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When do you think about the fact that we spend about a third of our lives in our bedrooms we want it to be welcoming and what better way to achieve this than through our choice of bedroom furniture?

Remember we are talking about the room where we sleep and get ready in the morning – it is the place where we watch TV and read and store some of our most precious belongings. With this in mind, you should want to make this room as comfortable as possible so as well as choosing the right curtains, flooring, and adornments, spare a thought for your choice of furniture.

If you are planning on changing the style of your bedroom and in the process, you want new features such as a new bed, wardrobe, or bedside table then take a good look at your room as maximizing space is almost certainly going to be a priority.

Scale every inch of it so that you get a good idea of the size and shape of it, now ask yourself what you will be able to comfortably fit into it; do you have room for a checking-size king,-size bed, or will a double leave you with more walking space? Can you still walk around the bed with other pieces of furniture in the room?

Think about adding extra storage with clever items like storage beds – beds with a lift uplift-up mattress base & a large dust-free cavity for storing extra line out of season wardrobe.

You also need to think about quality, always pick this over quantity. These are pieces of furniture that you are buying to keep for a long period; it is not something that you want to be changing a few months down the line. In some cases you may even want to pass these items pontoon to future generations, this isn’t something that would be possible if the items you buy are of poor quality.

Size of items in one thing and even if you have to sacrifice slightly on the amount or scale of items that you can place in your bedroom, this doesn’t mean that you have to settle for second best where style is concerned.

So where do you start looking where style is concerned, well, as I have previously mentioned it is important to look for quality, a concept that can be applied to the style of your chosen furniture as well, if you chose a style that is popular at the moment, chances are a few years down the line the collection you have brought will be old and outdated, which is why it is advised that you opt for a style that will last; a prime example of this is a contemporary style.

Simple and minimal as well as modern sleek designs make up a contemporary style collection. Lacquer beds and lacquer chests of drawers as well as cabinets are prime examples of his. These pieces of bedroom furniture will suit any style of the room and are a demonstration of modern elegance that will never age. Stay away from gimmicky colors & stick to tried & tested neutrals to get maximum value.

Modern contemporary styles have been around for years and they are continually picked as must-have pieces for all rooms within your home. By purchasing pieces in this style you are safe in the knowledge that these items will last you for as long as you use them.

If the quality is right, & the style is right there is no reason why your bedroom shouldn’t last 10 years or more – just choose your bedroom furniture with care.

Each month we will take the opportunity to focus on another room in the home. Here you can pick up tips from the design team on soft furnishings, fitted furniture, finishes, the latest styles, and storage solutions for all kinds of problems. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or tips you would to share or seek advice with.  Our first focus is on an area we know is a common problem; small bedrooms.

Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms don’t mean you are necessarily going to have to compromise. Indeed, making a large bedroom look in proportion and cozy can be just as tricky! However, with a smaller space, you are of course trying to get all the items you want without clutter. The solution to this is the use of clever storage ideas and solutions.  Fitted furniture is often very useful to assist with this. At Langley’s, we do specialize specifically in bespoke fitted furniture in a large range of styles and finish to suit all tastes.

Storage solutions

“One of our customers was struggling with space. We managed to solve the situation with numerous solutions that were attractive and practical. Extra storage was created by designing a built-in bed in keeping with the rest of the furniture with drawer storage. These drawers are as well built as the rest of our furniture so will be able to cope with the heavy items that are likely to be stored there, such as bedding.  The dressing table has numerous drawers and storage solutions, and the bedside chests have 2 drawers on each side. They even feature tea trays so you can enjoy your cup of tea without worrying about ring marks.

Fitted wardrobes are of course a must for maximizing the storage potential in any room.  We can create made-to-measure wardrobes with a variety of hanging and storage solutions to suit each client individually. These can include double and single hanging, shoe drawers, tie racks, shelving, and other ideas.”

