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Getting ready to remodel your stairs

Whether you are building a new staircase or are thinking of remodeling an existing one, buying the right stair parts is of tremendous importance. After all, what more is a staircase than an assembly of various stair parts? The different parts make the whole, and so it is important to ensure the good quality of each of the constituent parts to make sure that the complete staircase is also of good quality. Whether you are looking for a new set of stair treads or planning to install a new set of stair balusters, remember to choose the best quality products within your budget.

Aesthetics vs. Performance

The most common challenge faced by those looking for stair parts to buy is whether to choose great-looking accessories or choose performance over aesthetics. In the case of stair balusters, for example, it is natural to feel attracted to an exquisitely designed set. But it is advisable to pause for a moment to think about its real quality. Ask yourself,

  • Are the balusters strong?
  • Are they made of durable material?
  • Are they easy to install and if required, can they be changed or repaired easily?

These are some of the most important questions that you should ask before deciding to make the final purchase. The crux of the matter is, that staircases are not just about beauty and visual appeal. They are also about providing a safe means of transportation for all users. In other words, one should stress the safety of a staircase as much as possible to ensure that there are no unfortunate accidents involving it.

So, who wins the battle?

In the final analysis, performance should come first and then, aesthetics. However, the former need not come at the cost of the latter. If you take your time, you are sure to find stair parts that are not just strong and sturdy, but also beautiful to look at. Wrought iron stair products are an excellent choice in this regard. They are stylish, can be molded into various attractive shapes and designs, and are very strong and durable. If you are looking for stylish yet durable stair balusters, for example, you could find a wide range of great products made of wrought iron to choose from in this category. Pick from many available designs – such as Victorian, Gothic or Contemporary – and turn your staircase into the focal point in your home.

Stair parts play a very important role especially if you are planning to remold the look of your home. Thus, it is important to find and buy the right stair accessories that serve your purpose. But the big question is what to buy and where to buy it from?

How to Buy Stair Accessories Today?

Nowadays, there are many stair part manufacturers available online. Fortunately, there are few online stair part specialist companies available, which are dealing in this business for more than a decade. It is advisable for you to browse their website and check for all your possible queries before placing the order. You can also call them for more information related to their products, services, and more.

Enjoy a Great Variety of Products and Services

These professional stair part specialists have built a really strong reputation over the years. They don’t just deal in a wide variety of stair components but also offer many customized services to clients. You can buy stair components like Tread Materials, Handrail, Handrail Fittings, Turned Newels, Box Newels, Wrought Iron Balusters, Wood Balusters, Cable Rail Systems, Stair Hardware and Brackets, Molding and Skirt boards, Stairway Lighting with more. You can also order samples of stair components you like before placing the actual order.

These professional stair parts experts also produce their products in different materials as per your choice. You can buy iron parts as well as wooden parts, whatever suits your requirement and taste. The different wood species they use include African mahogany, European Beech, Brazilian Cherry, and American Cherry. Apart from that, you can also seek help from them to build your custom staircase that enhances the look and feel of your home. You can also find how-to videos that show you the installation process of different stair components.

How to Buy Right Stair Parts?

Safety should always remain at the top of your priority when you are buying a stair accessory. Check for the quality and customer feedback on the particular product. Your staircase is the most used part of your home. Every day, your kids and parents including you step into them. Thus, the stair product you buy must be sturdy enough to handle this heavy duty.
So, buy the best stair parts and accessories only form from a reputed stair part dealer. Buy them from the comfort of your home and enhance your home décor.

Whether a resident of a small apartment or a landlord of a huge bungalow, each one of us desires to have our home sweet home appear as elegant as can be. Indeed, most people prefer to use wood when refurbishing or remodeling their staircase, including replacing the stair tread.

Why is wood a general favorite for stair treads?

Be it Maple or Mahogany, wood is ever full of character and appears naturally stylish. Not only does it look classy, but it also proves to be durable and stable in nature. When purchased with pre-finished polish, wooden stair parts generally come across as hassle-free fittings, which are quick to install. You can find prefinished Maple stair treads at all reputed online stores that sell stair supplies with a guarantee of quality. While looking for wooden stair treads online, you would find yourself confronted with a mind-boggling variety of wooden stair parts and accessories.

Why choose Maple?

What makes Maple stair treads a favorite with most customers is their unique appeal. Maple’s texture and color are unmistakably endearing. Maple also goes impeccably well with all sorts of home decor – be it Victorian or contemporary. It can uplift the boring plain look of any staircase in no time and make it look elegant. Being popular, it is easy to find pre-finished ready-to-install Maple stair treads in most online stores along with other matching Maple stair parts.

