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There are many different types of furniture today, ranging from tables, chairs, beds, and other household furniture serving varied functions. Furthermore, these pieces of furniture are designed for various purposes, with some specifically meant to be supportive. This brings us to the idea of side tables, also known as end tables.

Due to the necessity to satisfy our desires after building our homes which require us to be fully furnished to make sure that the sweetness of the house rhyme with the inside of the house, it is more important to furnish the house to the extent of satisfaction properly. The primary thing to ensure this desire is met is to settle on differing types of tables, like the side tables, that always decorate the house to the fullest. As discussed below, there are many side tables; they include coffee tables, accent tables, console tables, outdoor side tables, and patio side tables.


Mid-Century Style Side Table Small Side Table

This side table always features a basket to store items like books and magazines for easier use, which may have different shapes counting on the client’s preferences.


Modern Iron Wire Side Table

This type of side table is often used for keeping things within the bedroom or the front room. It is often of various shapes, for instance, triangular and circular side tables. This side table has vibrant, youthful energy without personality.


Modern Style Side Table

This is the foremost elegant side table which always meets the fashionable features. It is often a mix of metal, glass, and wood to allure it with the foremost unique and technical design, making the space attractive and meeting the client’s preferences.


Small Scandinavian Style Side Table

This is a side table that features a good sleek which is build and two-tone drawers. It is often used at the bedside, alternatively within the front room for keeping personal items. This specific side table has a superb option once you need an area to stash your odds and end.


Tier Side Table with Basket

This is two tiers side table with a really attractive and ultra-modern storage basket. The table is often of various shapes counting on the client; specifications can also be modified using metal bars and glass to make it more attractive. It is often painted white or used furnish when the wood is employed.


Small oak side table. 

This is often a multi-level side table that comprises many storage nooks. This table has a fanatical reader that keeps their read close.


Simple Wooden Side Table

This is a side table you will make using straightforward wood. Therefore, the simple skills you have already got through curving the wood into different attractive shapes count on your taste.


Narrow Side Table

This unique table has flip-flop storage with an ideal solution for hiding your unsightly odds and ends with a transitional style available in either black or cherry, weathered gray, and black.


Yeh Tall Wall Table

This designer side table designer was inspired to make it a beautiful table after two cheerleaders were witnessed practicing strength exercises. An ultra-modern table is often painted using either White or Black colors, which are best suited to that but not limited to the client’s tastes and preferences.


Small Minimalistic Side Table

It is a minimalistic rejoice which is both simple and classy with its double-tier design. It is an ideal combo of sophisticated and affordable with a slam dunk.


Nautical Style Side Table

This playful end table would harmonize effortlessly with any nautical décor. Equipped with four rope pull drawers in an ombre color palette, with this end table, you are bound to have something that’s both practical and classy, following our preferences.


Small Rectangular White Table with Storage

This side table with round edges and additional storage makes this end table an optimal fit for a kid’s room. This design always with a drawer and open cabinet. Modern, stylish glass side table with a metallic base. This side table reflects your home’s style within the best light with one among these high shine beauties. It is a metallic base paired with either a mirrored or glass tabletop that brings a glam design that’s perfect for squeezing into a decent nook or corner.


Faux Marble Round Side Table

This features a sleek marble, all without the additional weight on your floor or your wallet! This lux-looking side table is a reasonable option for a fashionable home.


Nesting Side Table

Nesting table has different shapes and sizes; the foremost dominant shapes are square or rectangular because these shapes are capable of stacking and are so neat compared to other shapes. Nesting tables are so advantageous as they are incredibly versatile. You will get two pieces. They are flexible as you will increase or decrease your table space consistent with your preferences. They are very easy to be ready to minimize the space.


Square Faux Marble Side Table with Lip

This is another faux marble option that boasts of bringing a sleek style to any room. Its luminescent gold legs paired with the marble design top always make the space attractive when installed and painted using different colors.


Hexagonal Side Table with Golden Geometric Base

This geometric side table features a brilliant design that’s dripping with contemporary charm. It is a bold and youthful aesthetic that illuminates beauty when utilized in furnishing the space.


Small Artistic Movement Style Gold Side Table

This table is fit royalty! Instantly amplify a room’s glam factor by adding one or two of those luxurious side tables, making the space more attractive.


Modern Copper Finishes Small Side Table.

