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If you are like me and will do anything to escape the heat that can affect your sleeping then you probably tried adding a mattress topper to your bed. The problem is most of the mattress toppers found are not designed to eliminate heat but rather reflect it back-to-back attack on you. Yuck! That’s not what we need here. We need a cool mattress pad that will allow our body heat to flow through the bed instead. The toppers found in the mega warehouse stores, even though they are blue and lead you to believe are cooler, are just slightly cooler than the regular memory foam. Sure, they got some gel beads in there but if you look at the reviews by actual customers you will see they too are hot!

Latex Mattress Pads Dissipate Heat the Best

The open cell construction of a Latex Mattress Topper allows air to pass through the pad and give you the cooling effect we all desire in these hot summer temperatures. Most other mattress toppers are made with closed-cell closed-cell foam which does not breathe well at all and only complicates our sleep. Most mattress toppers are designed to relieve pressure points and both memory foam and latex foam do just that, but latex does it without the heat factor.

Cool Mattress Pads Without the Nasty Smell

If you were one of the millions who’s purchased a memory foam mattress topper then you know what I’m referring to. I had a customer just yesterday who told me she wished she had found me a couple of months ago because she bought one of those new blue mattress pads and found it to be no different from her other memory foam pad and it too made her sweat at night. She also had to leave it outside for 3 days before the smell went away enough for her to even bring it into the house. Latex toppers come from mother nature and only have a slight natural rubber smell and are completely non-toxic.

Women with Hot Flashes – Help is Here with a Latex Mattress Topper

You know what I’m talking about gals, it’s a miserable time in your life and a memory foam bed and/or topper only complicates your ongoing issues. My solution – get rid of it. Go to what is known to help with the heat factor and get yourself a cool mattress topper made with latex foam. We carry them in several configurations including 2″ and 3″. Both regular latex and slow recovery latex for those who like the feel of memory foam but without the side effects. We also carry the Pure Latex Bliss Mattress Toppers which are pure elegance and comfort.

The addition of a latex pillow will also help with those night sweats you’ve been experiencing. I’m not saying it’s going to eliminate them but it surely will help.

Why Mattress Toppers? Frustrated with sleep-deprived nights along with a low-quality bed mattress? Can’t afford a brand-new bed mattress at this time? Let Sleeps help with our mattress topper range. A mattress topper may be the perfect interim means to fix fixing uncomfortable bed mattress problems and can enable you to get a great night’s sleep.

Our bed mattress foam toppers put a layer of the very lavish and comfortable foam between both you and your hard bed mattress developing a padding effect that softly molds the body and provides you gentle yet effective support. Foam is an innovative material created from different levels of Visco elastic. These components were initially developed by NASA in the 70s for her space program to be able to cushion astronauts throughout take-off and landing. Now we introduce the identical material for you using our excellent bedding items.

For those who have never experienced the posh of foam prepare to become amazed. As soon as you lay lower at first glance of the mattress topper you’ll permeate the delicious surface and have the utmost comfort at the same time. You won’t be required to keep altering positions to obtain comfortable and you can be certain you’ll possess the best night’s sleep ever.

At Sleeps we deliver free of charge providing you with increased affordable. Delivery is quick too – we would like you to be going through the numerous advantages of foam on your own as rapidly as you possibly can. Why don’t you make an order around right now to discover for yourself why so a number of our clients keep returning to us again and again?

Sleep is really important but we can frequently neglect our beds, however when you consider the number of hours we spend inside them it’s important to find the comfort perfect. A mattress topper from Sleeps isn’t just economical but provides you with the best hours of sleep possible with no disruptions. You’ll think it is simple to fall off and every one of the individual’s aches and niggles triggered because of your low quality or old bed mattress is a factor of history.

Use the internet today or phone our useful team!

Comfort – if you lie about the mattress bed mattress certain areas of the body press lower harder than these. On a standard mattress bed mattress, this may lead to the build of pressure points, reducing bloodstream flow to specific parts of the body. This leads to being restless and disrupted sleep using the evening.

About the best foam bed mattress, however, your pressure points warm the froth greater than other parts of the body. Meaning the froth softens to a greater degree, eliminating the problem of pressure develop development.

Support – while foam offers comfort for the pressure points it remains encouraging elsewhere. It’ll do this by remaining firmer in cooler areas, such as the small ones from the back.

A bed mite mattress protector is a must-have for every type of bedding situation. Did you know that your bed could fall prey to a bed mite infestation at any time? Your bed could be overwrought by bed mites completely unawares. And when that happens, best of luck trying to get rid of them. It won’t be easy. So what is the best thing for you to do in a situation like this? Cover your bedding with a protective anti-bed mite covering.

