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September 16, 2020
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Caring For a Teak Bench

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A teak bench is a great way to add beauty and a unique style to any space, whether it is indoor or outdoor. Teak is a very durable wood, so that is why so many people choose a teak bench over benches made from other types of wood. Teak is also a very versatile wood, and there are several different ways to care for it, depending on what kind of look you are wanting to preserve in a teak bench. Let's take a look at the three different ways to care for a teak bench.

People who want to control the look of the teak bench for the long term should definitely consider staining it. Teak is a tropical hardwood that will accept most brands of stains, and if you apply a sealer after you stain it, the color will last for the life of the bench. This permanent nature of staining is really the only thing that should be kept in mind if this is the route you decide to take. Stained benches cannot be returned to their original teak color without sanding them numerous times. However, staining the bench is definitely one of the simpler solutions to having a teak bench that will last forever and always look great.

The easiest option in caring for a bench made of teak wood is simply allowing it to weather. Weathered teak is a silvery grey color. The wood starts out as a golden brown color, and over a period of several months, it fades to a silvery grey color. Usually when people see grey wood they automatically think that it is old and may fall apart soon. However, the best thing about a teak bench is that it can be left outside for many months in the wind and the rain, and the only change it will go through is a color change. The wood of the bench itself will still remain just as strong and durable as it was the first day you set it outside. A weathered teak bench is a great way to add an antique look to your outdoor space without the worry of rotting, insects, or other problems that usually go along with aging wood. Teak has natural properties that make it resistant to insects and rotting, so it only makes sense that a weathered teak bench would be the perfect piece of outdoor furniture.

Oiling and Sanding
This third option for taking care of a bench made of teak wood is much more labor intensive than the other two. This method is for people who want to keep the original golden brown color of the teak as long as possible. Other than staining, this may be the best option for people who are looking for an indoor bench because most people prefer the golden brown color to the look of weathered teak. Also keeping an outdoor bench properly oiled and sanded is even more difficult than keep an indoor bench in this way because the bench is outside in all of the elements.

Teak oil is meant to help teak wood looking golden brown longer than it normally would. In order to keep the original color of the wood, it will be necessary to oil the bench a couple of times per year. It may also be necessary to sand the bench once per year. Sanding the bench basically takes a very small layer of older wood off the top so that the original golden brown color will show once again. Oiling the bench then extends the life of that original golden brown color.


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