Choosing the best stair tread

When purchasing stair parts online, it is highly recommended to stay focused and choose your stair parts supplier carefully. While checking out wooden stair treads and other stair parts made of Maple, Red Oak, Brazilian Cherry, and Hickory, you should visit many online stores and compare the rates across the sites. This will help you reach the best rate for pre-finished stair treads. Also, you should choose the supplier carefully that can offer you a large variety with a promise of quality.

Besides endeavoring to buy top-quality stair parts, you should also carefully choose the right design for your staircase. It is recommended to go for the widest possible tread for better safety of users of all age groups, particularly children and the elderly. You must also identify the style of your staircase and buy stair components in sync with the staircase’s basic style. Last but never the least, though prefinished stair treads are ready to install, it is recommended to get them installed using professional help. Professional help for installing stair parts is generally offered by most of the reputed stair supplies services. All you need to do is remember to ask and insist.

Prefinished stair treads are among the best things to have happened in the world of stair remodeling in recent times. Installing stair treads has always been one of the most problematic areas in building a new staircase. Doing them the usual way buying raw, unfinished stair treads, setting them up, polishing and finishing them, and waiting for everything to dry so that they can be used – takes up a lot of time. With prefinished stair treads, you can now cut the installation time by more than half!

Prefinished stair treads are easy to install. Most are ready to be installed and made fit to be used right after you unpack them. Typical installation is not complicated and takes just a few hours. But for the best results, you need to make sure that you have them installed by professionals.

Contrary to popular belief, prefinished stair treads are usually made of high-quality base material and hence are comparatively much more durable. So if you have believed that prefinished stair treads feature lower longevity than regular treads, time is to change the belief. And yes, they add to the overall beauty of your staircase and the changeover can take place real fast. Modern-day treads come finished with a durable veneer of polyurethane along with several coats of polishing and protective chemicals. Such an extensive treatment ensures that they last much longer than regular stair treads that do not consume much more time in getting them assorted and polished afterward.

Moreover, prefinished stair treads require very little maintenance too. Since almost all the important aspects are taken care of by professionals, once installed, they require much less maintenance work. Ask the manufacturer or seller for more specific instructions about its maintenance. Few precautionary measures would help you see your staircase stay as it is for years to come.

One important question that haunts most of us is where can you get the best-prefinished stair treads? The solution is simple. You may either walk into a store to seek professional help from there or you may consult the yellow pages, a newspaper, or a local magazine for the same. The better way perhaps is to try to find them on the Internet. Browse through a wide range of available designs with just a few clicks of your mouse and also enjoy attractive discounts on your purchase.

Stair spindles have been traditionally made of wood. However, in recent times, a lot of newer materials have been used to make them and the result has not been entirely unsatisfactory. Of these, wrought iron stair spindles deserve a special mention.

Wrought iron is a popular choice as a material for crafting stair parts and accessories. Just look around and you are sure to find thousands of wrought iron products being sold in stores all around. From wrought iron stair railings to balusters to brackets – it is not hard to find a touch of this popular metal in modern staircases. The chief reason for the ever-growing popularity of wrought iron is its excellent durability, along with its intrinsic strength and flexibility that allows it to be molded into various shapes without any significant loss of strength. These are pretty much the same reasons why wrought iron stair spindles are so popular these days. If you are looking for safety and stability, trust this tough material to provide you with everything you need to make your staircase safe and secure; if you are looking for an economy, you will rarely find a better material at a better price; and finally, if you are concerned about aesthetics, you will be amazed at how beautifully wrought iron stair spindles can truly be.

Another great reason to choose wrought iron is its low-maintenance hassles. Yes, you can keep them looking like new with the minimum of maintenance. Compared to wood, marble, or other comparatively more expensive materials, wrought iron is economical and very affordable. Due to their low maintenance hassles, there are no recurring costs either. Modern production methods have also made them a lot more durable than ever. These days, wrought iron products come pre-coated with protective paints and enamels to prevent them from rusting easily, even when used outdoors, and as such, they offer excellent value for money.

All said wrought iron stair spindles are not hard to find. Ask for them at your local hardware store. You may also find them at many specialty stores selling stair supplies and accessories. For the widest range, however, try looking on the Internet.

Handrails for staircases are available today in a much wider variety than ever. If you subscribe to a home décor magazine or frequent websites selling stair parts and accessories, you are probably aware of the boom that this market is currently experiencing. Simply put, there are practically thousands of options available to the buyer today. And the number continues to grow steadily as manufacturing processes keep developing and the demand for newer designs keeps rising.

