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The rise of French furniture started when the late flamboyant King Luis XIV of France, ordered the most skilled of his carpenters and craftsman to invent a furniture style that rivaled that of the achievements that he did to his country by making his kingdom and his city known to the entire world as a fashionable, artistic, and grandiose place.

During his reign in the late 16th century, the Baroque architecture reached its golden age in the flourishing French Empire. He ordered the construction of the extravagant Versailles Palace which was populated with Renaissance sculptures and the most ornate of boudoirs, beds, sofas, French mirrors, and the tallest of French armoires or wardrobes which are usually attached with a mirror. The Louvre Museum is one of the landmarks that reflect the late king’s love for the arts, luxurious French furniture, and fashion.

In the twilight years of King Luis XIV, the “Sun King” of France, the Rococo style of French furniture then came into existence. Unlike the Baroque manner of creating French furniture, the Rococo era focused more on the subtle yet still elegant style of furnishing. Baroque furniture centers much on the theatrical, grand side, whereas Rococo is more of a subdued style of French furniture.

The French Baroque and Rococo style of designing furniture is carried on to the present where modern homes adopt the elements of French furniture. Hardwood such as oak or mahogany is commonly used as the medium for creating furniture. Designs make use of leaf shapes such as ferns as well as some flowers that are then carved out of the wood. A veneer is a common covering of French furniture as well as fabric velvet. Abstract patterns complete a chair cushion or sometimes, it can also be floral.

A chest of drawers meticulously patterned with ornate carvings which also includes the very posh headboard and the bed’s canopy which accompanies it. Chairs in the living room, the library, the dining room, the study, and the bedroom all have similar elaborate leaf carvings or even cherub carvings in them. Most of the color colors used in French furniture- especially antique furniture, are gold, white, red, purple, and other jewel-toned colors color.

The bed stands, table stands, and even the feet of a chair is created with a curved shape mostly having a leaf or two carved at the junction where the seat corner joins the chair stand. French baroque-style mirrors have extremely intricate patterns observed on its frame. The combination of floral, foliage, and angels usually occupy it- depending on the owner’s discretion.

If you want to go home and feel like royalty, then French furniture is a great way to start designing your living room or bedroom.

Culled from the countryside of Provence, the French Country style is found in the roomy farmhouses of the French peasants and rural artisans. The steady and no-nonsense approach to farm life is echoed in its furniture. French Country design features large furniture with casual, often painted, finishes. The furniture is often distressed, with worn edges and surfaces, for a rustic look. The imposing size and heft of French Country pieces such as kitchen tables, large armoires, and hutches necessitate that they are accompanied by softer accents. This article will discuss some of the traditional ways to incorporate French Country accents.


Color is an important part of achieving a French country look. One of The French country’s most enduring color combinations is blue and yellow. In addition, light amber browns, reds, pinks and rusts, and natural greens are also popular. Cool grey or black pieces should be kept for smaller accents, except black or dark grey ironwork, which is a typical feature in French country kitchens, for example, in a baker’s rack. Be sure that whites, a favorite color used in both French country furniture and decor, are soft and creamy, not a harsh, stark, or “cool”, blue-based white. This will ensure that your look is more authentic, as well as make the blending of different pieces easier.

Woven Items

Weaving is a softening agent for the weighty look of much of French country furniture. French country style can be sturdy and substantial without looking heavy, and weaving is one of the ways that balance is achieved. Weaving or caning can be found on the seats of kitchen or dining room chairs, while netting can be seen as a re-placement replacement for cabinet faces on hutch, armoire, or breakfront doors. Look for pieces that feature wire-mesh netting for the style and visibility of your stored objects. Woven accent pieces such as baskets are also great ways to soften the room.


Painted furniture in white (remember, soft or creamy whites) or light colors is another element of the French country style. Furniture or wall paint colors can be chosen out of a magazine, at your local paint store, or even off of a favorite material, piece of upholstery, etc. Most paint stores have color-matching technology so that selecting and blending your room colors with the colors of your room is a breeze. Be sure that you do not get glossy or high sheen paint. Matte paint is preferred on furniture. The highest level of gloss advisable is eggshell.