Peter Langley, Interior designer for Langley Interiors’ Built-inn Bed

Another very practical way to increase the feeling of space in a room is to have a bed built to match the rest of your fitted furniture.  With this, you have a few options. Firstly, you could choose to have storage within the bed, therefore making the room more practical. Another option is to have a low style of bed. This gives the illusion of space, as the bed being lower will stop it from being the main focus of the room.  A custom bed does have a nice way of tying a room together, and its bespoke nature of it means the designer can ensure that all the space available is used in the best possible way. We have several unions for bespoke beds to help.

Lighting helps!

Whatever the size of the room, lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to setting the mood and creating a feeling of space.  Lamps and another lighting can add soft lighting to make a space feel cozy.  As Neil from Light U tells us, lighting really can make a huge impact on a room;

“A lighting design concept for a room can help to make the best of the area and highlight the areas you want to draw attention to.  For example, spotlights used throughout a room instead of one central light will help make the space feel welcoming. Downlights and LEDs can be used above, below, or beside wardrobes or even under the bed and behind headboards to add depth and increase the feeling of space”

Neil Landmann,  Light- Color me pretty

 When it comes to decorating smaller spaces, it is advisable to keep things light and airy.  Keep colors neutral, with a hint of color to keep the room fresh.  There are also several of several products on the market with light-reflecting pigments that are specifically designed to make spaces look bigger.  There is a number on the market, such as the Dulux Light and Space. You may want to stick to paper if your walls are slightly uneven. There are lots of bright wallpapers, and even some that feature crystals to reflect the light. Visit the showroom to have a look at the large number of displays and ideas we have for papers and decorating.

With carpets, again, keep the colors light.

“With a smaller area, I would recommend using a good quality wool carpet with a twisted pile to keep the area looking fresher for longer. Wool will retain it’sits looks for a long time. Although there is a trend for darker and patterned carpets at the moment, I would steer clear of this in a small space.”

Tony Mackrill, MackrMaker, ill and Whitehead

 For any questions, or to see more ideas and displays for yourself please visit us at the showroom. 

Every family has a different bedroom decor in their sleeping quarters. You will not find two homes with identical bedspreads or beds or even curtains on the window. Some people can afford to have their bedrooms decorated based on the season. Of course, not everybody has the funds to change the decor of their room four times a year. However, it is still possible to do a great job of decorating your space invitingly inviting

An important aspect of any bedroom decor is the Curtiss. There are many types of window treatments that you can choose to enhance the decor and ambient of your sleeping zone. Depending on the color, texture, re and material chosen, you can give your bedroom a more subtle or a stronger design. If you want to go for a very elegant design, you can easily select curtains made of velvet or silk.

The bedspread can be bought to match the curtains either in color, material, or both. They can be purchased in a combo so that you have the same pillows, sheets, and spreads to give your bed a stylish and warm touch. While the curtains do not have to be changed based on the seasons, the bedspreads can be easily adjusted for warmer or colder temperatures. Also, the colors can match the room ambient quite well.

When it comes to the carpet, it should also easily match the rest of the decor items in the room. Usually, a neutral carpet will work very well with any type of room decor. However, it is important to get a carpet with a material that is stain-resistant and quite thick. This is particularly important if the color is rather light.

If you don’t fancy having a big carpet in the room, try a few throw rugs that can enhance the room decoration with ease. They not only protect some parts of the floor but depending on the type you buy, they can also prevent slips and falls, particularly if your flooring is parquet, which can be quite slippery in itself. Of course, throw rugs can be also placed on top of the existing carpets to protect them from dust and dirt. A rug can be much easier cleaned than a huge carpet and the cleaning costs are also much less. For extra decoration, you can also use oriental rugs, which are rather expensive but give the elegant touch to any bedroom, and also to any other room in the house.

Of course, no bedroom is complete without a good quality bed and mattress on top. You can easily protect your regular mattress with a memory foam mattress topper. A memory foam mattress, however, should have a matching memory foam mattress cover for proper protection.