Take the example of handrail fittings. There was a time, not very long ago when the customer was faced with just a handful of choices. Handrail fittings in those days offered limited options and manufacturers believed in offering a one-size-fits-all kind of solution to their customers.

However, those days are long gone. Today, handrail fittings come in as many varieties as there are staircases in the world. Stair accessories and stair parts are now being designed and manufactured according to specific design norms, keeping in mind the kind of look and finish that the customer has in mind. So, whether you intend to have a Gothic look for your staircase, a classic one, or perhaps something delightfully rustic or boldly contemporary, be sure to find matching handrail fittings for your staircase.

Of all the parts that are replaced in a staircase most often, handrail brackets are among the most frequent. Handrails are among the most conspicuous of stair parts and most often, all you have to do is replace just them (along with a matching set of handrail brackets) to give a new look to your stairs.

Among the most popular choices in this regard are handrail brackets made of wrought iron and wood, with matching box newels and color-matched treads. These days, using sophisticated computers and advanced designing and manufacturing processes, virtually every kind of wood species can be made into a stair handrail.

Home remodeling with stairs is all the rage these days. And with a wide range of excellent stair parts that are available today, with their many designs and wide range of prices to fit every budget, house remodeling with new stair parts has never been this easier.

The importance of railings for stairs is more than just providing support while ascending or descending a staircase. They also play a crucial role in the overall look and feel of the house. A sparkling and decorative stair railing would please the eyes of the spectators, and might just make them imitate your artistic taste.

Railings for stairs are available mainly in wooden and metal forms. The metal form usually includes the use of wrought iron for the construction of stair railings and balusters. Each form has its style and elegance factor and which one to be used depends solely on the home owner’s preference and the architect’s advice.

The style and sight of the wooden stair rails have a class of their own. The various styles in which the wooden stair railings are available include straight or bending or quarter turn or returned end. Besides, railings for stairs can also be coupled with handrails accessories such as brackets, shoe rails, rosettes, fillets, etc. Wooden fittings in various decorative forms can also be found, which can be used with wooden stair rails to accentuate the appeal of the staircase.

The nature of the wrought iron material increases the scope of availability of carefully crafted and molded stair rails and balusters in iron form. With the versatility factor, the iron railings are generally found to be popular across homes and office buildings. In addition, the ease of maintenance, the strength, and the unique look and feel of metal are some of the positives one can derive from the wrought iron stair rails.

Stair rails are normally selected together with balusters and treads to continue the trend and style. Balusters and treads, complementing various forms of stair rails can be bought from the market, both online and in a store made of concrete. Further advice is to buy something to help maintain overall design symmetry and harmony throughout the staircase.

The staircase is a part of the house, which demands uttermost importance, and also should be well taken care of. Aspects like strong treads, durable stair rails, and stable balusters are all that should be stressed.

Wrought iron stair railings have stood the test of time because many trends have come and gone but iron railings are still popular. Iron as a material is very strong and the railings made of it provide excellent support to people ascending or descending a staircase. Other materials have limited design options but iron is a malleable and ductile metal and hence it is possible to mold it into a variety of beautiful shapes and designs. Wrought iron has the finish which goes with all varieties of wood and, thus, adds that fine touch to the appeal of the staircase. Not only this, iron railings can be made to look both modern as well as traditional, depending on how they are designed and how they are used in the staircase.

Wrought iron stair railings are a more affordable substitute for wood. Certain species of wood are more exotic and hence are highly priced. Instead of opting for cheaper quality woods, it is better to use wrought iron railings, which will add a style quotient to your stairs without having to spend exorbitantly. Furthermore, the iron railings are easy to maintain compared to wooden railings. The staircase is indeed the most important part of the interior decor of a home with more than one level and the railing is the most visible part of the staircase. Using wrought iron railings will add a visual charm to your staircase and speak volumes about your style and taste.

Moreover, it is very easy to find good quality and well-designed wrought iron stair railings. You can shop for these as well as other stair parts at the click of a mouse. The companies selling these railings and other staircase parts have user-friendly websites which showcase their products at length. You have a large variety to choose from and you can also mix and match different stair parts with the railings. Many of these companies also provide custom-designed railings and stair parts. Even the shelf options have enough variety to satisfy even the most choosy of customers. What’s more, these websites allow you to place your orders online.

Buying stair handrail parts needn’t always play just a functional purpose. They can also have an aesthetic value. Unfortunately, this is something that many of us tend to forget about when we go out to the market to buy stair handrail parts. But ask any experienced home modeler or stair expert, and you will be surely told about the importance of choosing stair parts of the right design to enhance the overall beauty of a staircase.