Printed fabrics can bring out the unique nature of French Country design. These fabrics can range from toile-like materials that are printed with scenes of country farm life to bird or farm animal prints, to the rustic designs of Provence on pattern tablecloths with a deep color palette. Raw silk or even muslin fabrics are also used to drape pieces such as large armoires or heavily framed mirrors.

Accenting beautiful and sturdy French Country furniture can bring out its unique style and grace, even more, creating a home with a beautiful French country atmosphere.

This time around when you want to go in for new bedroom furniture you simply must take a good look at the French bedroom furniture that is available in today’s furniture shop in Dublin, Ireland. Your bedroom is your shelter and your retreat from the busy, indifferent, and mundane world. You can create your world in your bedroom and let your imagination run riot. It’s because of these reasons that French bedroom furniture can come to your help. First of all, French furniture has class, and secondly, they come in some alluring colors too. There are two options for you in French bedroom furniture. You can go for the jewel in the crown, the Chantilly range which is quite the rage these days. Your second option will be to take a good look at the Cape Cod range of furniture for your bedroom that comprises 4 drawer chest, armoire, nightstand, dressing table, dressing screen, dressing chair, bed, and valet.

The furniture that is available to you in the Chantilly range consists of the Chantilly single bed, the Chantilly bedside cabinet, the Chantilly wardrobe, tall chest, wide chest, dressing table, wall mirror, and Cheval mirror, besides these white sleigh bed and stool. There are several sleigh beds of course. You have the Marseilles mahogany sleigh bed that is a masterpiece in solid hand-polished mahogany. It is available in three sizes as well as a high-end and a low-end bed. Then you have the Newcastle sleigh bed in pine that you can buy at discounted rates. But the ultimate is the Chantilly white sleigh bed.

The Chantilly white sleigh bed is the perfect example of the kind of furniture you would expect in France in the 18th century. The only difference is that this piece has been brought back in a revival in the garb of modern furniture with the addition of a beautiful painted finish. The curves are carved out of solid hardwood and are gracious. The side rails and slats are made of solid timber and serve to complete the image of a most remarkable bed.


A perfect ambiance to live in and spend more time at home matters a lot in describing your overall persona and keeping you energetic. When it comes to making a perfect ambiance to live, unique and eye-catching furniture pieces matter a lot. As far as the furniture is concerned, every furniture piece is vital to add more beauty to the overall interior decoration of the home or office. If you are also one of those looking for an eye-catching and exclusive range of furniture pieces, then sa elections election of French Furniture pieces would surely be the best option for you. When it comes to getting French furniture, it is available in an assortment of designs and styles like French contemporary furniture, countryside furniture, painted furniture, traditional furniture, and the list goes on.

French furniture pieces are made of various types of wood and selected natural components. Mahogany, Oak, Teak, etc, are different types of wood used in the manufacturing of French furniture. Mahogany bedroom furniture and wood sleigh beds are also some of the highly preferred furniture pieces that people purchase or customize to give a new look to their bedroom and the interior of the home. Needless to say, with an exclusive range of French furniture, you can give a dreamy look to your home and make it a perfect and the best place to live in with a unique ambiance.

From a selected and renowned furniture manufacturer/supplier, you can easily get a broad selection of furniture pieces at the prices price tags that you can afford easily. Whether you are looking for a single piece or and Anand an exclusive range of furniture pieces, finding the right one within your budget is easy now, especially with the increasing number of furniture manufacturers selling furniture pieces directly to end-users.

Some of the commonly used French furniture pieces are beds, bedside cabinets, armoires, bookcases, blanket boxes, chaise lounge, chairs, chandeliers, coffee tables, dining chairs, dressing tables, hall tables, mattresses, sideboards, sofas, wardrobes, writing desk, and the list goes on. In addition to the aforementioned names, you can also get Children’s furniture like Bunk beds, cameo-white, Belgravia white, and the list goes on.

Today, with the increasing demand for a wide range of French furniture, several renowned manufacturers and suppliers have started selling them online and through various other sources like in auctions, exhibitions, and trade shows.

Undoubtedly, it’s important to ensure quality roofing for your home to safeguard it from several factors. There are a variety of roofing types that can help you maintain the integrity of your home by protecting it from several elements. In this context, standing seam metal roofing is considered to be an ideal choice for your house to smartly protect it from rain, wind, fire, and, of course, rot.

