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May 13, 2020
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Antique Drawer Pulls - Put Some Sparkle In The Bedroom

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If you're due for a redo in your bedroom, antique drawer pulls may be the way to accomplish the new look you want, without being out a fortune in new furniture. While sometimes, your bedroom furniture may be past its prime, and ready to be replaced, it's also possible that the furniture is in great shape, just doesn't look quite right for the new decorative theme you have in mind. Many pieces of furniture are sold these days with normal knobs and pulls. While this may have worked before, if you now want to dress it up, changing the drawer pulls is an easy way to do it.

First you have to decide if the piece of furniture with new drawer pulls will be enough to make this room look the way you want it to. It may need a little more than that. You may need to strip the old paint off and start from scratch, making that dresser, nightstand or other piece look like a completely different furnishing. If you are going for a retro look, you can get some pink or turquoise paint and pop on a pair of antique drawer pulls to end up with a piece that looks like it may have been in your mother's home.

Next you have to find the right drawer pulls. There are two types you may choose from. The first are the real things. These are antique drawer pulls that really are as old as they look and are collector's pieces in themselves. These are very popular and with a high demand, and limited supply, it can be very costly to get the perfect knobs for your bedroom redo project. The other option is to get reproduction antique drawer pulls. These look like the real thing, but have been made more recently and therefore as much more affordable.

Once you decide which kind you want, you can start shopping. You want to look for the right style first. In today's world of everything at your fingertips, that's easy. You can hop online and do a search for 'antique drawer pulls'. You will most likely be overwhelmed by places that are ready to sell you knobs that look like they go from a few years ago back to the times of the pharaohs.

After you find a few you like, make sure they will fit. There are a number of different drawer pull sizes. You may need to measure the size of your current pull and where the holes are placed (if there were more than one) to see if they will fit. If you really like the pulls and they are not the right size for your drawer, you may need to take a more drastic measure. You can always drill new holes in your drawers to suit the antique drawer pulls, fill in the old ones, and then repaint the drawers. It seems like a lot of work, but in the end if the look you want is exactly what you have gotten, you will find it all worthwhile.


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