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May 28, 2020
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An Adirondack Chair for Anyone

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If you've ever spent some time in an adirondack chair then you know how comfortable and relaxing they are. If you haven't ever had the chance to try one out, you owe it to yourself to do so as soon as you get a chance. There is just something genuinely satisfying about them. I suppose it's the wide chair arms that provide ample support, the ergonomic angles of the seat and back, and the unique and pleasing general dimensions of the chair that all add up to quite a treat. Sitting around on your deck or porch should be a pleasant activity and the right adirondack chair helps make sure that that's exactly what you get.

When I first considered getting an adirondack chair I thought it might be a little weird. I think it was because I associated adirondack with hillbilly. I'm not sure why, but I had a stereotype in my head that was not only silly, but completely inaccurate. I am here to announce that you do not have to be a hillbilly, a hick, or a dufus to enjoy these unique furniture creations. On the contrary, anyone who likes to be comfortable when relaxing on the porch qualifies as an acceptable user of this sort of chair. Where you live, or your brain power, has absolutely nothing to do with it. I don't know what I was thinking.

I like my wood adirondack chair the most. It seems classic and timeless. I like its warmth and feel. The kids, however, seem to like the plastic ones better. Their young minds just aren't as sophisticated as mine I guess. But that can just be our little secret. All kidding aside, they actually do prefer the plastic resin over the wood because they say they like the various colors and feel more. Okay, different strokes for different folks, but I just don't prefer an orange chair over a natural wood colored chair. Granted, there are many different colors to choose from if resin is what you are after. Some of the more neutral tones like tan, brown, or even white are pretty nice. I'm just still working on my sense of flare and fun.

Regardless of whether you prefer a wood or a plastic Adirondack chair, it is important that you recognize some of the pros and cons of both. On the one hand, wood requires occasional maintenance and upkeep, plastic doesn't. Wood can split and check, whereas plastic is stable. On the other, wood is more aesthetically pleasing and can be stained or painted to match anyone's taste. Plastic is sort of boring and doesn't have the natural appeal that many people are drawn to. If I lived in a really humid or wet climate I would be more tempted by the plastic varieties, but since I don't, wood works great for me. I don't stain or paint my adirondack chair because I like the natural gray color that the cedar takes on. If I had a pine one I'd probably paint it to give the wood some protection. Luckily for me, woods like cedar or redwood have enough natural oils that they really don't have to be treated unless I want to.

The right adirondack chair, no matter what the material or color, is going to be comfortable. They are low to the ground, have lots of room and support, and are even available in folding varieties. They look great, and as I think I've clearly demonstrated, can be owned by some pretty smart people; no matter whether you are a hillbilly or a city-slicker, or anywhere in between.


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