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Our furniture and design-floor lamps

It is no longer a secret; lighting is one of the crucial factors in a room. You cannot appreciate a room even if it is well designed without lighting it.  Most designers nowadays are usually taught to include several lighting types at almost every place in the room i.e., task lighting, general lighting, and accent lighting. For example, the dining room can have more recessed lights, wall sconces, and maybe a chandelier. Distinct layers of light in space are created by comprehensive use of the lighting types.

There are a variety of lighting sources i.e., table lamps, pendants, hardwired sconces, cove lighting, floor lighting, chandeliers, picture lighting, track lighting, and buffet lighting. Among these types of lighting, the most elusive one is floor lighting. Floor lamps are fairly expensive compared to the other types. The floor lights are not as frequently recessed as the chandeliers and table lamps do.

When thinking about any type of floor lamp, the first thing to come to mind is buying the brass lamp containing three bulbs covering a large area or sofa. In the modern world, floor lamps come in a variety of shapes and designs, sizes, and colors. Designers also get more creative as the world’s technology continues to grow.

Making your home or room stand out from the others is one of the things people want in life.

The basic types of lighting

  • Natural lighting

This light occurs naturally in space during the day. It has positive emotional and mental impacts by reducing stress and improving attitude. It also reveals true colors.

  • Task lighting

This is a type of illumination to specifically perform a particular task or activity. For instance, reading in a room, paperwork activity, preparation of food and kitchen counter

  • Ambient lighting

This type of lighting is also known as general lighting. Its purpose is to provide overall uniform illumination in the room. Ambient lighting is often fixed on the ceiling or the scones but they can also be portable lamps or wall lamps.

  • Ancient or focal lighting

It creates an atmosphere for attracting somebody’s attention to a particular object.  For instance, you have a particular artwork that needs highlighting.

  • Decorative lighting

Lighting is used for purely aesthetic purposes. You may think of it as jewelry – ornamental lights to catch your eyes and later reflect affluence or the personal style. The lights d not emit their lights brightly but instead add illumination in a small way.


Why are floor lamps’ interior design’s secret weapon?

Floor lamps are practical, versatile, and always do something that nothing can do.  Floor lamps are an essential weapon, especially when dealing with interior design. Here are the reasons:


They are used for the three types of lighting

As known, there are three types of lighting to choose from when designing your room or house. The types of lighting are ambient lighting which is normally the general lighting, task lighting for performing duties or tasks at hand, and accent lighting normally used for attracting attention to the feature of your house such as artworks or interesting corners.

Floor lamps can be used to do all three functions or separately. Having a variety of tall floor lamps will enable you to create distinct moods according to the ambient light. For instance, you may position a floor lamp craftily in the reading place for reading purposes. In case you have interesting features of architecture for highlighting, a floor lamp having an opaque shade is best recommended for you. Note that if you have many varieties of floor lamps you will always have more options to choose from.


They are easily portable

If not for balling and re-furrowing your walls often in a few months and doing away with the possibility of owning a Bangalore, there are a variety of manners in which you may rearrange your cabinets, sofas, or dining table. On the other side, floor lamps are substantial objects in furniture i.e., are large whereby can result in transformative effects on the feel and look of a particular place. Additionally, floor lamps are easier to carry around from one space to another in the same room without any difficulties. Moving the floor lamps to a different location gives rise to a new beautiful mood to cherish. They may also look attractive in the hallways.  


They add more elegance and height

Using verticals to make the best utilization of height such as long curtains and high bookshelves is one of the most classic tricks when dealing with interior design. When talking of elegance and height, tall and slim floor lamps are the perfect choice while they also make use of small spaces on the floor.


They make statements

Floor lamps may be of principal features such as either deliberately crushing the thee or complementing. For instance, mid-century style floor light, traditionally based on huge shade and the out-of-norm resign floor lamp can be used for making statements.


Contributing useful light

In case there is no need for making a statement and only need elegance and ambiance, a simple brass light floor lamp is your best choice. You can decide to use square shades and position your floor lamp flushing against the wall or the clove.


You can keep used of designer lamp shades for dressing and redressing them

Changing or keeping your floor lamps is a simple and cost-effective manner of introducing novelty to your interior design. You can use different materials for distinct themes i.e., from vibrant marbled paper to black-colored rolled silk and vice versa. Additionally, you may also make use of shades for accent lighting for making statements in ikat patterns. Once you try it out, you will notice the difference in the change of shade in your house.