Easy to install, standing seam metal roofs are one of the most durable, effective, and affordable of all types of modern metal roofing available today in the industry.

Let’s read in detail about other benefits of standing seam metal roofs:

1) Standing Seam Metal Roofing is Durable

This is arguably the most reliable aspect of standing seam metal roofing which is also the main reason for its mass popularity. Metal roofing is considered to be an ideal option for people aspiring for durability. They are capable to last longer for over 100 years however they are often available with a warranty period of about 50 years by the manufacturers. You can even take an example from old churches that date back centuries in the past. If you have noticed the green roof then you must have realized their efficiency to survive so many years.

2) Standing Seam Metal Offer Cost-Saving Features

Cost-saving and durability are two different benefits of standing seam metal that areas are correlated. It’s just due to its durability feature that standing seam metal invariably becomes a cost-saving metal roofing. They require less or no maintenance in many cases and are liable to withstand the verities of all calamities of nature. They are also used most in snowfall areas as they don’t fall or collapse unexpectedly.

3) Appearance of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Contrary to old types of metal roofs that are even out of stock now. People in most metro cities prefer to have metal roofs that value both protection and look. And that’s why the modern range of standing seam metal roofs is available in a variety of colors and finishes. Cedar shakes or asphalt textured metal roofs are also available that have attracted a group of consumers.

4) Standing Seam Metal Roofs Offer a Great Overall Value

As mentioned above, durability is the most common reason that adds to the value of metal roofs. On the other hand, they are mostly 100 percent damage proof, and hence in case of any damage, you can get the claim in the future from the insurance company.

5) Standing Seam Metal Roofing is Energy Efficient

nStanding seam metal roofing is considered an ideal choice for people seeking cost savings through energy efficiency. With the help of metal roofing, you can simply reduce cooling costs during summers.

6) Lower Installation Costs

The cost of installation for standing seam metal roofing is comparatively lower than other types of roofing.


Standing seam metal roofing is undoubtedly the most popular of all other types of metal roofing in the industry. Due to its benefits and other features, they are still as popular as in older times.

If you are planning to replace your roof or wish to purchase the best roofing option for your newly built home, then you will find various types of roofs available for you within the budget you have.

Asphalt roof

The roofs of asphalt are a common find across various homes as it is highly affordable. This roof type is a good choice as it is compliant with the standards of energy star to get a rebate for a ca cool roof. This also indicates that you get to save more money while making sure that quality is not left behind. The shingles in these roofs are a bit thinner but have a higher lifespan than their counterparts. If you are looking for a roof that can last around 30 years, then asphalt roofs are a great choice. You can also find atlas roofs which are much thicker, durable, and stronger, making them a reliable choice for homes located in regions that face severe hailstorms.

Wooden roofs

Wooden roofs are a bit more pricey than asphalt roofs but it has a style of their own that has made them a favorite of many homeowners. It is known for its ability to make a home aesthetically pleasing as it has a natural look. You can opt for roofs made from redwood or cedar to last around 50 years, without giving you any worries about replacing them in between. If you are on a lavish budget for your home, then you can go for this type of roofing.

Metal roofs

Metal roofs are one of the most popular roof options available in the market. These roofs are ideal for those homes that are built with a steep or flat roofline. You can find these roofs crafted out of constructed metal or out of solid metal. There are also cheaper ones made from galvanized metal. These roofs are becoming the best choice for homes in all regions as they can withstand all kinds of weather for a good period of up to 75 years.

Photovoltaic roofs

Also known as solar roofs, these roofs are the best find to lower the energy consumption and raise the levels of sustainability in your home. These solar power roofs can derive the sun’s energy and convert it as DC which can be later changed to AC to make your home appliances work effectively. These roofs can be integrated into the roofline of your property and have an aesthetic appeal while helping you lower your rate of dependency on public utility companies.

Tile roofs

Tile roofs are always popular for the unique look it lends to any home where it is applied. It can protect the home from all kinds of external factors for 50 years or more, making it a better choice than other options. In short, it is a one-time purchase and is considered a “green” choice as it is made from natural materials such as clay and is recyclable.

These are some of the best roofs available for your home.