The table is structured with an equivalent white frosted glass and copper legs because the sleek tripod table makes it unique. This table adds a couple of legs to vary the planning completely. Therefore, this unique table gives you a youthful experience while maintaining its classy appearance, making it a perfect addition to your furniture collection.


Small Mirrored Side Table

This table features a mirror on every side which makes it look stunning in a Sunroom.


Modern Triangular Side Table

It is an easy and sculptural modern triangle side table that doubles as a stool and is sweet for indoor or outdoor use. It also can be stacked with other Leisure Mod products to make various looks.


Modern Floating Bedside Table

A floating table keeps the ground clutter-free and infuses your home with modern style.


Small Folding Side Table

This is the table used for holding the TV, which features a modern makeover with this bright and white table. This tray table easily folds away when not in use and is slim enough to be stashed away behind the couch or under the bed for those short on space.


The C-Style End Table

This table is extremely attractive, and it is more rampant within the market. It is the foremost recent table that clients can choose from. Thanks to its innovation and, therefore, the palpable features related to a cantilever base design, it is often made from metal that tightly holds the highest of the table. It also can be made from wood like mahogany, equivalently attractive when furnished. The table usually forms a c shape and hence its name. it is best suited to the lifestyle of the fashionable home and hence becoming dominant thanks to its unique shape


Trunk End Table

They are ideal end tables to embellish your house most fantastically; they will be ready to hold things like large suitcases while posturing a private, unique, and cost-effective furniture item; in addition to that, they are able inside the trunk are often wont to store things like the beddings, stationery, and documents and hence reducing the time wastage as you clutter within the room.


Try-Top Side Table

This is a side table with a try-like structure top that won’t to holds the tv. Earlier on, they were not seen as stylish, but they need become more dominant with time, with most clients preferring them thanks to their unique features. The tables can combine the c-shaped side table features and are hence more prevalent within the market thanks to their flexibility.


Square End Table

The square end table may be a side table characterized by a square shape top, as its name suggests. The table is often made using glass. Alternatively, the client can prefer to use wood then furnish to form it attractive. It is usually designed to fit between furniture items. It may flush between the sofa set, allowing more room and maybe wont to hold items like TV and other things.


Rectangle End Table

Like a square end table, an oblong one works well in a room where space is a problem. However, rectangular end tables have one significant advantage over square tables – they will be designed to be slim. So, they will fit into narrow nooks, and you will still have only enough tabletop space to place a cup of tea or a little decorative potted plant. Thanks to its slim design, it will be ideal to pair the table with one chair or place it alongside one armrest of a couch because the table can quickly get crowded when shared. Some rectangular side tables have extra storage within the sort of a drawer or multi-level shelves.


Triangle Side Table

This side table features a triangular-based structure on top and bottom, which looks great within your home. The table usually rhymes well with the armchair placed in an L-formation. It also can slot in the corners, save on space, and adequately decorate your house.


Round End Table

They are those tables with attention-grabbing round shapes; they will either be mirrored or wooden round side tables. The tables can break monotony and tedium and add softness to an area dominated by furniture with straight-line edges, like contemporary-style couches.


Glass End Side Table

This glass end table can lend an air of sophistication and elegance when utilized in the house to embellish. Additionally, it always has the foremost stunning accent Glass end tables are a shocking accent. They are noticeable in sitting rooms with a contemporary aesthetic and stylish furniture, like low modular couches. While clear glass is timeless, colored glass is often unexpected and striking.

A colored glass side table can add brightness to a dull room or draw attention to a favorite section of the space. For a good, more luxurious, and attention-grabbing look, the reflective surface of mirrored glass does the work. When glass and wood are paired together, they can create a contrast that displays both traditional and contemporary looks, which works perfectly if you want to have side tables with a transitional style in your home.

These tables are made up of a neighborhood of a trunk cut horizontally. The cut edge is then sanded and varnished to make a tabletop. The sweetness of this sort of end table lies in its uniqueness. It is just the thing you would like to bring a touch of the surface into your home. Other natural and artificial materials, like stone, steel, or plastic polymers, also are wont to make freeform end tables.


Half-Moon End Tables

These unique side tables are designed with a tabletop shaped in the half-circle stage, which is made to rest on the table’s three or four legs. Furthermore, there are various modern variations in the design of these tables, which come with metal frames as supports and enhancers of the tabletops of the half-moon shape. This comes in stark contrast to the tables made completely round, making the half-moon side table have many benefits, such as being placed against a wall. Alternatively, you can have your table placed along your sofa’s straight fringe.

