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October 16, 2020
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Homeowners Insurance - What You Need To Know

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At the time of getting insurance for a real estate property, there are many options and some people tend to get lost and start reviewing all their needs. Since one of the largest investments done by any person is almost always the purchase of a house, it is very important to protect the property and the goods contained within, and to do this, the homeonwer must get homeowners insurance.

This kind of insurance is a package policy, which means that it combines more than one type of insurance coverage in only one policy. The four types of coverage included in the homeowners document are for the property, personal liability, medical expenses and living expenses. There is also a wide range of additional coverage that could be contracted according to the specific needs of the client. Some of them are the trees and plants.

The coverage of damage to the property helps to pay for the disaster caused in the housing as well as the personal property damaged, and will also include furniture, clothes and other personal belongings. Besides, if there is an interest to insure any specific valued products like jewels, it is needed to add a special policy to the homeowners one.

In regards to the personal liability coverage, this will be applied to any accidents which occur inside and outside the house, or if the damaged caused is done by the policyholder or his family. The insurance will cover all the costs related to the defense of the owner, as well as all the damage charges. Besides, in relation to the coverage of medical expenses, it is possible to be indemnified if anyone happens to be insured at their own housing. It includes the medical payments in relation to the injured for the term of a year approximately. It is important to remark that this coverage can only be applied for persons that are not family, and there is a limit for each person.

In case that a homeowner has to move to a hotel or an apartment temporarily because of the damages caused by an accident covered by the policy, the insurance company will cover all the living expenses, generally for 20% of the total limit of the insurance. Some common exclusions in the policies are the coverage for losses of animals, as well as for damage to vehicles (in this particular case, those expenses should be covered by the auto insurance). However, any damages caused as a result of war, neglect, earth movement or any other catastrophy is not covered.


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