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September 2, 2020
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Benefits Of Having Metal Wall Hooks

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Just as the name implies, metal wall hooks are hooks that must be mounted on walls to serve ornamental or practical or both purposes depending on their designs. These wall hooks come in many shapes and sizes from the basic hooks in wrought iron to the elaborate hooks styled in ceramic, plastic and other materials mimicking animals, plants and even fairy-tale creatures.

As previously mentioned, metal wall-mounted hooks can serve ornamental and practical purposes. Such duality of use in the home, office and other places is the main reason for the popularity of these fixtures. So, what exactly are these benefits that metal wall hooks offer to users as against other types of hooks like wood and plastic?

Maximize Space

The primary benefit of all wall hooks regardless of size, shape and material is to maximize space. This can be seen in two ways. First, in a small space like a bathroom, a hallway or a closet, the wall is the only place that remains free of anything that can get in the way of movement. So, the best thing to do is to utilize that wall in an optimal manner by placing hooks on which various things can be hang. In a bathroom, the towels, vanity kits and other personal hygiene materials can be hanged on the metal wall hooks for convenience.

Second, even in a large space, it may not be the most practical idea to place closets and other furniture in which to hang coats, jackets, hats and umbrellas. Not only will the piece of furniture take up space but it can also be impractical opening and closing it just to hang and un-hang the things inside. For example, metal hooks on the wall are more practical than broom closets being converted into coat closets in the hallway. Still, hooks can be used to maximize the use of space inside a closet but that's another story altogether.

Add Beauty

Then there's also the ornamental aspect of wall hooks. If you will take the time to browse through catalogs of wall-mounted hooks, you will observe that these products come in all shapes and sizes. You can actually make artworks on the walls just by artfully arranging these wall-mounted metal hooks. Think of custom-made wrought iron hooks and you will get tons of ideas.

Proven Durability

Metal is a proven durable material than wood and plastic combined. You can expect to use the metal wall hooks for many years because of the strong material, which often cannot be said of easily breakable wood and plastic hooks.

The weight capacity for metal hooks depends on many factors. First, the type and thickness of the metal used will affect just how much weight and pressure the hook can take. The general rule is that the thicker the metal, the more weight the hook can carry without giving in to the pressure.

Second, the type of hardware used to attach the hook to the wall also matters. If the screw is longer, then it can attach the hook deeper into the wall's strongest part instead of just the dry wall and, thus, more weight can be carried.

In the end, always look at the manufacturer's description of the metal wall hooks to ascertain the products' weight capacity. In all other areas, your choice in metal hooks is always a personal one.


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