In one of the rooms inside the house, the bedroom is a private area for relaxing and resting. Usually, a family house has a single main bedroom and also other bedrooms designed for children. Due to resting, each bedroom comes with a mattress. The total beds are almost always equipped together with headboards. The headboard itself is then often called bedroom furniture headboards.

The appropriate arrangement for any bedroom together with any pieces of furniture including the bedroom headboard could make the room or space stunning. The performance of bedroom furniture headboards is not just for bedroom furniture solely, but beyond this, these headboards can certainly make the bed convenient. With any addition of any interior design, bedroom headboards might also make any bed a lot more beautiful.

Lots of individuals are spending money on less awareness of appearance headboards band bedroom furniture. They even now haven’t recognized yet that point of curiosity about the bedroom is based on bedroom headboards. For bedroom furniture headboard, like the furniture, provide multifunction inside a room. This headboard could work as a decoration wall in your bedroom, once the bed is put near the wall and adhered to the wall. As the bedroom decorator, many items of them were created with beautiful colors. Nowadays, in particular markets, many products of these headboards are already created as well as developed with numerous kinds of models and designs. Generally, bedroom furniture headboards are utilizing wood, wrought iron, leather, woodcarving, and much more as the bottom part material before buying, below are several tips to enable you to choose bedroom headboards;

Choose the dimensions of bedroom furniture headboards by space bedroom area. As regards kid room space, it is usually different from all the main rooms. You might choose a small size of bedroom furniture headboards with kids decoration and interesting color colors, as an illustration.

For your limited room for a bedroom, sometimes you will need to restructure your interior design.  You could adjust the placement of bedroom furniture headboards alongside other furniture inside the room. You could be passionate about additional furniture to attach the placement of bedroom furniture headboards into your bedroom. It is strongly recommended to choose bedroom furniture headboards using a minimalist plus modern style.

Vaughan Bassett Furniture has been designing bedroom furniture since 1919. They are the largest manufacturer of adult bedroom furniture in the US. They use solid wood and wood veneers to design top-quality furniture pieces. Pine, maple, cherry, oak, ash, and birch are some of the commonly used species of woods used in the Vaughan Bassett Furniture collection. They take pride in offering the best quality furniture that will last for years to come. You can find the perfect bedroom furniture by checking out the collections from Vaughan Basset, such as American journey, Vaughan Bassett Appalachian hardwood collection, Vaughan Bassett Bedford falls, Vaughan Bassett Cottage, Vaughan Bassett Farmhouse, and Lifestyle collections.

The home living furniture store is the best place to find Vaughan Basset furniture. They carry a massive range of collections from this brand at discounted prices. You can shop for bedroom sets, storage dressers, drawers, nightstands, or any other bedroom furniture pieces in any of their showrooms in New Jersey. If you are not able to visit the store in person, you can visit their online store and enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience. They offer immaculate service to customers in other states like Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, and Delaware. Dealing with a reliable store like Hone Living Furniture can help you enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. Their Discount Vaughan Bassett furniture collection lets you enjoy a great deal.

The Lifestyle collection offered by Vaughan Basset furniture is a perfect blend of contemporary accents and modernized construction. Choosing any of the pieces from this discount Vaughan Basset furniture allows you to turn a simple room into a blissful oasis.  Most of the items in the Vaughan Bassett Lifestyle collection are offered in cherry, dark cherry, oak, and black.  These will complement your home décor well while enhancing your comfort. The black finished veneers of the Lifestyle collection offer an innovative blend of handpicked hardwoods to enhance their durability, quality, and elegant look. The lifestyle collection offers you multiple chances to create a perfect master bedroom, guestroom, farmhouse-washed, or youth bedroom. The farmhouse-washed pine collection is designed with the inspiration from farmhouse antiques found in Ireland, the US, and France. Vaughan Basset has created each piece of furniture with style and character that assure to be with your family for generations. Clean lines and waves in the furniture pieces offer them a natural look and feel.

