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August 8, 2020
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Bamboo Area Rugs Add Tone, Style & Flare to Any Room

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When considering what type of medium to compliment the interior of your home with and bring some style flare and warmth to any room, bamboo is the all around material. Harvested from vast bamboo orchards around the world, the material emits a shine and sheen like no other, resembles wood and the grains of wood, while exhibiting its own unique statures. Because of the durable nature of the bamboo fibers, it makes the perfect and ideal material for area rugs that are both environmentally-friendly to the earth that we live in, all-natural, and durable enough to withstand even the highest traffic areas of the home--yet at the same time are easy enough to clean and are also naturally stain-resistant and durable.

Different Styles

Most often you will tend to see a few similar styles of bamboo area rugs. Generally the bamboo is cut and cured into long flats that are then pieced together with an all-natural backing and formed to create a beautifully finished area rug that looks great and adds warmth and tone to a room. Sometimes weavers will make angled cuts of the bamboo, or use different colors to create patterns and images. No matter what type of style of bamboo area rug you choose to buy, one thing is for sure: it will look great and it will easily withstand the test of time and many feet walking over its surface. While bamboo can sometimes be more costly than other area rug mediums, it does tend to last longer.

With or Without borders?

The greatest thing about bamboo area rugs is that you can find them in all sorts of colors and with or without borders. Popular colors like the dark, reddish hue of the 'Corona' bamboo area rugs can be found with or without borders and augment the tone of any room, especially a room that has furniture or moldings that carry a mahogany finish. Other popular bamboo area rug finishes, like the 'Bistro,' offer a more traditional, woody finish and look great on stone or tile flooring, and tend to have darker colored, cotton borders that bring a deeper tone to the feeling of the room, yet brighten it up with the mid-toned bamboo finish.

About Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the faster growing plant mediums that are currently used for all-natural area rugs. Because bamboo is a grass-like plant, the durable and wood-like shoots can easily be harvested from the host plant without causing any damage to the host plant. Since it grows naturally in the earth, bamboo is an ideal, and naturally reoccurring medium from which to construct durable and long-lasting, all-natural area rugs with. The usages of bamboo for flooring roots back thousands of years to the days of ancient Asian empires, where bamboo was harvested and used for flooring and a wide variety of other practical applications. Because it is easy to grow and harvest, today bamboo remains a popular medium for which to create stylish and unique area rugs with.


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