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It is a sad fact that most office chairs are not ergonomically designed. Many office chair manufacturers tout their designs as ergonomic, but the reality is quite different. While many of those chairs do have some features that can be labeled as ergonomic, they are hardly the total package you need – something which is very worrying considering how important it is that these pieces of furniture be ergonomically sound. In fact, according to a recent survey, office furniture is the single most important factor in deciding how the employees feel all through their workday. So it is up to you, the consumer, to choose the right chair for your office or home. Here are some things you need to be mindful of when you are out shopping:

  1. Adjustable height – Many office chair manufacturers allow the height of the chair to be changed as desired, but many of them don’t know what the maximum or minimum heights should be. Generally, the thumb rule is to check whether your thighs are straight when your feet are placed flat on the ground or not.
  2. Lower back support – The spinal cord of a human being curving curves inward, and if this is not supported, we tend to slouch, ruining our posture and damaging our lower back. Proper ergonomic chairs would let you adjust the lower back support in such a manner that your spinal cord rests snugly against it.
  3. Upper back support – The backrest of the chair should be at least 14 inches broad. Its height and angle should be adjustable. It should also lock into place once the user has decided he is comfortable. The lock should be sturdy and not tend to slip as this can be very dangerous for the person leaning on the backrest. Office chair manufacturers often put in weak locks, something you should always watch out for.
  4. Padding – The seat and possibly even the backrest should be comfortably padded. This would allow you to sit on it for long hours without strain or discomfort. The seat material should ideally be made of cloth or something similar that allows air to pass through.
  5. Swivel – An office chair should have a swivel feature that allows you to reach all around without having to get up or straining.

These are some of the most important elements of a truly ergonomic piece of furniture. Office chair manufacturers, residents know, frequently pass off semi ergonomic chairs as truly ergonomic ones. You should be very careful of such badly designed pieces of furniture as they can permanently injure your spine and ruin your posture. You should also read up on the correct way to sit in office chairs to prevent any such injury.

For many people sitting in front of a computer all day can be quite painful. Many people look at the alternative of finding ergonomic correct chairs to help them with their posture and the conformability level. However, many cannot afford to purchase new chairs due to budget constraints. So, they must seek out other options.

One option is to purchase office chair cushions. There are many different styles of cushions to choose from, making sure that you choose to purchase the proper cushion for your needs is highly important.

Think about the concerns that you have for your back. Do you have pain in the lower area, upper area, or middle area? This will help you to determine the best type of cushion to purchase.

Office chair cushion prices can run anywhere from USD 15.00 and up to hundreds of dollars. This is important to know especially if you are on a tight budget. Many companies produce chair cushions. Companies such as Tempur-pedic, Obus Forme, Better Back, and McCarty’s. Each company offers solutions for your needs.

For lower lumbar support, it is a good idea to choose a cushion that gives you the best support for your needs. Here is a small review of some of the cushions that you can choose from.

Orbus Forme Gel Seat Cushion is placed on the seat of your chair towards the back. The support is designed to raise the tail bone area slightly to help eliminate pain in the lower back. The cushion is designed for use on any office chair and forms to the contours of your lower body. This cushion can be found for around USD 45.00 and up.

Another great back support cushion from Orbus Forme is designed to hook to the back of your chair, it has what is known as an ego bump. The ergo bump is designed to relieve pressure from the middle of your back. If this is where you tend to experience the most pain when you are working at your desk, this design is probably what you are looking for.

You can get the ergo bump in different locations on this particular cushion design. You will need to determine where your back pain is most concentrated to make the right choice. You can find this cushion in many colors to match your office decor. But, it does come with a hefty price tag of USD 150.00 in most stores. If you notice that you continue to have some back pain when you leave work Orbus Forme also has a cushion designed for your car. If you have a long drive home, this can be extremely helpful.

The Large Tush Cush is another cushion that is specifically designed to help provide support for the lower back and eliminates pain that is more centralized around the tail bone region. The design of this particular cushion has a hole where your tail bone centers. The cushion is also designed to raise the backside to ease pressure on the legs. Many feel the design of this cushion is weird until they use it. Many stores sell cushions for about USD 40.00.

We carry stress and tension on our backs. Many people don’t realize how much we carry in this part of our body. If we are to continue with everyday life and manage everything, it is always a good idea to take care of our backs. Without the proper support and care, many will be in a daily amount of pain that they don’t have to be in. So be smart, and get a good start with proper ergonomic support for your body. You will benefit in the long run.

With limited time, a restricted budget, and thousands of office chairs on the market; trying to find good value chairs for your office may feel a bit daunting. BT Office Furniture can lend a helping hand by guiding you through their ‘current’ best-selling chairs. The selection includes computer chairs, meeting and boardroom chairs, executive office chairs, and reception seating.