While we don’t want to digress here and start talking Entomology 101, let’s just say that bed mites are microscopic insects that tend to thrive in warm and dark places, such as your bedding. You can develop respiratory ailments by inhaling the particulate matter that they shed. You can also develop skin irritation if you come into physical contact with them. So suffice it to say that bed mites don’t make for very good bedfellows, and you sure don’t want to be lying amongst them for 8 hours straight every night, vulnerable to their whims.

So ultimately, the best way to fend off the threat of bed mites is to protect your bedding with a bed mite mattress protector. The way it works is that it provides an impenetrable barrier that is impermeable to even the most microscopic and minuscule of particles and organisms. Even if a bed mite were to somehow get onto your bed, it wouldn’t ever be able to make it past the protector. And in a situation like that, all you would have to do is wash the protector in the laundry when all is said and done.

A bed mite mattress protector is Southworth investing in. It offers many benefits: keeping your bedding environment sterile, it protects and preserves the useful life of your mattress, and it helps to safeguard your health against allergens and skin irritants. We spend a good 30% of our lives asleep, thus it is in our best interests that we spend that time clean, sterile, secure, safe, and healthy.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until after it is already too late. Protect your bedding with a bed mite mattress protector now!

Protect a Bed is the leading manufacturer of mattress protectors in the world. Health Canada and the U.S Food and Drug Administration rated the brand as class 1 in a medical devices. It is the bestselling mattress protector across the globe and is credited with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

A Protect a bed mattress protector protects allergenic properties, irritants, liquids, and stains with the unique formula specially developed for the brand. Protect a Bed has brought about a new revolution in the mattress protection industry with its crisp, thin, breathable, and waterproof protectors. Moreover, as a result of constant innovation and improvement, it has launched a scientifically tested bug-proof and anti-allergen encasement technology for its mattresses.

Bed mattresses are the perfect target for dust mites and bed bugs to breed and spread rapidly causing serious health problems. More and more people are becoming aware of this issue and are eager to protect their health. Hence, to keep users and mattresses clean, healthy, and sanitary, mattress protectors are becoming popular and a necessity for a healthier leaving.

The mattress is ideal for the whole family right from the infant to the adult. It is needed for the promotion of a hygienic and healthy environment. Mattress protectors are available in all sizes for example, from cribs to super king-size beds. The waterproof material in the protectors is suitable for infants and old-aged people who have bedwetting problems. It is pesticide-free and apart from protecting against allergies, irritants, bacteria, and dust mites it offers the ultimate comfort.

Unlike other mattress toppers, this is stretchable, light, thin, and fits nicely into any depth of mattress. Even though it is waterproof it does not change the feel of the mattress surface. The air channels underneath the toppers prevent any moisture from building up and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

You can choose from a range of bed mattress protectors and mattress encasements based on your personal choice. The protector collection includes Drawsheet/Underpad, Basic, Elite, Luxury, Plush, Premium, and Therm-a-Sleep mattress protectors. The encasement range includes AllerZip Smooth, AllerZip Terry, BugLock, BugLock Plus, and BugLock plus Sleeper cab mattress encasement.

The Company is dedicated to providing the best level of service and constantly delivering what is promised to its customers across the globe. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the production of their products and therefore compromising on the quality of the finished product is not an option.

When deciding what mattress and memory foam mattress topper double size to buy there are several things that you will need to consider. Although there are cheap brands on the market it is worth spending more and buying quality to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. Your whole body will feel better and you will feel refreshed and ready to combat the world and its problems.

You may need a new mattress for medical reasons and having the right mattress topper can help with your back and neck problems. Purchasing the correct memory foam mattress topper double size will not only guarantee that you have a fantastic night’s sleep but also that you are ensuring that you and your back are in the correct position all night. You may have recently bought your mattress and cannot afford to replace it then a topper is perfect for your needs.

Memory foam is an amazing product that has proven to be the best and most comfortable thing that you can sleep on. The memory foam mattress topper double size is designed to shape your body it allows you to move and still make sure that your body is evenly distributed. The memory foam is designed to very rapidly reforming to its original position every time you move. All through your night’s sleep the foam will be moving and adapting to ensure that you sleep perfectly.

The memory foam mattress topper double size has been created with polyurethane, this fantastic material is very dense and viscoelastic. The properties that are in the memory foam react with your body heat and work perfectly at night. Although the mattresses are perfect for you to sleep on you may find that they work out very expensive. This is why more and more people are buying mattress toppers as they are just as comfortable. You can use them with any existing mattress and you will still get the same great results.