Choosing the best floor lamp for your room or house

Do you need to brighten your living room at home? Do you have a family in a dingy place and it is hard to add ceiling lights? If you find yourself in such scenarios, floor lamps are your perfect solution to your wants. Once ready to start beautifying your house, take a good look at your house. Including floor lamps is a must on your shopping list. Before you do it, think of a variety of activities you usually do in your house. For instance, do you love watching television, or do you like reading most of the time? Or do you love sitting on the couch working on your personal computer or reading? In case of these, you will require a floor lamp that is at your eyes level to be able to avoid glaring at the light.

In the modern world, there are many choices you can choose from when it comes to floor lamps. For instance, there are varieties from Bluetooth capabilities to bright LED lighting which are all available. The following are questions for consideration before buying floor lamps;

  • What is the use of the floor lamp in your house?

Clarify the reason as to why you need the floor lamp. What will be the use of the floor lamp? Take a quick look at your house and think of how you will keep the floor lamp in use perfectly. This will make you sure that you will in turn end up with a floor lamp perfect for your use.

  • What type of light do you need in your house?

As there are many types of floor lamps in the shops or markets, so, there are a lot of options with which you are supposed to choose the one you love or crave for. For instance, you may decide to choose floor lamps that will brighten the entire darkroom or choose an ambient type of floor lighting for a small resting area where mostly your reading takes place from.

Put into consideration how you will put your room into use mostly, to what degree of lighting will it be perfect for you.

  • What degree of light will you require?

You must consider the amount of light you will want. You must think of how you will be using the light in your room. For instance, for reading purposes, you need low-level lighting floor lamps which are at a sorter height compared to your eyes.  For brightening dark rooms, a tall floor lamp will be a better choice for you.

  • What features are you looking for in a floor lamp?

In the modern world, lighting is not the only feature of floor lamps. There are several features of floor lamps than ever. For instance, some floor lamps contain Bluetooth capability so that you will be able to reduce brightness or turn off the lights from your device. Additionally, there are floor lamps that come with US connections and shelves so that you will be able to charge your phone or any other accessories near you.

Furthermore, there are also floor lamps that are decorative and have bright LED lamps that will brighten the darkest room in your house.

The features you may need from a floor lamp depend on what you truly want from it. There are many floor lamps with perfect features which you will love.


How do you choose a floor lamp for your house?

Lighting is one of the key elements in a complete house. You might not be able to see things clearly when you haven’t properly lit your room, especially the living room. But you should know that putting lights in your house must be done in a fashion. You should be keen when choosing which lights to use and what place is best to place them.

  • Style or type

Floor lamps come in different shapes and styles. You need to choose a floor lamp that properly matches the general look of your living room. In case your living room is in the style of Victorian, you need to choose a floor lamp that is also Victorian. Additionally, in case your living room’s style is minimal edgy, then automatically you have to choose a modern designed simple floor lamp that will match your house’s surroundings. Classic floor lamps are of the basic type which will, in turn, offer a general illumination. Additionally, it comes with a glass globe and a fabric shade.

Torchieres are in form of bowls so they will automatically reflect toward the upper direction hence working like ambient lighting. Tree floor lamps have several lighting sockets which enable the user to move or carry them in different directions. Last but not least, arc floor lamps are used to illuminate objects which are beneath them due to the presence of a bent hole in them.

  • Design

Some floor lamps come in dramatic designs. For instance, you may decide to give your house that classic feeling. Straight lamps and the rectangular shape can give your house a modern and more innovative vibe. Hence you should correctly choose a better floor lamp according to the design that will comfortably suit your home.

Some of the floor lamps come with more innovations that may match your wants. For instance, the goosenecks floor lamp is adjustable hence you can focus its light on different directions of the room. Tray lamps are best when used in smaller places. Magnifying floor lamps are designed d with magnifies which will enable you to view things clearly; especially for individuals with poor vision.

  • Scale

You have to consider your furniture’s size before installing a floor lamp in your house. In case your house has modern couches and is simple, do not go for large floor lamps as they may look awkward and severe the balance of the house’s interior design. The same applies when your furniture is large and you install smaller floor lamps. You should go for floor lamps which will not take much space in your living room or any other rooms generally. Low leveled ceilings may push taller floor lamps out of their general position. What you need if finding a floor lamp that will blend perfectly with your place. For instance, a house room-sized 69” is perfect for installing tall floor lamps as it is convenient when concealing the led when standing or sitting. 

  • Colour

You can install any type of floor lamp depending on what color you like and will match perfectly with your house’s interior design. For instance, a color scan can give your house that cozy vibe.

  • Material

Wood and steel are widely used materials when it comes to making floor lamps. Different materials will give distinct effects and vibes. For instance, you may have neutral places in your house, you can decide to complement them with wood floor lamps for giving your room more warmth. However, metal is usually the common material used for floor lamp making. This is due to the metal’s versatility and can match a lot of features and combinations.  Other floor lamps are also made from brass, glass, rattan, or marble. Find the right material that suits your décor.