With discount Vaughan Bassett furniture bedroom collections offered by Home Living Furniture, you can assure high quality and great value. You can find a wide variety of furniture items from this brand, so choosing the one that compliments your style and taste is extremely easy. Unlike many other online stores that focus more on profits, Home Living furniture focuses on customer satisfaction. They take immense efforts to deliver the products you have ordered safely and quickly. They have received an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau, which proves their genuineness and commitment. The knowledgeable professionals in Home Living Furniture are willing to help you choose the right piece of furniture. They also allow you to choose flexible financing options to buy your dream furniture.

Furnishing your bedroom in style is a straightforward task. Vaughan Bassett Furniture collection helps you turn your bedroom into a comfortable, soothing, and stylish refuge. 

The beauty and aesthetic quality of modern, eco-friendly bamboo platform bedsores are evident n the way the manufacturers fuse sturdy contemporary construction with traditional designs. It is often said that the architecture and design of a bamboo platform bed is truly a work of art. Solid natural Bamboo has an attractive grain and texture that set it apart from other woods.

History tells us that bamboo has been around for over seven thousand years.  It has been used for a variety of purposes.  Production materials like paper, arrows, artwork, musical instruments, and building materials. When considering its origins, its economic sustainability, and its present applications, bamboo is an exceptionally renewable resource.

Bamboo’s Origin

Although bamboo does not grow in colder climates, it thrives in many different countries; however, most historians agree that bamboo originated in China. Technically, bamboo is classified as a type of grass, although some species grow as tall and thick as trees. Since bamboo is such a rapidly growing and renewable resource, it has had many applications over the centuries including as a source of food for herbivorous and omnivorous creatures. Bamboo grows in two ways, ‘clumping’ and ‘running’, which makes it a grass that can quickly dominate a piece of land, if not cultivated properly.

Modern Applications

Serious research on the history of bamboo and its modern uses began around 1920.  It was soon discovered that native types of bamboo were found all over including in the United States.  Currently, bamboo is used extensively in landscaping, flooring, and the production of furniture. Although bamboo was commonly used for centuries in Asian countries as a building material, it is only in recent decades that bamboo has become more desirable in the western hemisphere.  As more architects recognize the beauty, strength, and flexibility of bamboo, it becomes more readily available and common for usage in modern furniture.


Bamboo has been a popular natural resource throughout history for two reasons: 1) Its inherent strength, and 2) its renewable/sustainable qualities.  Over time, the consumption sour has greatly diminished the quantity of availability.  It can take as long as sixty years for the average tree to mature and another sixty for the next replacement.

On the other hand, some species of bamboo are comparable to the average tree in height and circumference and can take as little as two months to reach adulthood. Bamboo is also an excellent choice to grow because of its hearty and elaborate root system. ‘Running’ bamboo is especially easy to cultivate since it sprouts several shoots at any one time.   As far as sustainability and renewable resources are concerned, Bamboo exceeds the standards on all levels.

A majority of furniture manufacturers continue to produce furniture using a lot of artificial substances; however, many companies are seeing the environmental impact and benefit of becoming ‘Green” in their business practices.   The demand for green products has risen to an all-time high and manufacturers are finally starting to listen to the demands of the public.

In homes, the bedroom is the most important part. It should be clean and should look attractive too. The design and look of the bedrooms depend upon the number and sizes of furniture. Choosing furniture for this space takes a lot of research. Bedroom furniture plays an important role in enhancing the look of the room. Therefore, it is essential to consider the quality of furniture to make the space comfy. To do this, it is necessary to set the budget for the furniture set. This not only allows allow allows people to find the perfect bedroom set in their price range but it also allows people to only get those pieces that fit well with their bedroom space.

