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Storage solutions can be designed to fit any space, including open shelves or built-in units and cupboards with doors and drawers, so whatever you need to store, there’s a solution for you.

Built-in units, drawers, and cupboards can be designed for use in garages, pantries, and kitchens giving handy space-saving options to provide an organized and accessible place to keep clutter and items that need to be stored.

Storing things away in the attic that we don’t need to use frequently is pretty common, however, because not many people have organized storage in their attics, it can be a nightmare trying to lay your hand on the items you’re looking for when you venture in among the unmarked cardboard boxes and plastic bags littering the floor. All manner of items get thrown up there, from empty boxes from Christmas presents to decorations and decorating equipment, so it’s hardly surprising that finding items in the attic is difficult, especially considering most people would struggle to recall exactly what they have stored away in their loft.

A time-served joiner or carpenter could help solve the problem by boarding out your attic to make it safer and easier to access and can create built-in storage such as cupboards under the eaves, which can be reinforced, or building shelves around the walls. If your loft space tends to get dusty, cupboard doors can be fitted, but if you’re storing items in boxes on your shelves, keeping the shelves open shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’ve had an attic conversion to increase the amount of living accommodation in your home instead of it just being left as a storage area, a lot of scopes remains to remain for building practical and well-designed storage solutions, whatever the space in your attic is used for, from home cinemas to teenage dens, offices to libraries. From media storage to bookcases, built-in chests to hold kids’ toys to wardrobes for bedrooms, building custom-made cupboards can be a practical solution, and the bonus is that you can choose the best finish to match the existing decor of your room.

Another commonly used area that tends to get filled with clutter is a shed or garage, however, as with attics, fitting shelves and cupboards can enable the easier organization of items being stored, increasing the likelihood of you laying your hands on the items you require. If you have a small property without a shed or garage to protect items like gardening equipment and hedge trimmers from the rain, a vast choice of wooden, metal, and plastic storage containers can be purchased, suited to bike storage, or just to store general garden items.

No matter which room you need to increase the amount of storage in, and whether your house is a 5 bedroom detached farmhouse or a two-bedroom cottage, an experienced carpenter can create a bespoke design to provide the solution to all your needs, so that clutter can become a thing of the past and you can enjoy a neat home.

When you are looking for shelving, there are of course several different things you need to consider. There’s the look and size of the unit, ensuring it fits in with whatever aesthetic you are going for. There’s material to think about, whether wood might get stained or metal might rust depending on your environment. However, for shelves that need to be under a bit more heavy-duty use, the weight they can withstand is one of the most important factors and something that needs to be quantified.

When looking for a unit that needs to withstand heavy eight heavyweights, you should enquire into the load it can take. This will be expressed as a UDL, or uniformly distributed load. The weight quoted will be the weight it can withstand when spread over the shelf in such a way that the entire area is laden to the same extent. Therefore while a shelf may well be able to withstand 60kg of weight UDL, you wouldn’t be able to simply stick 60kg in the center and get on with your day.

So if you know the weight that the shelves will need to withstand, don’t simply plump for a cheaper model because it says it can withstand the weight that one item might impose. Ensure that the UDL is high enough to confidently accommodate any single heavier items (or concentrated loads) that may be placed on them.

While several sites might not quote URLs on their items, certain online shelving outlets such as BiGDUG ( have URLs quoted for pretty much all units advertised. For much more heavy-duty use, it will probably be wise to look into getting industrial shelving which, while usually larger and stronger, can often be even cheaper than the smaller, more aesthetically-focused units.

If you are searching for a new look inside your kitchen, you do not have to replace the entire set of kitchen cabinets, especially when these are still in good condition. Having a new cabinet door can help you achieve the design or look you want without the expensive cost of replacement.

Here are some of the most common cabinet door styles you can choose from: 

  1. Shaker – This gets its name from the Shaker-style furniture. This is one of the most common styles that come with a frame made from four pieces with a wide center panel. This is quite popular because of its simple design that suits almost any type of house, from traditional to contemporary.
  2. Flat – Another common choice that also suits both classic and modern style homes is the flat cabinet door. The flat panel is simple but stylish without the need for expensive details. This will also appeal to those who are going for a more minimalist look.
  3. Beaded – If you are aiming for a cottage style, the beaded or beadboard is your choice. The center panel of this door is reminiscent of classic beadboard paneling. Before drywall and paint became common, beadboard paneling was used for decorative purposes. When painted with white or other lighter shades, this gives a bright chic look. However, with its crevasses, it can be taxing to clean.
  4. Louvered – These are doors that come with horizontal wood slats slightly on top of the other just like in a louver window shades or doors. Its unique architectural design certainly adds some sophistication to your cabinets. Also, it is good for cabinets that need some kind of ventilation because the wood slats have spaces in between. Nonetheless, this may come with a hefty price, depending on the wood species used, as well. 
  5. Inset – Typically, cabinet doors have a door resting on the outside frame. An inset cabinet door, however, is set inside the frame of the cabinet, thus its name. This being the case, the door is constructed with very precise measurements to ensure that the door perfectly fits the frame and opens and closes well. Also, it typically comes with exposed hinges. Because of all these, this is one of the more expensive styles. So, you need to consider your budget when you are going for this. 
  6. Distressed – If you want to achieve a more antique-like appeal, “distressed” cabinet doors might just be what you are looking for. You can achieve this look with your current cabinet doors through several distressing techniques which you can do on your own. Nonetheless, you can always opt for professional cabinet makers in Michigan to work on your doors, but this will add up to the cost.
  7. Custom – As for those who cannot find the specific style they want, they can go for custom cabinets in Michigan. You simply have to hire a reputable cabinet-making company and carefully discuss what you want for your cabinet doors.

