements any sort of decor. Glass tabletops put in a cutting edge looks to your present decorations to your home. It turns into a faultless improvement in solitude without getting excessively overpowering and is generally set as the inside piece in any attractive room serving to make it an enriching and in addition a gainful furniture piece.

These are really in a few sorts consolidating a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, hues, and plans. Diverse mixed bags of glasses are likewise used to produce it, these include typical glass and additionally a more grounded sort of toughened glass. Toughened glass is best as it scarcely ever splits and is fairly solid. Different sorts of glasses chosen for building coffee tables incorporate cocoa or dark-shaded glasses and completely clear glasses. Amongst these dull shaded glasses include a stroke of tastefulness and stylishness to the current furniture.

One all the more fascinating components of glass coffee tables is the way that these are by and large offered in diverse shapes and sizes including wooden and steel outlines. Concerning wooden coffee tables with glass best such a large number of various types of wood is chosen to offer a particular look. Coffee tables made with choice glass are effortlessly accessible in rectangular, square, oval, and round states of which both the round and in addition the rectangular molded tables are chosen significantly all the more broadly and in addition to a great extent in a large number of the houses at this time. Some endless online vendors supply an expansive exhibit of one-of-a-kind and additionally tasteful glass coffee tables. A modest bunch of online merchants even tailor-make these tables. Glass coffee tables could be acquired from numerous online retailers at temperate expenses.

You can incline toward numerous shapes, stuff, and model of luxury glass coffee tables you are keen on buying from your picked online supplier. Manufactured from phenomenal wooden and metal casings having an unmistakable or dark shading glass top with chrome finished legs for steel outline and also wood like oak and mahogany comprehensively liked to make these tables includes an unspeakable extravagance in your lounge room decor.

Adorning your Christmas desk might be as pricey, later than all, and as reasonably-priced reasonably priced as you wish. When you’re going to shop for pieces to using use on your dinner desk, be certain to set funds. Even nicer, either shop early, when you wish to discover bargains and also shop later than Christmas for clearance sales.

To start with, until you have a truly stunning desktop, you’re going to wish to discover desk materials. You might either buy one already produced to suit your desk, and you might buy materials and also make your own. It truly is very straightforward.

The subsequent thing to do for constructing a valentine desk is to repair the desk with ideal and ideal china dishes. When you don’t have any, then using use whatever is out there. Mixing dishes that have matching patterns is a pleasant choice. P position some plates upon the op of others and also make a pair of goblets and wine glass. Use forks, spoons, and also knives that are silver, and those that are matching when adorning the desk.

When you’re having a casual dinner, then consider using brightly colored tablecloths and also napkins. They add festiveness to the desk and might be complemented with floral preparations that suit the colors that you using. You might buy utensils that have colored stems and also glasses in colors to suit. There’re plenty of casual position mats that are enticing and reasonable. They won’t solely add a sense of the fashion to your position setting yet will shield your desk materials as well.

When your dishes are plain white, you might consider charge plates to add a splash of the color. Yet once more, when your tablecloth is adding plenty of colors, you might forgo further busyness.

Assuming you’re not going utterly formal, here are some overall rules for putting cutlery. Forks to left, knives to correct, and also dessert flatware higher than the plate. Salad and appetizer forks and also knives ought to go upon outdoors. CutleryThe cutlery for a primary meal is positioned closest to the plate.

Straightforward tip, correct? when you’re devising a graceful celebration, well, you ought to not be serving take-aways in cardboard bins. Ideally, yet when you don’t have a moment, you ought to prepare a meal for dinner, one choice is to buy pre-produced meals from varied taking-in positions.

Keep in thought that with meals, diversity is key. Keep in thought that some of your visitors might be vegetarians, while others might be meat-lovers. Some might be upon a taking-in regimen, while others will anticipate a total and hearty meal from your celebration.

You will be capable to discover plenty of the varied benches in plenty of local furnishings outlets. Your ideal wager is to do studies on these outlets and also look them up on the web so that you might have a theory of what your selections are. Later than looking via their merchandise catalogs, go to outlets where you have viewed versions you truly like. Bring an image of your dinner desk with you so that you might use it to visualize your new look – total with benches.