The mattress toppers will last you for many years and will very rarely become worn and need replacing. They are a great investment to have and can make you feel so much better if you have any type of back condition then they will help with it. The memory foam mattress topper double size is also ideal for preventing back and spine problems as you will be sleeping in the perfect position. They are also great for people with allergies as dust mites cannot survive on the specially formulated foam. It is worth spending that little bit extra and getting the ideal topper for your bed.

The mattress toppers come in many different sizes and can be bought for all types of beds you can buy them not only for you but also for your children’s beds as well. Your whole family can sleep better and you will know that you are doing your best to help them sleep. You can buy the toppers from specialist shops and online and you can find some great bargains if you look. Once you have a memory foam mattress topper double size you will wonder how you managed to sleep on anything else.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep, it could well be your rickety old bed (not your stressful lifestyle) that’s to blame. We spoke to the best in the bedding business to get this top advice on shopping for a new bed.

  1. Invest in quality

Nigel Cairns of Bedworld says, ‘The one golden rule is that you pay for what you get. The more you pay for your new bed or mattress then the better the quality will be.’ A bed will continue to lose its comfort and support year after year so buy the most expensive one that you can afford. A good quality bed should last ten years.

  1. The seven-year itch

According to the Sleep Council, ‘the critical ‘seven years even-year itch’ can be a make or break moment for many marriages and mattresses. If your mattress is more than seven years old it almost certainly needs replacing. Decide whether you want an open coil, pocket sprung, latex, or foam mattress with the help of our Buyer’s guide to mattresses. But first, take the Sleep Council’s MOT quiz and assess the state of your sleeping equipment.

  1. Roll around

Try the bed in all of the sleeping positions you tend to use, not only on your back,’ says Lucy Benham, assistant buyer for beds at John Lewis. ‘Place your hand in the small of your back and try to move it about. If it moves too easily, the bed may be too hard for you; if it’s a struggle to move your hand, then the bed is too soft. If you can move your hand with just a little resistance, the bed may be just right for you.’ Sleep easy on this Hotel 4-poster bed from John Lewis.

  1. To slat or not?

Adam Black, of bed specialists Feather & Black, says, ‘Flat wooden slats are the equivalent of placing the mattress on the floor. Always opt for a sprung base, be it a sprung divan or sprung beech slats.’ Foam mattresses are ideal for slatted bases as the springs on other mattresses will push through the slats over time and shorten the life of your mattress. Their Well Base bed (£654.75 for a super-king) combines the comfort of a divan with the contemporary look of a bed base. Superior style and comfort. Stephen George, the bedroom furniture buyer for Harrods, is even more specific. ‘If going for slats, we recommend that they should be sprung timber slats, not be more than 6cms apart,’ he says.

  1. Supersize me

Opt for the largest bed size the room can accommodate’, says Black. ‘Small beds are fine when you are getting on well with whomever you share it with, but tend to seem much smaller at those other times time. The Sleep Council says a regular four foot six double bed gives two sleepers less space than the size of a baby’s cot. But, warns Toby Ash of New Heights, ‘Consider the other furniture you have in the room and ensure that you have sufficient space around the bed to make the room functional. Mark out the size of the bed you are considering on your floor to ensure it is not going to be an obstacle.’ Feather & Black’s regal-looking Highgrove bed will ensure sweet dreams.

  1. Upholstered headboard

‘Solid wooden beds will last longer than veneered ones,’ says Adam Black. ‘Buying upholstered headboards which have removable covers makes sense. You can clean and dry-clean the covers once in a while and you can always give your bedroom a facelift by updating the fabric on the headboard.’ As for the end of the bed, Toby Ash of New Heights says ‘high footboards can look great in large rooms with high ceilings but taller people may find a low footboard more comfortable and less restrictive.’

  1. Keep the bed bugs away

Sensitive types should opt for a hypoallergenic mattress like this king-size Rockingham mattress from The Conran Shop which will help with asthma and breathing problems. Their anti-dust mite properties will stop you from sneezing all night long.

  1. Matchmaker, matchmaker

How do you match the mattress to the base? ‘These days almost all quality mattresses perform just as well on a slatted base as they would on a sprung divan,’ says Black. However, he warns salesmen will confuse customers by linking mattress performance to a particular base to make a double sale.

  1. Guest beds

Guest/folding and storage beds provide flexible solutions for overnight guests. With a small bedroom, it makes sense to use your bed as a secondary storage option. Opt for a Platinum raised inflatable aerobed from John Lewis.

  1. Ready built or flat pack?

Make sure you find out from retailers whether they will deliver the bed in one piece or whether you’ll need to put it together yourself. These days there are flat pack options that extend far beyond IKEA. The Bourne double bed from Furniture123 is simple and chic.