These are some of the styles you can do for the door of your cabinets in Michigan. So, if your cabinets are still in good condition and would want to have a different look and vibe, you can go for a change in the cabinet doors.

Imagine where everything in your house or office was a mess due to the lack of a suitable storage facility. It would be terrible; they would look very untidy and am sure you would have a very rough time welcoming visitors to your premises. You will agree with me that cabinets not only enhance neatness and tidiness but also produce beauty and elegance in the house or office. There are many models of cabinets from different countries, but for now, we will have a look at Curio cabinets.

Curio cabinets are popular among many traditional and contemporary homes as there are both traditional as well as modern Curio cabinets. They are of many different designs such as the standard tall cases, wall mounts, and consoles. They are crafted uniquely to complement your valuables and any decoration that has a range of paints and finishes. They are of different categories with outstanding features and desirable color finish as well as a varied number of shelves to suit your preference. Consequently, due to the different designs and qualities of these cabinets, they are of different price rates.

When purchasing a Curio cabinet, you need to consider the amount of space the cabinet will occupy the items you have for display, and that which will compliment your decorations and taste. The features that you should look out for are the side columns, base, hardware, and pediment. The shelves should be adjustable to suit the heights and shapes of items being displayed.

After purchasing the Curio cabinets, ensure they are firmly positioned, not moving up and down like a see-saw. This is because they hold valuable items which if were to fall, could be distorted or destroyed. Again, the glass used to make these cabinets could break if they feel as a result of being bumped into. Consequently, their appearance would not be as appealing as before.

We are in a dynamic age where we result in being in a mess if we do not properly handle what we possess. Shelving systems are utilized in the home, schools, offices, shops, factories, hospitals, supermarkets, and even hotel rooms to store and exhibit items. They are obtainable in a wide collection of designs, styles, prices, and materials counting wood, plastic, metal, and glass. Thus, before deciding which storage solutions to pick and the sort of material for the shelves, you must not ignore to consider what you will be kept in them and how you wish the look of the rack or cabinet to match your furnishings. Another important consideration before you decide to buy is the weight of what you are willing to put on the shelf since it will affect the shelving material, its wideness, and the space between the supports.


If you are thinking of putting up a shelving system, it is equally vital to know about the common faults related to its failure. Very rare but yes, it happens at times. Generally, the technique that is used to install the storage unit to the wall would depend on the kind of wall. The wall would largely be made of block-covered plaster, lathe, brick, plaster studying, etc. Irrespective of any category of shelving an individual uses, they might fail because of one of these factors such as brackets bracket bending which is caused due to wrong selection of bracket over the weight of the thing. Firstly, the fixing screws pulling out of the wall – the screws may be too tiny, improper wall plugs used, or not fitted appropriately for the type of wall. Secondly, bending of the shelf – is usually caused by the supports being too far apart: the load on the shelf, the material, and its wideness all affect the distance between brackets. Thirdly, cracking of its material usually is caused due by the same reasons that sagging. However, a high-quality storage unit would not let you experience any of these damages and not hurt your pocket.


The shelf storage systems that are available in the market are mostly built in three different types such as built-in shelving, fixed brackets, or adjustable slotted shelving system. There is a wide array of it extremely useful in offices, industrial angle posts, rolled edges, libraries, and short span & long span along with extensions. With this multiplicity in shelving storage, you can now store more stuff in the least floor space, decrease your storage room lease and construction expenditures, make space for more people and equipment, improve retrieval, and protect stored things. Choose to buy a proper solution for your requirement from a reliable manufacturer or supplier, otherwise, it would also be wise to Google the information and buy online since it will save a lot of your time, money, and energy.

To make sure that all your employees do not injure themselves in your business when they are carrying or moving items, you need to make sure that they have the appropriate equipment to avoid the accidents – and this is a legal requirement.

Injuries can be expensive if they happen in the workplace as you have an injured employee who needs time off work and you are also not getting the job that they carry out completed either. If the injury has taken place in the workplace this could be even more expensive as the employee may put in a claim to the business for the injury that they have sustained. This can be costly if the injury is severe and the employee can no longer work on medical grounds and can damage your reputation.

This is why you need to make sure that as an employer you have all of the items that you need to avoid any injuries when carrying heavy items. Portable racking works well to help with this matter as not only can you easily move the unit to the suitable place where the heavy items are you can also move the racking with the heavy items on the racking already.