They are an excellent option if you do not want to compromise on the softness of a curved silhouette by choosing a more angularity. They are also ideal as nesting tables. These side tables are designed to appear arty, especially when you place two of their halves with the straight edges facing one another to form a balanced full circle.

Durability, strength, and natural beauty are a number of the explanations why wood is a superb material for manufacturing end tables. Examples of traditional choices of these tables include hardwoods, such as mahogany, oak, and maple, as well as softwoods, such as pine.

However, much of today’s mass-produced side tables are made up of engineered plywood and wood board. Additionally, to get used indoors, wood side tables also are an appropriate option for outdoor use, provided it is treated with a sealant to guard them against the weather. A wooden end table adds warmth and luxury to your living room. It is an everlasting classic that works with home décor of any style.



Metal is not only good for creating the legs or support structure of an end table. It is often equally nearly as good because of the main design feature of the table. When utilized in home décor, many of us consider metal too cold and dull on the one hand or way too flashy on the opposite.

However, when coated in high-end matte or sheen finishes and muted color palettes, metal can look elegant and ultra-modern. Metal is wonderful when designed because of the flat or tray tabletop on a side table or when it has been decorated or formed into a cage on a drum-style end table.


Stone End Side Table

The idea of getting a stone-end table could also be a touch intimidating. Good quality stone like granite and marble is dear in any case. Plus, the table could also be pretty heavy, albeit it is small. However, a stone table does not need to be a solid and large lump.

You can choose a side table that cleverly includes stone elements instead. This way, you get the design without making an enormous dent in your pocket.  A little square or round table with metal legs and a skinny polished granite tabletop may be a good option that’s chic and utilitarian. Alternatively, be inspired by the aesthetic of Scandinavian design with a minimalist white marble top table on simple wooden legs.


Wicker End Side Table

These are the side tables made up of natural grasses like bamboo, rattan, weed, or reed, for those clients who want to make a bit of eco-friendly furniture or rustic touch. one among the simplest things about wicker is how lightweight it is. You will devour a little table and move it to a different part of your lounge or another room entirely very easily. The wicker side table also can act as outdoor as a part of your patio furniture because it is formed of natural moisture and is in a position to resist moisture and sturdy material.


Drum Side Tables

These side tables always have a drum-shaped structure, making them very eye-catching in our rooms. They will even be mended into different shapes, counting on the owner’s taste and preferences, like the oval drum side table and triangular side table. It is just like the traditional drums, but they are decorated using furnish and even white paint. They can also be cast into different shapes with intricate designs and carvings. The metal tables are cast with hammered markings making them have an excellent industrial accent piece.


Floyd Side Table

The Floyd side table may be a minimal profile versatile low surface table commonly used as an end table or a bedside table. It is constructed with powdered steel legs and a birch plywood tabletop. The Floyd side table pairs well with the whole Floyd line of the prevailing home furniture. It is a height of 17.5 by 15.


The Hew Side Table

The hew side table with the c shape is the one that comes with the house for fun and personality through a bold silhouette. On each hew side, the plan has different silhouette variations and is made from solid wood shape with the looks.


The Flat Base End Table

The flat base is right if your end table has built-in storage or shelving. Since side tables like this hold books or other decorative items whose weight can quickly add up, they must be extra stable. In many cases in the designing of side tables of this kind, you will find flat bases on the various square, rectangular, cubed, or even drum-styled side tables. However, this only works to add to their beauty and aesthetic aspects, which are essential components of their functionality. Some side tables with thin metal frames also sit flat on the ground, although an aesthetic appeal is prioritized. This makes this side table ready to save space, and it is also capable of rhyming with many items within the house. Most clients prefer this end table thanks to its unique features, which may match the future; hence, it is flexible.



The side tables are always the backbone of getting a most decent way of decorating the house. Different clients usually prefer a certain side table that goes hand in hand with the place deemed to be decorated. Thus, it is vital to understand the sort of furniture you will include in your house, which is not limited to the space and therefore the paint applied on the wall of your house. The shapes and, therefore, the side tables available within the market are getting so dominant. Hence, it is vital to settle on the taste that’s not so common within the market and may be achieved through different combinations of features.