  • Quality

You should go for high-quality floor lamps as they have a longer life span compared to low-quality floor lamps. You can check the base of the floor lamp you intend t buy if it is well finished, Additionally, check if it is strong enough to stand on its own without falling over especially when shifting from place to place.

  • Location

A good floor lamp can convert a certain boring corner of the house into a delightful reading zone and workplace. You should be careful not to disrupt places between the couches or seats. The safest place to install a floor lamp is at the corner of the wall. Or also an empty window for using the light’s reflection.

  • Height

This is an important factor to consider before purchasing a floor lamp.  The taller the floor lamp the greater the ambient lighting it will produce. Additionally, you should consider the scale of other objects in the house. You should make sure that your floor lamp will not tower in a cartoonish way above other objects. Some floor lamps have adjustable heights hence it will enable you to pick the right height that matches the general look of your living room.

Last, you should go for floor lamps that will hide the lead from your eye’s reach. This will help you avoid uncomfortable glare. You will be covered by the shade when standing near the floor lamp.


Types of farmhouse floor lamps

Illuminating your living room might be a tough task since it is usually large. If you need to guess an appropriate floor lamp for your living room, make it more accurate. Here are some types of floor lamps you might consider:

Swingarm floor lamp

This type of floor lamp allows the user to adjust its position according to the lighting needs you require. In case you need a lamp to shine in a particular area, you just, position the arm of the lamp and adjust the light instead of moving or picking the entire lamp

Torchiere floor lamp

This type of floor lamp enhances ambient light in the house by focusing its light in an upplight manner. Its lights spill out from the lamp’s top. it is a better choice in case you need an accent type of floor lamp or just to boost the overall amount of light in a particular room. Torchieres are not good in case you need task lighting.

Tower floor lamp

This type of lamp is known for performing two distinct functions at a go. That is, it provides a glow of gentle form and at the same time produces accent light in the room. When turned on, the lamp takes after a piece of sculpture hence enhancing the beauty and attractiveness of the house. This type of lamp features a wireframe wound in thin fabric or tissue paper.

Table floor lamp

You should not be confused between the table floor lamp and the table lamp since the floor table lamp multitasks. It is a type of floor lamp that has a table attached to its center. In case you don’t have a large room or you have a small space in your room, this type of floor lamp is your perfect choice. Floor table lamps can be made from glass or wood.

Normally, a combined floor table lamp is not intrusive compared to an end table consisting of a lamp on top or a separate table and floor lamp.

Club floor lamp

This type of floor lamp is also known as a traditional or standard floor lamp. It has a narrow column with the top part having light. There are several different types of club floor lamps in the market. For instance, some club floor lamps might have columns and others may consist of other features such as one plain pole which attaches to the lampshade at the lamp’s top part.

Tree floor lamp

This is a type of lamp with a variety of lights installed on it. You may position the lights at different angles depending on what you need to light. Although this type of lighting is associated with a lot of people, it is possible to find a tree floor lamp that is too complicated to be used at home.

Down bridge floor lamp

This is a type of floor lamp consisting of adjustable lights. The adjustable lights enable you to point and move in the book’s direction or the workplace.

In most cases, task lamps are known as down bridge lamps. The difference between the two types of lighting lies within the direction of focus of light where the down bridge floor lamp will direct its light downwards and lacks the adjustable lights.

Candelabra floor light

Thus, the type of floor lamp resembles the tree floor lamp as it also contains many lighting bulbs.  The only difference s that its bulbs are smaller in size compared to the millty0-way floor lamp. Additionally, the lamps look like an electric version of the traditional candelabras.

Shelf floor lamp

This is a type of floor lap that consists of partitions-shelves that can be used to store substances. This floor lamp is medium in height.


Safety precautions when using floor lamps

  1. The floor lamps should not be covered using clothes or fabric. Additionally, you should not place the floor lamp near flammable substances while in use. The bulb might pose a fire hazard when heated up.
  2. The floor lamp should not be dropped or exposed to effect with hard objects, handle it with care.
  • Always check the rating of the bulb before replacing it with a new one.
  1. Turn the lamp off before replacing the bulb
  2. Don’t touch the floor lamp bulbs bear handed
  3. Keep the bulbs of the floor lamps out of reach of children


The bottom line

There are a variety of floor lamps and are of different functions depending on what you want from the floor lamp. As you can take note from the above, there are many questions you should ask yourself before deciding to buy floor lamps.

Floor lamps offer amazing styles and in addition, they are versatile. Furthermore, floor laps also maximize the interest in an empty corner. The better part is that they can be moved from room to room without difficulties.

Always think of the factors before you window shop. This is necessary especially when shopping online. The questions will always save your funds and time.