Here at BiGDUG, there is a wide range of storage solutions that we have available to meet all of your storage needs. Portable racking has four castors on, two of which have brakes on so that the unit can also be parked and still if needed. The shelves on the portable racking are adjustable so that you can make sure that you can fill the racking with the items that you need to store and they can then be transported safely. There are also other storage solutions that we have available to help you to transport heavy items to the portable racking. 

Wall shelf is an exotic product that gives a new & happening look to your plain walls. It will be a masterpiece of your living room that can easily grab the attention of your guests. Apart from giving an embellished look to your living room, it is widely used for organizing things. You can even arrange your tiny possessions on the shelf and get a tidy look at your home. 

Wall shelves online in India are available in a large variety of materials, such as wood, glass, plastic, and metal. A wooden shelf is a perfect piece to give an aesthetic appeal to your home. As it can blend into any kind of home decor and will give a rustic feel to the ambiance of your room. The wooden shelf will be like a glimpse of the best designs available, so choose the one that can add elegance to your place. 

The wall shelf chosen must add functionality to your home along with the style. Its versatile nature makes it the most important part of your furniture. You can use the shelf, according to your requirements. 

  • If you want to buy it for your bedroom, then have a big wooden shelf so that it can be used as a closet.
  • If you want to buy it for your kitchen, then have a floating wall shelf so that all your expensive crockery can be arranged in that.
  • If you want to buy it for your living room, then have a stylish wall shelf, which can add an elegant look to your home.
  • If you want to buy it for your study room, then go for a simple design and avoid the one with sharp corners.

Along with the large variety in sizes of wall shelves, they are also available in various shapes. Open back shelf, wall mounted shelf, ladder shelf and many more are available. Choose the one that complements the interior of your home. If you have infants, then opt for the wall-mounted shelf placed on height to avoid any accidents otherwise you can choose any piece suiting your home. 

Nowadays, buying furniture online is very much interesting as compared to shopping from brick and mortar shops. Browse several websites, and you can find an exact piece according to your need. Before selecting the desired product check its dimensions; match it with the area where you want to place the shelf. Next, check its cost and compare it to the shelves on various sites, select the one that can come within your budget. Check for the authenticity of the online furniture dealer, if everything is perfect, then place the order and cherish the product with your family.

Bathroom vanity cabinets are important constituents of any bathroom. Vanity cabinets provide extra workspace in the bathroom and increase the overall look of the bathroom. A vanity cabinet contains a countertop and shelves or cabinets. They can not only be used for home improvement but also hotels and motels. Most of the vanities contain a bathroom sink on the top with closed shelving on the bottom. Generally, a mirrored cabinet or mirror is hung above the bathroom vanity cabinets. The simplest vanity cabinet is made of laminates and has a closed cupboard on the bottom. But superior vanity cabinets may be crafted from high-class woods and their feature shelves remain hidden by double doors with excellent nickel handles or chromes. A few vanity cabinets contain a small drawer under the sink area and on the top of closed cupboards.

The basic type of bathroom vanity cabinet is available in the home improvement stores. Usually, there are good varieties of vanity cabinets available, which are functional with several bathroom styles. Attractive dark wood vanity cabinets can be purchased from home improvement stores, which are ideal for fancier bathrooms. A number of them are gorgeous and they look like elegant dining room furniture. For example, a high-class cherry vanity unit is curved in design and contains excellently designed cabinet handles.

Latest vanity cabinets often contain a vessel sink at the top, which looks like a big glass bowl. Elaborated modern goose neck-gooseneck neck gooseneck or other striking faucet styles can be compared with the vessel sink and fashionable vanity cabinets. Some modern bathroom vanity cabinets contain a glass top before laminate or tile countertop region for the sink mount.

For more usual decoration, antique-looking vanities can be a good choice. These are designed in painted white or wood tones. They may feature turned wooden posts on both sides. Other antique vanities contain a lot of drawers and look like a bedroom dressers. Some vanity cabinets are rustic farmhouse types; they are in light to medium grain wood with space for a huge rectangular sink.
However, lower-valued vanity cabinets can also look wonderful, if their owner picks out a stylish one rather than a conventional mirror to hang above it. The condition is that the frames of the mirror should match both the overall decor of the bathroom and the vanity cabinets. There exist a lot of mirrors of different shapes and sizes that would be functional with vanity cabinets.

For example, a sophisticated gold-trimmed mirror can match with conventional vanity and bathroom, while a clean-lined silver silver-edged mirror, is probable to look better in contemporary bath space. A mirror with totally black trim may also be perfect with a modern vanity cabinet. But, it can be more difficult to find than a finished vanity. So an unfinished wood vanity can be painted or stained to blend with any bathroom’s decoration.

But, before buying, it is very important to measure the space of the bathroom, and also it is important to give attention to the available plumbing. Just take some measurements with you when you are choosing a cabinet for you. The sales staff of home improvement businesses may assist you to choose the appropriate type and size of vanity cabinet for your home.

As you are making decisions just about your bathroom decoration, so it will be better for you to keep the end product in your mind. Making quick purchases can wind up being a nightmare to handle. If you plan perfectly, bathroom vanities may assist to recover a good space in a crowded home.