Buying an office chair is an important decision as many hours are spent sitting on them. Look out for durable and comfortable chairs that can minimize occurrences of strains and aches. Good standard chairs sell well when times are tight, as well as classic designs that offer great value and comfort. Amongst the bestsellers, you will also find black executive leather office chairs and boardroom chairs, which tell us that you can never go wrong with a stylish timeless look. Presented in no particular order the current top 10 seats from BT are:

Force Chairs – Good value heavy duty computer chair

The Force chairs can be purchased with or without arms and are available with fixed or adjustable arms too. Customize your Force chair with added functionality like an inflatable seat slide, lumbar, seat tilt, and polished or silver base. This is a strong chair suitable for heavy use.

Premier Bella Chairs – Brilliant value chair with air lumbar back support as standard

This is a very good ergonomic chair with several features that are easily adjusted by the user. A molded back cushion for extra support, gas lift height, and back height adjustment guarantee comfort all through the day. The Bella Chair is available with various arm options and in many different colors.

E10 Chairs – Comfortable chair ideal for visitor areas Premier E10

Made of a sturdy metal frame and a comfortable upholstered chair this is a good option for waiting areas and schools. These chairs are available in charcoal and blue as standard but can be ordered in other colors too. Stackable chairs can easily be stored away when not required.

Sorrento Chairs – Classic design suitable for a host of environments

This chrome cantilever chair is available in leather or fabric. With its stylish design and sturdy chrome base, it is suitable as a visitor or boardroom chair. The Sorrento is fully upholstered with padded arms for maximum comfort and support.

AMCA Chairs – A number one bestseller

This popular Charles Eames-style leather chair is a number one bestseller. It is a cantilever chair with stylish lines and a chrome base. The chair is suitable for medium to heavy use and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Canasta Chairs – Stylish and comfortable

The Canasta chair is available as a swivel executive chair and a matching cantilever visitor chair. Both types are available in two different sizes. The swivel chair has gas lifted height control, reclining function, and a shaped back for extra support.

Aria Chairs – A good quality Charles Eames style chair

The Aria chair is available with a high or medium back – you could use the high back as an executive chair and the lower ones as computer chairs in the office. This stylish design could also make a great impression in a customer-facing workplace like an estate agent, bank, or recruitment agency.

Club Tub Chairs – Very affordable tub chairs

Tub chairs are perfect for the reception or an informal meeting area; they can be arranged individually or grouped around a table. This model is available in black leather and can be ordered in many other types of leather and vinyl to best suit your interior.

610 Sofas – A stylish and lasting design

Available as a single, double or triple seater, this model allows for great flexibility to suit most areas. With a square back and chrome surrounding the stylish sofas feel clean, and crisp and offer a timeless design. They are also available in white leather. The price includes delivery and a 5-year guarantee.

Flashfire Stools – The ultimate modular seating arrangement

These eye-catching stools are available in round and square shapes, in leather and fabric, and in a range of different colors. The colorful seats are suitable for both small and large reception areas as they can be arranged to the required size and shape.

Big and tall people have challenges finding a lot of things that are right fitting.  The world is built for average-sized people and this can be frustrating.  As a big and tall person, it is even more important that you have a good, supportive, and comfortable office chair.  Finding the right chair is one of the most important things you can do for your health and comfort in the office.

Many of the high-end office chairs come with a ton of ergonomic controls and features.  This might seem like more chairs than you need, but having all of the ergonomic points covered is going to help you stay in proper sitting posture.  In this position, you are less likely to hurt yourself or suffer from repetitive motion injuries.

Most of the new ergonomic office chairs that are made for big and tall people will allow you to raise and lower your seat, adjust tension and padding, recline, tilt, move armrests, swivel, and roll.  Many of these features now come standard, but occasionally they will tack onto the price.  A more expensive chair does not equal a better chair, so it is important to shop around when looking for a big and tall office chair.

It is important to read consumer reviews.  The people who are going to be able to tell you the most about a potential chair are those who already have it.  Consumer reports are easy to find online.  By reading about the potential big and tall office chairs you will be able to narrow down your many choices.  Most of the online rating systems consider things like comfort, style, and durability.

Know your own body’s needs.  Before picking out a chair, know if it is going to work with your body.  Your feet should be flat on the floor.  Your knees at a 90-degree angle with your lower back against the backrest.  There should be two to four fingers wide between the back of your knees and the front of the seat.  Your arms should be able to comfortably rest on the armrests allowing you to type comfortably.

If your office chair doesn’t allow for you to be in this alignment it should be adjustable enough for you to get it to meet these parameters.  This shouldn’t be hard to find as most quality big and tall office chairs are going to come with fully adjustable features.  By shopping around you are sure to find the best chair for your working needs.