There are some points that one should note before ordering furniture for their home. The major is to note down the measurement of the room and select the pieces that fit with the room space. This will help to check on what is needed or how large or small the bedroom furniture can be. The dimension of the room will show what kind of furniture is allowed to be fitted in that particular space and how many pieces it takes before the room looks overcrowded.

Choose the design and style of the furniture as well as check out how well the wood or metal pieces are used in constructing a particular set. Select the items and other accessories in the room. Make sure the set matches the lifestyle of the inhabitants. This means that collections should match with existing pieces or valuable items that are already placed in the room.

Part of a great bedroom set is its storage capabilities. There are clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, hats, scarves, gloves, jackets, and other possessions that need to be stored in the bedroom. Consider how much storage is available in a bedroom set. Will one dresser and two nightstands be enough, or is a second dresser necessary?

There are many different materials used in bedroom furniture. This can include wood, plastic, or metal. Always consider the design and cost of each material and look at the quality and endurance of the materials depending on how they will be used. Quality furniture items look amazing and last for a very long time when they are handcrafted from the most beautiful wood.

Those who like to purchase products that are going to last a long time should buy them from a reputable manufacturer. There are lots of places for purchasing furniture, search the one by getting recommendations from friends, family members, and colleagues. Research on the internet to find a good manufacturing store. Do not forget to clean the furniture. This is very important for your furniture’s care and will make it last longer and retain its beauty longer. If you are investing in good quality furniture, it is important to use a good quality furniture polish as well to take care of it.  

One does not need to necessarily visit the furniture shop to examine available Furniture and upholstery items. Many of these items are available at various websites with comparative pricing and budget ranges.  You can search for a particular brand and can locate the required item. Looking for your preference is minimized as you can locate your desired style and furniture specimen online. Payments can be made online, through a credit card, or on delivery of the item.

Furniture manufacturers provide online websites to display available designs and brands, granting the purchaser greater freedom of choice and selection. Equipment manufacturers have also enabled the facility of online payments; hence an interested customer can select the specimen and make an online payment, at the same time availing of benefits such as discounts and additions. Manufacturers offer a range of their products from upholstery, beds, rugs, carpets, and, cabinets to fixtures and drapes to complement items purchased.

Rugs form an important part of living rooms, catching the dirt and trapping it. Alternately rugs are often used for trapping heat in colder temperatures Rugs. Capel Rugs are available for home living rooms and offices which come in Belmont Mahal, Kaimuri Heriz, and Pebbles. Varieties of rugs available in the market include animal rugs, hand-woven, hand-knitted, and machine woven.

Comfortable bedrooms which sufficient amenities are much sought after. After a long day’s work, a comfortable bed promises sound sleep and a soothing reading session. Nightstands adjacent to bed sets add to the reading experience where one can immerse the tired self in books and periodicals. Bedroom sets come individually or with attachments such as cabinets, chests, and drawers. Nightstands form an important accompaniment-accompaniment of beds. You can access bedroom furniture online to choose a set of your choice such as a Pulaski bedroom set.

Sofas provide a comfortable and stylish air to your living room. You can find the sofa set of your choice for interior fittings. Some good specimens are available from branded companies. You can find your preferred brand after some industrious searching on the internet. Sofa beds and futons also make for a large portion of purchased living room upholstery. Futons are popular as they add in addition to aesthetic flavor, comfortable seating with use for stretching out and enjoying a refreshing nap. Sectional sofas, including the microfiber sectional sofa, add the flexibility of space with more room for added seating. Sofas are much sought after at lounge and sports bars where they provide a close ambiance to enable prime viewing and comfortable seating.   

Certain manufacturers add personalization and customization of furniture and upholstery items. You can also choose to exchange your old furniture set for a new one. Transport of furniture may seem a daunting task but with the advent of packing and moving services, you can ensure spoilage or loss of furniture at a minimum. To move to a separate domicile or location the worries of travel and wear are addressed by professional furniture transportation firms which guarantee no loss of transported goods.