Thanksgiving demands a primary color of orange, brown, and red color. single a primary robust color for your deck materials and also beautify materials napkins with each further color. Add a Capricorn to the desk for ornament and have youngsters make desk cards out of the construction cards formed as a turkey.

Many people are not very familiar with the term buffet furniture. The term seems antiquated; something only our grandmothers would use. That is not the case, however, because the word buffet is still alive and well today. Granted, it is not something you say daily unless you are a furniture salesperson, but it does come in handy when you need to distinguish one table from another. If you are someone who would like to learn more about the living room and dining room tables or you are someone who simply loves a vocabulary lesson, then read on!

Buffet tables are one of the most versatile and common pieces of furniture. These tables normally sit along a wall in either the living room or dining room and come in several different sizes, styles, and designs. They usually do not have any storage features and stand at about waist height. Most people chose to display family photos on top or adorn them with a vase of fresh flowers.


A buffet cabinet is a slightly larger piece of furniture and most people place this item in the dining room or entryway. It sits at waist height but, unlike a table, it has several compartments that can be used for storage. This storage might be several small drawers or two large cabinet doors; it depends on the model and your needs. People love using buffet cabinets to store different dining table items, such as placemats, napkin rings, and candles because they are easy to access when they need them.

A kitchen hutch is normally the largest piece of buffet furniture. This item looks like a buffet cabinet with shelves placed on top. It is also known as a china hutch because many people opt to display their family’s heirloom porcelain inon the shelves above as decoration. For individuals who do not have grandmother’s china to display proudly, they might fill this space with cookbooks or figurines. Hutches are incredibly useful because they help store extra pots, pans, and other types of cookware in a kitchen that is already overcrowded!

These three items are the most common forms of buffets still popular today. If you are interested in purchasing a table, cabinet, or hutch for your home, start shopping today!

Mariette Himes Gomez is a familiar name to those in the design industry.  Since 1975 she has been honored for her beautiful and classic designs by Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and the New York Times, just to name a few.  Simplicity in line and attention to detail are hallmarks of her design.  This is evident in the line of furniture she has created for Hickory Chair and the Bistro Banquette is just one example of this.

The Bistro Banquette is part of a series that includes a chair, corner unit, and banquettes in several sizes.  The Bistro is the perfect size for use in several areas of your home.  It measures 36 inches high, 28 inches deep, and is 56 inches wide.  This petite width makes it a smart choice for just about any space. The clean lines of the wooden frame and the tight channel back allow it to work in many different interiors from traditional to amorea more modern/transitional rooms. While you have a wide array of fabric options to choose from, the channel back of this piece looks best when upholstered in a solid or lightly textured fabric.

We are all familiar with the standard dining room table and matching chairs.  But replacing two or three of your chairs with an upholstered banquette is a unique option.  Your guests will argue with each other over who gets to sit on the comfortable “sofa” during dinner.  The clean, modern lines of the banquette paired with the Embassy sideboard, also designed by Mariette Himes Gomez, will create a stunning dining room set.

Using additional pieces of the series such as the long banquette and the corner chair, the bistro banquette becomes part of a seating area in the living room.  When grouped around a coffee table these pieces create the perfect conversation area.  You can either choose from Hickory Chair’s fabric collection or you can provide your fabric, allowing you to match or coordinate with other upholstered pieces in your home.

Placed at the foot of a bed the banquette becomes an unobtrusive spot to sit and tie your shoes or to place your decorative pillows when the bed is turned down.  The modern lines of the wooden frame will work with any style of bed frame from a mahogany sleigh bed to a metal four-poster.

The ability to customize these “sofas” makes them a perfect choice for use around a breakfast table.  They are just the right size to create a cozy spot for that first cup of coffee in the morning.  The armless style makes it easy for the kids to slide in and out while eating breakfast or doing their homework.

If you are trying to furnish an office or waiting room elegantly, the bistro banquette may be just what you are looking for.  The varying sizes and shapes make this series a good choice for your public spaces.  Alone, the banquettes act as individual sofas, paired with the other pieces you can create a seating area for just about any room configuration.

Hickory Chair places a standard oxford wood stain finish on the frame and legs of this furniture but it is available in several other finishes as well.  It can be made to order in sizes ranging from just 24” to 120” in width.  These options, along with the fabric choices, allow you to create a truly unique piece for your home or business regardless of whether you prefer contemporary, modern/transitional, or traditional style.