Sometimes in difficult economic times, it’s not easy to redesign and buy new office furniture for a large office, especially if you have a very tight budget. However, choosing wisely and employing a little planning in your office redesign process can help you do it effectively.

When considering what to buy, the two main pieces of office furniture you should consider are your office desk and office chairs. These two items are after all the most used in your office. You need to make sure that the office chairs, in particular, are right for your staff.

A good office chair may be more expensive buy than an ordinary chair initially. This is usually because these office chairs will have more adjustable features to allow the user to adjust the office chair to suit their body size and shape. It may cost more for a good office chair in the first place, but if you look at the big picture it could save the company some serious money in the future, as employees may not need so much time off work due to back trouble. Also, you will benefit from improved efficiency from your office workers who will be sitting more comfortably and not dealing with aches and pains from sitting in poorly supported office chairs.

Once you have planned your office furniture requirements and worked out a new office layout, you will then start thinking about the type of desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture that you want. One of the best ways to get started finding the best office furniture is by using the Internet to search for furniture that matches your requirements. Many online companies have the option to look through their entire range of desks, office chairs, and other furniture, so you can compare them all online.

You should also then be able to purchase office furniture direct from the website. By using an online company for your office furniture needs you should easily be able to see and compare prices. This will save you even more money, as companies who don’t operate online may only have limited options in their warehouses, and you may otherwise be forced into buying furniture that is more expensive than you need. As a general rule of thumb, the more choice you have, the better deal you can usually find, especially if you’re after a mid-range set of furniture that isn’t the cheapest or the most expensive.

Lastly, one tip for saving money on your office furniture is to consider the savings you can make by buying in bulk. If you are purchasing a large quantity of one item, such as office chairs, then large discounts may be available negotiating with the supplier. Many will be happy to give discounts if you are buying a significant quantity, and that will save you some money. If you are buying a medium-sized office, such as one with ten or more desks, then you should always ask for a discount.

Once upon a time, consumers chose to use adjustable height tables for comfort reasons. The height of these tables could be adjusted to meet the needs of the seated or standing user. Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and construction industries tend to have the most need for adjustable tables. Today, these tables are not selected only for their comfort aspect. Various adjustable table models feature designs that cater to additional needs. Learning more about these features will help to streamline your shopping process.

With RDM Industrial Products, these adjustable tables now come in different models, each designed to satisfy a specific use. Light duty adjustable tables hold a maximum of 500 pounds, while standard duty adjustable height tables hold 1,000 pounds. There are also medium-duty height-adjustable tables that can support a maximum of 1,500 to 3,000 pounds. Heavy-duty table models can support up to 20,000 pounds. These different durability options expand the environments in which this piece of furniture can be used.

Adjustable height tables have multiple uses, including serving as microscope tables or equipment stands. Some models are ADA handicapped accessible, making them an alternative to a traditional office or manufacturing facility desk. Multi-shift tables with adjustable table height allow people with different heights to use the same work surface. By purchasing an adjustable table with this type of adaptability, a business can reduce its furniture expenses, which can be a large component of any commercial budget.

Flexibility in use expands when a height-adjustable table with an overhead accessory boom is chosen. This unit can include an overhead fluorescent task lamp and articulating computer monitor arm with a mouse and keyboard tray. Other optional features include an adjustable tool rail with a sliding trolley, power strip on an adjustable rail, drawer(s), storage bin rail(s), lower shelf, and much more. This table model can serve many applications, allowing multiple height workers to share one station and adjusting table height as needed.

Easy operation makes an adjustable height table a preferred, and safer, aan alternative to placing books, bricks, or boards under stationary leg models. The height of the table is adjusted using an easy-to-turn crank or an electric lift motor. As an alternate solution, adjustable height lift kits are available that can convert your existing fixed height table into an adjustable table. These kits have a capacity of up to 20,000 pounds, making them a cost-effective alternative for a facility with a supply of stationary tables.

A lift platform is a special design of an adjustable height table that is designed for lower starting heights. An electric motor hydraulic lift system on some models, or crank on others, is designed to lift equipment to 1,000 or 1,500 pounds, depending on the model. The amount of lift ranges from 6 to 20 inches with either lift system. A 3,000-pound capacity unit is also available with an electric motor system and 1a 2-24 inch lift. Shoppers can select from various top options, regardless of which adjustable table model they choose.

With an adjustable table, users get the comfort of a table that is the appropriate height plus many additional features. Handicapped workers can rest assured that height-adjustable tables meet their needs as well. RDM Industrial Products manufactures these adjustable height tables to fit many applications and environments, including laboratory, cleanroom, or manufacturing facilities. They are one of the most durable tables available on the market, providing many years of use.