Stair handrail parts come in all shapes and sizes these days. Gone are the days of limited choices. Today you will find them available in a most mind-boggling array of styles and materials. So whether you are planning a classic look for your staircase or wish to stick to a more contemporary design, be sure to find matching stair parts to perfectly complement your new staircase.

Of all stair handrail parts, the handrail bracket is probably the most neglected item. However, what many of us don’t realize is that it is a very important accessory for any staircase. The most common function of the handrail bracket is to lend support to the handrail that is running along a wall. One of the primary reasons for using it is to improve the overall stability and sturdiness of a staircase. By a rule of thumb, handrail brackets should be placed approximately 48″ from each other. Normally, if a stairway is straight for the full length of a stair, 4 brackets are necessary to ensure safety and optimum stability.

Old, worn-out handrail brackets need your attention because they can make the staircase unsafe. But don’t replace them with just any handrail bracket design. You can make your new brackets match the rest of the staircase and thus, make them contribute to its overall beauty and appeal.

Remember, beauty, ease-of-use & installation, and durability are the three hallmarks of shopping for stair replacement parts. Choose from rail bolts, rail bolt wrenches, newel post fasteners, epoxies, dowel screws, dowel screwdrivers, and decorative stair brackets to take your existing stairway to the next level.

One of the primary concerns when buying staircase parts and accessories for your home or office is safe. It has been found that a large number of accidents at home involve a faulty staircase. In most cases, the culprit is a broken step or a wobbly handrail, or a warp in the carpet. This is unfortunate because most of these accidents can be avoided if only we pay a little more attention while buying stair parts.

Let’s take the example of handrail fittings. Today, if you go out in the market, you will find yourself facing the most extensive array of products in the category. From wrought iron handrail fittings to those made of steel or wood, from intricately designed fittings to the more simple – there’s no dearth of products in the market to choose from.

However, let not aesthetics be your sole concern while buying. We all indeed wish all wish to make our stairways look beautiful and so it is natural for us to feel inclined to buy the best looking handrail fittings that we can get within our budget. But remember, the best-looking products may not be the best choice for your home. This is because safety is also an important consideration. You need to ensure that the stair parts you are buying are not just good-looking or match the décor well, but are also strong and sturdy. Handrails lend critical support to the climber and you need to make sure that they do their job well.

If you are serious about building a safe and sturdy staircase, you need to pay attention to even the smallest of details. Let’s take the example of handrail brackets. Very often we tend to overlook them. But the fact is; that handrail brackets need to be carefully selected to ensure the overall safety of the staircase. They are the ones that hold a handrail firmly in its place and ensure a safe climb. These days, you would find a wide range of handrail brackets of many different sizes. However, while buying them, make sure that they are strong and will be able to hold the handrail in place. Also, look out for worn outworn-out brackets and replace them as soon as you can.

The Internet has revolutionized the way we buy things. These days, you don’t have to drive around for miles, searching for what you wish to buy from this to that store. Just a click of your mouse takes you to them in the blink of an eye. You can buy all that you wish to buy right from your comfortable chair. And stair parts are no exception either.

Whether you are remodeling an existing staircase or are building a new one, finding great quality stair parts to buy is no longer a problem. From stair balusters to newel posts, from a new set of treads to railings, and even brackets and fasteners – you can now find all the stair parts and accessories you seek with just a simple click of your mouse.

Buying online has certain distinct advantages over conventional shopping. First, it lets you compare costs and quality at multiple stores easily. Moreover, you can also avail of special discounts and rebates which are not available elsewhere. In most cases, online prices are lower than elsewhere. This is because online stores can be managed without a large overhead. Owners of these stores can save huge amounts of money that other brick-and-mortar establishments have to pay towards shop rent, electricity bills, etc. Thus, online store owners can pass on a part of these savings to their customers in the form of reduced prices on their products.

There are many reputed online stores specializing in stair parts of all kinds. They also provide comprehensive assistance in getting them installed should you require it. In most cases, the range of available products will be more than adequate to meet your needs. But if you still want something more, you can explore possible customization options that are offered by many top sellers. Thus, you can have a set of stair balusters designed according to your unique designs. Such a customization service is an excellent means of creating a staircase that is truly distinctive in its appearance.

Last but not the least, while you are out shopping for stair parts; do remember to pay close attention not just to the aesthetic aspect, but also to the quality and sturdiness of the products. After all, a staircase should not just be beautiful to look at, but also safe to use and durable. So, insist on both quality and beauty to ensure that you have the best value for your money.